True Love

This is the first time I am posting a forward message on my blog. This one is a beautiful message and all young couples must read it. Hence, I am sharing it here

For couples so eager to call it quits💔 and throw in the towel on your relationships because everything isn’t “perfect”🤭… here is some food for thought🤔. Lifelong commitment is not what most people think it is😯. It’s not waking up every morning to make breakfast and eat together🍳🥞🍽. It’s not cuddling in bed until both of you fall asleep, peacefully, at night🛌. It’s not a clean home filled with laughter and lovemaking, everyday💐. It’s someone who steals all the covers (and snores!) 😳😴. It’s slammed doors 🚪 and a few harsh 🖕🏼words🤬🤬, at times. It’s stubbornly disagreeing 😡😠 and giving each other the silent treatment 😶 until your hearts heal💔💔…and, then…FORGIVENESS💙❤️! It’s coming home 🏠 to the same person💏, everyday, that you know LOVES💑 and CARES about you in spite of (and because of) who you are. It’s laughing🤪🤪 about the one time you accidentally did something stupid😜. It’s about dirty laundry😝 and unmade beds 🛏WITHOUT finger pointing👉🏾👈🏽. It’s about helping each other with the hard work of life! 🤝 It’s about swallowing the nagging words instead of saying them out loud🤮🤢. It’s about eating the easiest meal you can make and sitting down together at a late hour 🕛 to eat because you both had a crazy day 🙆🏻‍♀️🙆🏽‍♂️. It’s when you have an emotional breakdown 🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♂️and your Love ❤️💙lays with you and holds you and tells you everything is going to be okay😍…and you BELIEVE them☺️☺️. It’s about still loving someone even though, sometimes, they make you absolutely insane🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♂️. Loving someone is not easy🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♂️….sometimes it’s extremely hard🙎🏽‍♂️🙍🏽‍♀️; but it’s amazing and comforting and one of the BEST things you’ll ever experience!💏

So anybody out there who is having a troubled relationship, hang on! Best is yet to come ❤


A Fan of A Fan

You may find this silly but I can’t stop myself from sharing this little amusement I am experiencing since last few weeks.

My 2.5 months old baby is a fan of a fan, like really! He loves to stare at the fan irrespective of whether the fan is running or not. The position in which we hold him also doesn’t matter because he stares at at the fan with as much ease while lying on his back as much as when we hold him upright.

It all started with not so steady gaze in the direction of the ceiling fan. When children are as young as 4 weeks their sight is not steady. Gradually it turned to a steady gaze and in no time this gaze was accompanied by some expressions too.

As of today, my boy looks at the ceiling fan, smiles seeing it run and makes various sounds as if he is conversing with the fan. This is coupled with vigorous hand and legs movements similar to cycling, boxing and butterfly stroke. Sometimes the sounds that he makes has a tone of complaining. Sometimes he even frown at it. And some other time he pouts his lower lip and begins to cry looking at the fan. It is so amusing to see him enjoy the fan’s company.

I can’t help but think that my tiny little creature is growing to be a smart baby! He has already made his first friend.

I wonder, if such young children are able to find happiness in such small things then what refrains us from doing so?

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No Matter How Old I Grow I Will Always Need My Mom!

I remember that as a kid I was so attached to my mother that my dad used to tease that my mom should have had a kangaroo pouch and carry me close to her all the time.
She has taught us to DEAL with the life as it comes, but with a brave heart and a smile on face.

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Candles Online

The other day I had taken my little one for vaccination. He is only six weeks old and it was his first vaccination. The doctor did a flawless job and in no time administered two injections to him, one in each thigh. It didn’t take more than a minute to do this but my little one was howling in pain. He cried in such a way that I thought he choked himself. The doctor was quick to soothe him within no time but for what ever little time he cried I couldn’t imagine how his two little and very soft thighs must have taken those injections. Apparently, it was no big deal. While I knew it was absolutely essential to give those shots to my little boy I still felt why such a tender life is subjected to this ordeal. I could feel his pain. The injection had pricked not…

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What do you think about connectivity? Does it make your life easy or miserable? Does it give you peace of mind or does it enslave you? Is it a boon or a bane?

Do read my thoughts about connectivity

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Connectivity today is certainly hyped. Thanks to the numerous mediums of connectivity like social media, personal messengers like WhatsApp, Skype, and our very own mobile phones. While lot of debate goes on everyday every moment whether connectivity is a boon or a bane, I would say it is neither of it. Connectivity is a double edged sword. Whether it is beneficial or not depends on how and how often you use it.

