The Fear of Unknown


Lot of times we get an intution or a gut feeling that something is  going to go wrong but we are just not able to make out what.

It leaves you restless and you become more and more anxious to know what is it that is going to go wrong. What is it that you are afraid of.

Does it happen to you? I experience it lot of times. I will share a recent example.

Since couple of weeks i was getting afraid  of sitting in my own car while my husband drove. I would panic if speeded up. The worst was when we had gone for a night drive to the town side, i made him stop the car and hopped to the back seat. I could not handle the fear i was going through that time. My cousin was with us and she laughed her heart out and my husband dismissed my behaviour as one of many irrational things i do.

This fear continued until sunday night when a truck dashed our car breaking entire bumper and cutting through the door to the passanger seat.

My husband is a very catious driver and there was no way he could have let this happen because of him. But who could control the truck which was parallel to us?

By God’s grace both of us escaped without a single scratch but our car is severly damaged.

I am calm from within now. The doom has passed by. I dont feel that unknown fear now.

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The other day i was training a batch of 30 odd financial analysts on Planning and Organizing Excellence and i was surprised to see that less than 10% of them knew what is Procrastination.

Do you know what is procrastination? We practice it daily. It is nothing but delaying the activity inspite of having all the resources that are required to complete it.

“Abhi nahi yaar.. baad mein karte hain” is procrastination

It is a very common but very hazardous practice because it facilitates laziness and puts you in a firefighting situation later on when the activity becomes extremely urgent.

Most of us must have procrastinated our assignments during college days. And then what happened? You stay up the whole night prior to deadline and scrape through.

Everybody is born with procrastination ability and hence it is a skill to overcome it. We must unlearn procrastination and must act upon thing immediately.

So next time you see newspaper lying on the floor dont delay picking it up and putting at the right place. All such small activities when done then and tgere will help you to streamline your activities thus giving you some free time which you can utilise for hobbies or some other work.

Procrastination hampers your relations too. If something needs to be discussed and you may not be liking to do so, just go ahead and do it. Timely discussions and clarifications help lot of relationships from damaging. If you need to apologise, do it right away, it will revive your relationship. If you need to say I LOVE YOU, say it immediately dont wait for the right time to come.

Here is a motivational video on procrastination

Bobby was a Great Procrastinator

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Happiness is…..

Happiness is Minions!!!


I am so happy that i got this Minion back cover for my phone
I waited for 6 months for it. I had practically visited and revisited all the shops in my area, not to forget the street vendors who sell back covers.

One vendor who was fedup of my followup eventually said “Madam Minion is out of fashion now… nobody uses such cover!!” And trust me i wanted to strangle him then and there 👹 How could he call my Minion out of fashion???😲

Eventually on valentines day i noticed that this cover was back in stock on Amazon. Until then none of the online portals had it for my phone.

Without any second thought i ordered or rather made my husband order this one as a valentines gift (sheer blackmail) and i received it couple of days ago.

Isnt it cute??? 😍

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A Forgotten Affair – Book Review


A Forgotten Affair – by Kanchana Banerjee, was a spontaneous purchase from Crosswords when i was window shopping with my friends and i am so glad that i picked it up. Everything about this book is so nice.

I will start with the cover. The book looks very attractive with two simple flowers so close yet far from each other and that is the soul of this story.  I feel that two flowers shown on the cover represnt the two heros (Sagarika and Akash)of this story who are so close yet far away from each other because of memory loss of former. This, ofcourse, is my interpretation of the design of the cover, Kanchana may have made it with other thoughts. 😊

This book really has everything, drama, romance, suspense, thrills, friendships, failed relationships, tears, laughter… just everything! It is a story of Sagarika who meets with an accident and that wipes off her memory completely. She goes into coma for a year and her husband Rishab looks after her for that long. When she wakes from coma she doesnt remeber nobody, not her mother, not her friends, not Rishab who she had walked away from and not even Akash – her chikoo. I am not going to open much details about chikoo because that will kill the suspense in case you are planning to read this book.

Kanchana has establishes the story so well. Sagarika’s memory loss and some triggers like a particular scent and the word “cheeni” which makes her feel restless is narrated beautifully. Her frustations of not recollecting anything and anyone is penned down with lot of power. The process of Sagarika disvovering herself newly is described so well that it ruffles some emotions inside you.

I loved the relationship that is shown building between Sagarika and Akash and all the drama and suspense about how Akash helps Sagarika to make the right decisions inspite of having no memory of nothing.

It is a very gripping story and its quite different from other hunky dory love stories because although Kanchana has done a great job in describing romance very passionately, she has maintained her main plot of memory loss through out the book.

