A Fan of A Fan

You may find this silly but I can’t stop myself from sharing this little amusement I am experiencing since last few weeks.

My 2.5 months old baby is a fan of a fan, like really! He loves to stare at the fan irrespective of whether the fan is running or not. The position in which we hold him also doesn’t matter because he stares at at the fan with as much ease while lying on his back as much as when we hold him upright.

It all started with not so steady gaze in the direction of the ceiling fan. When children are as young as 4 weeks their sight is not steady. Gradually it turned to a steady gaze and in no time this gaze was accompanied by some expressions too.

As of today, my boy looks at the ceiling fan, smiles seeing it run and makes various sounds as if he is conversing with the fan. This is coupled with vigorous hand and legs movements similar to cycling, boxing and butterfly stroke. Sometimes the sounds that he makes has a tone of complaining. Sometimes he even frown at it. And some other time he pouts his lower lip and begins to cry looking at the fan. It is so amusing to see him enjoy the fan’s company.

I can’t help but think that my tiny little creature is growing to be a smart baby! He has already made his first friend.

I wonder, if such young children are able to find happiness in such small things then what refrains us from doing so?

Image source: http://www.google.com