Over utilisation of of connectivity is widely talked about. We all see so many examples of the same in our daily life. Like, a nagging spouse demanding update of every hour of the day, Public Display of Affection (PDA) over Facebook, numerous cyber crimes like bank thefts, identity thefts etc. All of us are now aware and educated about how to use connectivity optimally. Hence, today rather than stressing on negatives of connectivity I am going to share…

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They say a simple Hello could lead to a million things. Well, in my case it led to nothing but a little embarrassment. It happened in my own wedding. Yes, you heard it right, it happened in my own wedding. I was supposed to be the center of attraction but I became the center of embarrassment, at least for a moment, if not more!

I was all decked up in a heavily gold – embroidered saree, layers and layers of makeup, a fancy hairstyle weighing more than 2 kgs and all sort of gold ornaments from head to toe. Thankfully, the major part of the traditional wedding was over and we were only left with accepting best wishes from relatives and friends. You can call it a mini reception event. With all the tiring ceremonies from early morning, changing sarees five times (yes, we need to change 5 times as per the tradition), and countless relatives, friends and well wishers buzzing around us, I was looking for someone who can get me a bite of a snack and a sip of water. How cruel is it to make the bride and groom eat the last in their own wedding? Whatever!

To add to the frustration, I was getting overwhelmed by the unending queue of well-wishers waiting to come on stage and greet us. With my energy levels going down to bare minimum, my patience was on the verge of betraying me but there was no other option than bearing that plastic smile while many aunties, uncles, mom’s friends, dad’s friends, sister’s friends and God knows who all were busy shaking hands and blessing us. In all this commotion, I clearly remember that at times I really used to get confused whether the people greeting us are from my side or my husband’s side. Well, you can’t blame me for that, after all, Indian wedding’s guest list does include who’s who!! Endless introductions like, ‘This is my school friend’ or ‘Meet my boss – I worked under him from 1994 to 2000’ or ‘Meet Mrs XYZ – she is the aunty of ABC who was in your school, 2 batches ahead of you’ (What?? Why did you even invite her? Oh yes, she must have invited you in her son’s marriage!) by my parents were making me go bonkers. The only relief was either of them was present alongside on the stage to receive guests and introduce them to us.

But there came a moment when my husband and I were alone on the stage and a group of ladies walked in. I was flashing a ear to ear smile (that’s what a bride supposed to do, right?) and was thinking these ladies seem to be my husband’s relatives (obviously, because I couldn’t recognize them). To my horror, the ladies walked up to me and the comedy show started.

One of the ladies seemed like a leader of their group and initiated the conversation


“Hello Aunty!”


“Thank you Aunty!”

“My God! You have grown up so much!”

I was thinking to myself – yeah, obviously, I wouldn’t be getting married otherwise! But I reciprocated with a very humble smile.

You were so small when we saw you last. You remember I had given you a biiiiiiiiiiiiiig cadbury chocolate. You used to accompany your mom sometimes to work!

I was like, “Oh, really? That is so sweet of you Aunty!” But obviously, who remembers a cadbury after 20 years!

And then came the most embarrassing question –

Do you remember me?” Aunty was so pleased with my polite response to her memory of cadbury that she was almost certain that I have been thinking about her all through my childhood, adolescence and now “grownup” (as she referred to me some moment ago) phase.

Bang on! I got a hint that I am in trouble now. My eyes were frantically looking out for my mom, while my right hand was still held by Aunty as a gesture of a handshake that started right with a hello!

Of course Aunty!” I replied (not so confidently) because I thought telling her upfront that I don’t know who she is would sound too rude.

Awww, so sweeeet….” said Aunty pulling my cheek

Arrrghhh… who pulls a cheek of so called grown up girl??? More than that, I was worried that she might just pull out a layer of my makeup. Anyway, I thought, the worst was over. – Aunty was pleased with my response and will soon end the conversation and and proceed towards lunch. But I was wrong! Prompt came her next question and it felt no less than the bomb attack made on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Tell me, who am I?

OMG!!!! I really didn’t know who the lady was. All I could figure out was that she was some colleague of my mom, that too from very early years of her career. I didn’t know what to say. How I wished my mom would have not moved from my side! Since I was on my own, I made some feeble attempt.

Well, Aunty, I remember but I cannot recollect…” (What??? Did that sentence even make sense?? What was I saying???)

Aunty was having fun watching me get embarrassed and my husband couldn’t stop giggling. I had no option but to call out for my mom!

Thankfully, I saw my mom reappearing on stage and I heaved a sigh of relief. Then the formal introductions happened and finally the Aunty was satisfied that I finally really recollected who she is and she gladly proceeded for lunch though the truth was, I was still in haze to understand who that aunty really was. Thank God, other ladies from the group were not as enthusiastic as her to test my memory and just chose to be the spectators of my embarrassment rather than embarrassing me more!

