Take a Bow Indian Army!


Hats off to the Indian Army to execute a bold decision of Surgical Strike across the border and a big applaud to the the decision maker!

Dear Indian Army,

We are too worthless to even comment upon the job you did, but we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts to protect us. We will do our bit by keeping you in our prayers – exactly what a mediocre common man can do. But please be informed that we indeed value your courage and are extremely indebted to you.

Best wishes,
Indian Citizen.

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Unlock Happiness!


In spite of how much ever Facebook could be distracting, i really like it these days because of its feature called “See your memories”

Some pictures or posts and status pop up on my wall and just make my day. Here’s one such quote that Facebook greeted me with in memories section this morning.

You’ve got to dance like nobody’s watchin’
Love like you’ll never get hurt
Sing like nobody is hearing
And LIVE like there is heaven on earth

Amazing, isnt it? I stopped for a moment and thought over it. I mean do we really do it? Honestly, there’s never a single time that i have danced without feeling conscious or really indeed most of the times i reserve a portion of my affection just for the fear of hurting myself with the over expectations that come with over affection.

We often whine and crib about small things that go wrong. We carry the baggage of negative feelings so much so that  most of us do things because we are supposed to or because it is expected of us. The day we master to do things with a heart and will I am sure life will be more satisfying. You must unlock happiness and the key lies woth you!

I will take your leave with this thought for the day. Do what you like to do, enjoy, life is indeed beautiful!

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I Am Back!!!!


I had sort of vanished from WordPress last month. Well, not exactly, because I did read most of the blogs that my blogger friends published and I was pretty active on comments as well (talkative me!) but it’s been a very very long time that I wrote something.

My stats show that I have not made a single post in Aug and I did my first post of Sep today when we are almost at the end of the month. Well, that’s really a dip! There was so much to write during this time. I wanted to write something about my mom, I wanted to write about Ganpati festival and there were so many prompts that I wanted to write about but, well, for whatever reason I didn’t write anything. There were some challenges that Savio, Pooja and Nikhil had nominated me for (which are probably older than a month now!) Actually I wrote lot of stuff in my mind but it never made to the WordPress  🙂

The good part of this disappearance is that I actually had a few people coming to me and asking why I haven’t posted anything of late. I was so happy that they follow my blog! And well, let me tell you, those people were not WordPress co-bloggers or my close friends and it feels nice that people are connected to me and my writing!!!

But now I am back and I am gonna try and write more frequently because if I stop writing, I am giving up my dream of writing a book (some day!)

What do you guys do to make a comeback to writing?

Monday Blues :(


Guys, it’s that day of the week which is the most boring day..yes, I am talking about Monday! For me Monday is the most difficult day and I am going to tell you why

  1. It is very hard to push yourself to work after two days of holiday
  2. Weekends are generally over utilized (parties, house chores, meeting friends, inviting relatives for lunches and dinners, marriages, birthday parties and the activity list just doesn’t end) so I really need a day off after the weekend to just rest but unfortunately, Monday has something else in store… L
  3. Mood swings – I get maximum mood swings on Monday mornings – ranging from bored, bugged, tired, angry, irritated basically, all negative emotions.
  4. Things evidently go wrong on Monday mornings. In my case it will range from – waste of milk because of over boiling, no salt in the vegetable I cook, missing office bus, no good formals to wear, stinker emails, fight with an auto driver and many more

While I try and tell myself that Monday is not so bad, it doesn’t prove to be any better. While I complete this post, I am glad half of Monday is passed by! Hoping for a better reaming half!

Mondays can be good if:

  1. You are officially allowed to report late at work
  2. You receive a news that makes you happy – something like, parents visiting you, old friend calls up
  3. You have a friend who just cracks you up
  4. You tune in to the radio and they play your favorite song
  5. And last but not the least – You are on a VACATION!!!

Since none of these has happened to me today, I am still bugged and low spirited. How do you guys pep up on Mondays?