Dear Future Me

Thanks Savio, this is really something interesting! I loved the idea of writing a letter to myself, the reason being I rarely give time to think about myself. It is always about priorities. It is always about doing what others want and what I “must” do because it is my duty or doing something because my mom did it when she was of my age or simply doing something because it is supposedly right to do so! But with this fun award I really got an opportunity to literally talk to myself!

As the rules go for this award, I would like to nominate and BloggerRay and Pooja Mhatre for this award.


  1. Tag your post under ‘dearfuturemetag’.
  2. Write a letter to yourself and read again (and answer if you want) in one year.
  3. Nominate a couple of other bloggers.

So let’s see how was my conversation, I am taking a leap of 5 years too (like Savio) since as he rightly said, nothing much changes in a span of a year.

Future Me

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Dear Future Me,

How are you? I happened to see you the day before on the other side of the mirror and didn’t expect that you had come back here so soon again!

Must say you look different. You have lost lot of weight. Hope you are in a good health. Hope you no longer visit the doctor as much as you did 5 yrs ago. But you know what – you still looked beautiful, I mean, as I am taking a closer look at you  I am realizing that a chubby girl has transformed into a mature and beautiful woman. Although there is no water fat and double chin anymore, the eyes and dimple of yours is still the same 🙂

How is your husband? I am sure he is keeping you happy and taking good care you! I could see it that day when he pulled you close to him and posed for a picture in front of the mirror as if mirror is going to capture your image. I know – both of you like to keep checking how good you look with each other 😉

How is the little princess and her older brother? Do you even give time to them or are you still that workaholic jerk who keeps crunching numbers and evaluates financials of God knows which company?? Do your kids know you as mamma or some nanny who looks after them for a few hours of the day?? Well, I hope you give time to them, you remember no how you used to feel when the mothers of all your school friends used to come to pick them up from school but your mom could never make it since she used to work…. Hey, that reminds me, how’s your mom doing? Are you taking good care of her? Do you visit her often? I am sure, you don’t and that’s not good at all. Would you like if your kids do that to you?

Is your dad still fond of classical music? He is just awesome – who pursues a hobby with so much passion at the age of 70? Hope your in-laws are also in good health and prosperity.

Ok, enough of asking about others, now you tell me how are you? I did ask you this in the beginning but didn’t really give you a chance to talk. Accha tell me, do you still cry if you get angry or are you now matured enough to be calm? Do you still bite your finger nails? I am sure you do, Gosh, your nails almost look the size of your little princess’s nails. Ok never mind, I know you were never headstrong about the looks and nails like other girls.

Hey, you know what, I happened to pick up your book from a store last month. Congratulations for writing such a brilliant book. Finally you lived your dream. I remember you used to day dream with your friends of getting your book published. Very good, now you are following the path that your dad travelled – pursuing your hobbies. I hope you still follow what your dad taught you about life – patience, kindness and paying respect. And do you still talk as much as you did earlier – NON-STOP? Poor your husband! May God give him enough patience 😛

Hey… where did you go.. aahhh.. ok… you finished your “so called makeup” of applying kajal, sindoor and lipstick and off you ran away from me… .. like always – you still don’t spend much time in front of the mirror, that’s why you probably never said a HI to me – your inner voice!

Aditi – do meet me once, there is a lot that I need to tell you.  But for that you should call me first, and when we meet, it has to be just you and I. Take your time. Finish all your responsibilities towards your family, meet all your deadlines at work, but spare a moment for me. Spare a moment for yourself.

Hope to catch up with you soon – may be next time you will spend a little more time in front of the mirror.

Always and only your’s,

Inner Voice ❤

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