I had gone pink in the face and warned my mom not move from my side until the reception is over.

What I learnt from that incident is that some guests can be difficult and tricky to handle. But being sweet to them doesn’t help. Instead, being honest can make it easier for you!

And, I would like to make one request to all of you. If you are going for a wedding of someone in distant relation or acquaintance, please, please introduce yourself to the bride and the groom. For God’s sake, do not quiz them about your identity, they have bigger things to think about!

Hey Woman…. You Are Great, Not Just Today But Everyday!

I feel proud to be a woman and I am sure all you ladies must be feeling the same!

Few things come naturally to women as compared to men. Like the power to emphathise, the giving nature and a relatively high emotional quotient. Not that men do not have it… but women surpass them naturally. There is no creature as versatile as a woman. She is a daughter, girlfriend, wife, friend everything at the same time. She can be the best mother not just to her child but at times to her husband as well. She can be irresistibly sexy as a girlfriend and extremely nagging wife, both at the same time. She can be hopelessly headstrong but the same woman can be super mature to handle difficult situations at ease. She can be your backbone and break your bone at the same time! A woman is just amazing!!

God has made women after lot of thinking perhaps! Otherwise how could he pack so many blessings in just one body? The seducing beauty, a beautiful mind and a heart full of love are few of those blessings. However, the biggest blessing of being a woman is able to give birth. This is so unique that no man would ever be able to do it. No man would be able to take that pounding in order to create and nurture a new life inside the body for whole 9 months! No man will ever be able to take that pain when nipples are squezed and chewed in order to fill the tummy of a small life.

Hey Woman…. You Are Great, Not Just Today But Everyday! Be aware of this fact and never get into gender fights. No gender is superior or inferior. Just also know that how much ever special you are, you cannot be superior to a man. Nor can he be superior to you. You both complete each other. You both need each other to make life more beautiful.

Lastly, I would say, do not wait for a single day to celebrate womanhood. Celebrate everyday. Be good, do good. pamper urself. Love yourself. Every single day!!

Remember, You Are Great, Not Just Today But Everyday!

Life Is Uncertain – Make The Best of It

The entire nation is shocked with the death of Sridevi – The Legend of Bollywood. It was extremely untimely and sudden. And I can’t help but think what if it happens to me someday? Or to my close ones? Life is so uncertain, isn’t it?

All of us have to die someday – that is the universal truth, but are we prepared for it? I don’t think I ever will be! But, at the same time, I do not want to have too much of my bucket list left to be ticked off before I die. Each one of us will have our own dreams, goals etc, and we must pursue the same. But do not forget or overlook the small things of life which in fact enrich it to a great extent. Make the best of life until you have time. I have come to know that relationships, spreading love, helping others, knowing self and surrendering to the Divine Power is what sums up the life for me (and for most of us). Hence,

  1. Express Love – Never delay to show love to your partner and family. It could be one thing that may keep them going, or keep you going for that matter. Never hesitate to say I Love You when you really mean it.
  2. Slow Down – All of us run behind our jobs, career and materialistic pleasures. It’s like a rat race. Slow down and check if this is what you really want. More often than not, it’s not what you are striving for. Pause for a while and re-evaluate your priorities.
  3. Apologize – I am sure we all have some guilt in our mind and we all have an apology to make. Go ahead and do it. Apology never harms. It will only do good, if not to the relationship, at least to your conscience.
  4. LIVE – This is very important. Earning money and dying rich is not necessarily called as having lived. Try to do small things that bring happiness to you. Like, pursue a hobby, dance in the rain with your child, cry while watching movies, dress up. Mostly we spend most of our life living the way we are expected to. For once, try to live the way you want to.
  5. Offer Help – No act is more noble than helping others. Try to help anybody who is in need and help them without expecting anything in return. God is keeping an account of that, you need not worry.
  6. Trust In God – There is nobody superior to God. We must surrender to him, like really! None of us have a say in front of his judgement and HE is the only one who can show us the right path and give us enough courage to play the game called Life!

This reminds me of a beautiful quote – I am sure you all will love it too!


Cheers, guys! Life is a lot more than we think of it. Make the best of it! Kya pata…. Kal Ho Na Ho!

Let’s Quote a Quote # 7


I truly believe in this quote fully because I have experienced it more than once. I can firmly say that you can BLINDLY trust God to do good to you. God will never let you fall. Never!

This post should have been published yesterday but I missed to do so for some reason. Thank you for reading all my favorite quotes this week. This completes the Let’s Quote a Quote Series.

Do let me know if you would like to read about any particular topic, I will try to write about the same.