About Me


Welcome to my world of Wisdom and Play! I have started this blog to accelerate and explore the wisdom that is hidden deep inside me and at the same time to cherish the playful nature of mine.

My blog does not adhere to a specific category because I allow my thoughts to run wild and free. Mostly the content will revolve around feelings, emotions and some philosophical preaching 😉

A Little about ME: I am Aditi Ranade, working with a Multinational known for sparkling teeth. I am an accountant by profession and blogger by choice. While my work revolves around number crunching and profits, accruals, losses, reserves etc, my thoughts revolve around love, happiness, feelings, emotions, family, life and that is exactly what appears on this blog. I like to keep my writing simple and lucid and i try to establish a connect with the reader. The main reason behind this blog is to check if I am able to get a readership, of course, reading excellent contributions by my blogger friends is no less important.

Enjoy reading this blog and you can hit the follow button on the sidebar if you like my ideas. Do share your feedback, its priceless!