The end is realistic and very satisfying. I finished reading this book in less than 40 hours, now you can imagine how engrossing it must be.

I recommend this book to everyone because Kanchana has done a fab job of bringing all characters to life. You not only read, but you will LIVE this book.

I give this book a total 5 on 5.

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Kareena Kapoor & The Fuss Around Her Pregnancy


I really admire Kareena. She is beauty personified. A great Bollywood actress and the most celebrated new mum!

Yeah, it seems like her pregnancy and delivery is not just celebrated by her but by the entire world! God… can it get more crazier?

Every second day there will be a news about Kareena. To begin with, it was the rat race of which media first confirmed about her pregnancy. Then a race to flash her pictures showing the baby bump. All taken, but it disnt stop there. Different mediums of media literally covered every single day of her each trimester. Her pregnancy was trending so much that it felt like she has been expecting from forever. Not to forget all the praises that were showered on her for walking the ramp with huge baby bump and working right till the last day of her term. Who hasnt read about her glowing skin and the perfect diet and exercise she continued through her pregnancy? Finally the D day arrived and baby Taimur was born!

Goodness gracious, he made it to headlines in first few hours of his birth. I thought all is done now but doesnt look like media is over with this fuss as yet! Just today i read in Mumbai Mirror about how Kareena has resumed her exercise routine and how strictly she is following her diet in order to lose the baby fat, not forgetting to mention the praises about how she looks even better and how she is still in a good shape post delivery!

Great job kareena! But whats wrong with the media? I mean, tell me honestly, has Kareena done something out of the world? Have no other women ever bore babies? Guys check out the construction sites, ladies working there do a lot of hardwork lifting heavy things irrespective of whether it is in the scorching heat, heavy rains or pricking cold INSPITE of which trimester of pregnancy they may be in. Now tell me, who deserves more appreciation? I have seen women, some at my workplace too (by that i mean an ordinary woman like you and I) who dont even have an inch of extra fat on them when they return from maternity. Its common. Its a process. Its a cycle. Some take long while other women are quite quick to cope up with pregnancy and post delivery changes.

I fail to understand what is it that sets these celebrities apart from normal people. Dont you think, to some extent it is us who encourage such nonsense? Or is it the media who doesnt have better news to cover?

I wouldnt be surprised if the media covers baby Taimur’s potty schedule some time soon, after all he has been a celebrity even before his birth!

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Its a Kiss Day!

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Kiss is always special, isn’t it? And something like a KISS DAY, which happens to be today, makes it even more special! Really??

So what are we supposed to do on a Kiss Day? Go on kissing spree? Like on Rose Day, we gift roses, similarly on a Kiss Day should we be giving out kisses? That’s all I could think of this day, because I fail to understand why we need to have it a particular day to celebrate this act of love?

I think EVERYDAY is a KISS DAY because, knowingly or unknowingly we kiss someone or something everyday, don’t we?

Like, a mother kissing her baby, a man kissing his wife, friends planting a kiss on the cheek as a way of greeting, an old parent kissing the photograph of his child, a grieving soul kissing a thing he had treasured after the death of his beloved, all this happens everyday, right?

So what is this fuss about a Kiss Day? Can someone elaborate please?

Kiss reminds me of a very sweet jingle that Cadbury had used in its advertisement. You can listen it here:  Cadbury Kiss Me Jingle



Get Rid of Monday Blues!


Most of us suffer from Monday Blues and thus make the first day of the week really boring! I love this Minion who asks to pretend like it is not a Monday, genius he is! But only if that worked!!!

I can never not forget that it’s a Monday, so Minion’s tip doesn’t help me, but here are 5 ways to get rid of Monday Blues:

  • Have a sumptuous and tasty breakfast: Treat yourself to a yummy breakfast that fills your tummy. Don’t watch out for calories on Monday, if you feel like grabbing an aloo parantha topped with butter or a grill cheese sandwhich, don’t stop yourself.
  • Dressup: Wear a nice outfit that makes you look beautiful and confident. Sport some accessories which otherwise you would wear only on occasion. Wear a nice perfume, something different than what you usually wear.
  • Makeup: Put on that electric blue mascara or a neon coloured nail paint. If you are a guy, shave clean and apply a nice after shave. May be the guys can consider change in hairstyle or beard?
  • Music Therapy: Listen to your favourite song in the morning. Love songs often do wonders to the mood but may not work with all and with others – not always. Try some dance numbers which will get you into a chirpy mood
  • Favourite Person: Talk to your favourite person. If he is not around, call him up, have a long talk. Your mood is sure to set right.

Hope some of these tips with you too, Happy Monday!!


PS: I have Monday blues practically every week, you can read more here

Code Mantra – Play Review


Code Mantra is a marathi play that is making waves since last few months and it is for all the good reasons. Although late, i got a chance to watch it yesterday.

