2016 Reflections


We all have stepped in to a new year and many say why dwell in the past? Well, I think anything good from the past is worth dwelling upon. Hence I am going to share some reflections from 2016.

Personal Front: It was a very fulfilling year on the personal front. It strengthened family ties and hence made me even stronger because my family is my strength. The highlight of this year is that a relationship which was messed up for last 6 years was redeemed!

Career Front: It was a good year on the career front too! I moved on to manage more complex profiles. I was given the responsibility of another country, so now I manage USA along with Canada. USA is a feather in the cap because it is the most sensitive profile considering that it covers the corporate office is located there. I was given a team to handle. Learnt a bit about people management but way to go!

Blogging Front: Well, there is a lot that happened on this front! I shared an insight about it in my post A Secret New Year Resolution if you want to take a look. Since I am writing about reflections, i am going to share the posts which are very special to me and made this blog what it is today. My blog may not be an exceptional one, but it definitely marks an achievement on my personal progress card!

My Favorite Post is Dear Future Me. It was the most unique one i have written ever and thanks to Savio for this challenge. I mean I don’t think I would have ever pondered upon talking to myself had it not been for this challenge.

My most read post in the year 2016 was Public Display of Affection with 135 views. PDA is quite common but I really do not approve of it. I may sound like an agony aunt or some outdated person but i truely feel that some moments are very personal and can be enjoyed better these are kept personal.

My First short story writing experience was THE LAST VACATION. Thanks to TOI Write India Contest to provoke this effort of writing short stories. I went on to write 4/5 more.

My first attempt at humor was Poopy’s Slide. Well, i really found it funny, will be glad to hear what you think.

My first attempt to write a series (Story in parts) was The Truimph Over the Devil’s Eye – Part 6. This is the most recent part and you will find links to earlier post on this part. I didn’t progress as i had expected and I sort of lost the continuity in writing the subsequent parts although the ideas and story line is pretty clear in my mind. Lets hope i am able to put it all together at least this year.

My most innovative posts so far where I tried to knit together a love story between the elements of the nature. The first one is between Sun & Moon and the second one is between the Land & Rain.

The Chase of Love – Part 2

The Eternal Love.

I normally write very long writeups and hence the post called Unfinished is quite special to me because it is the shortest one I ever wrote. Second in the queue is 3 MAGICAL WORDS…

And lastly, my post which got the least number of views this year is Muktidham – A shrine that leaves a mark! It got read only once! Some mercies please? 😉

Well, that was that! Hoping to have a wonderful 2017 in all aspects and wishing the same to you all!



5 thoughts on “2016 Reflections

  1. You’re turning out to be quite the writer! Way to go! And keep them coming……

    Here’s to an even better 2017……

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