It is absolutely engrossing right till the end, kudos to the team. The set is brilliant and so are the light and sound arrangements. They have utilised the stage to the optimium and the USP of this play is that it does not have a single blackout. The set is so well organised that the changes are made while the story moves forward and you will not notice any effort or flaw while doing so. Its all knitted so well together!

Having mentioned the technical aspect, lets talk about the plot and actors of this play.

A work of fiction adapted from the play “A Few Good Men”, the plot is that of an army regiment and the soldier’s life there. That’s not all, the real life of this play is the court case.

The Col. Of this regiment is extremely honourable and a high stature army man and he has a great track record including numerous awards and medals, Paramveer Chakra being the most recent and most prestgious one. He is shown to have admisitered and monitored this regiment personally and taken it to great heights. Not to forget his “No one better than me attitude”.

Code Mantra is the unofficial method of executing punishment to the cadets who fail to perform their duties or perform inefficiently. The story begins when Ravi Shelar – a soldier who is a weak perfomer and the regiment is ashamed to have him as its part is unable to complete his daily practice sessions repetedly because of poor health conditions is murdered on the army base. Now this happens accidently while executing Code Mantra on him and that too from the hands of his own elder brother (Vikram Shelar)who is a higher rank cadet in the same regiment. The story moves ahead with their mother pleadong innocence for her elder son who is accused in this matter. This isnt easy to prove because high officials from the army are involved and they make all arrangements to prove this case as an open and shut one thus putting all the blame of elder brother.
The execution of this play clearly marks out all the loopholes that army had worked on in order to come out clean in this case

The astonishing part comes when a young lawyer (Mukta Barve) takes up the case for Vikram Shelar and fights against all odds to prove him innocent. The scene where she interrogates the Col (Ajay Purkar) is mind blowing and very witty. The story doesnt end here, in fact the real suspense begins with the court case. A lot of twists and turns makes this case very interesting and intimidating.

One thing that is absolutely worth mentioning is that all the army soldiers who are in suporting role (more than 15 in number) have done an amazing job in showing off army skills of discipline, clean executions of parade and rifle handling.

A special mention of the performance of Mukta Barve and Ajay Purkar is a must. The duo is very talented and it is clearly one of their best performances. The energy level through out the play never dips and just imagine what enegry these actors may be using when they dont fail in the comparision made with the real army!

The backstage team is also super efficient with handling lot of property and costume change of the the actors.

It was an amazing experice to watch such great stars perform so brilliantly on a very interesting plot. I urge all of you that even if you understand a bit of Marathi, you guys MUST watch this play. The actors have done a great job with body language and like i said the property and stage utilisation is excellent hence langugae is hardly any barrier to understand this play.

I rate this play  toal 5/5 wish i could have given 100.

Cheers Code Mantra Team!!

You can view the trailer on Youtube here’s the link Code Mantra Trailer

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‘Yes, I know you!’ Challenge


Pooja came up with this super cute challenge and tagged me for it! It is very unique and cute. All that you have to do is write on 5 things that your friend will be carrying in his/her bag. That’s a cool way to show how much do you know your friend! (Well, there could be many other ways, but nothing beats this in regards to cuteness :))

So I have to respond to Pooja stating 5 things she would always carry in her bag and to keep this chain going, I will tag another friend.

Ok Pooja, here you go! BTW- Pooja managed to score 4/5 when she guessed the 5 things I always carry in my bag. you must take a look at her post

  1. Lispsticks: Like me, Pooja loves lipsticks too. She will always have a lipstick in a shade of pink in her bag
  2. Comb: Pooja likes to dressup and the comb is a MUST!
  3. Deo: Pooja is very particular about the fragrance, she will always carry a mild deo with her.
  4. Phone: Phone is her life, so obviously, she has to have it in her bag
  5. Earphones: She has some special memories with earphones 😉 so she always carries them!

Hope i got all of them right Poo! ❤

Here, I tag Savio to take this challenge further. Savio, you can choose any of your blogger friend and keep this chain going.

Savio is a blogger friend, very witty and from some conversations that we have had, I think I would know at least a few things (if not 5) that he would always carry with him.

So, here you go Savio,

  1. Kerchief: I am sure you must be carrying a kercheif, and if you arent, let me tell you you are missing a probability of pretty girl asking you for one!
  2. Wallet: A must have, right?
  3. Phone: Can’t do without it , very useful thing in general
  4. Pen: I am guessing that you carry one because you are in a teaching profession
  5. Rosary: I think you must be carrying one always, not sure.

Hope you enjoyed this fun game! Have fun guys and pass it on!!