Life Is Uncertain – Make The Best of It

The entire nation is shocked with the death of Sridevi – The Legend of Bollywood. It was extremely untimely and sudden. And I can’t help but think what if it happens to me someday? Or to my close ones? Life is so uncertain, isn’t it?

All of us have to die someday – that is the universal truth, but are we prepared for it? I don’t think I ever will be! But, at the same time, I do not want to have too much of my bucket list left to be ticked off before I die. Each one of us will have our own dreams, goals etc, and we must pursue the same. But do not forget or overlook the small things of life which in fact enrich it to a great extent. Make the best of life until you have time. I have come to know that relationships, spreading love, helping others, knowing self and surrendering to the Divine Power is what sums up the life for me (and for most of us). Hence,

  1. Express Love – Never delay to show love to your partner and family. It could be one thing that may keep them going, or keep you going for that matter. Never hesitate to say I Love You when you really mean it.
  2. Slow Down – All of us run behind our jobs, career and materialistic pleasures. It’s like a rat race. Slow down and check if this is what you really want. More often than not, it’s not what you are striving for. Pause for a while and re-evaluate your priorities.
  3. Apologize – I am sure we all have some guilt in our mind and we all have an apology to make. Go ahead and do it. Apology never harms. It will only do good, if not to the relationship, at least to your conscience.
  4. LIVE – This is very important. Earning money and dying rich is not necessarily called as having lived. Try to do small things that bring happiness to you. Like, pursue a hobby, dance in the rain with your child, cry while watching movies, dress up. Mostly we spend most of our life living the way we are expected to. For once, try to live the way you want to.
  5. Offer Help – No act is more noble than helping others. Try to help anybody who is in need and help them without expecting anything in return. God is keeping an account of that, you need not worry.
  6. Trust In God – There is nobody superior to God. We must surrender to him, like really! None of us have a say in front of his judgement and HE is the only one who can show us the right path and give us enough courage to play the game called Life!

This reminds me of a beautiful quote – I am sure you all will love it too!


Cheers, guys! Life is a lot more than we think of it. Make the best of it! Kya pata…. Kal Ho Na Ho!

Let’s Quote a Quote # 7


I truly believe in this quote fully because I have experienced it more than once. I can firmly say that you can BLINDLY trust God to do good to you. God will never let you fall. Never!

This post should have been published yesterday but I missed to do so for some reason. Thank you for reading all my favorite quotes this week. This completes the Let’s Quote a Quote Series.

Do let me know if you would like to read about any particular topic, I will try to write about the same.

Let’s Quote a Quote # 4

Charlie Chaplin

This quote needs no introduction! These are golden words of Sir Charlie Chaplin and it is so true!

Do you remember when was the last time you laughed till your stomach ached or tears rolled down your cheeks? Ever noticed how heartily the kids laugh and ever wondered why you can’t? How many days of your life go by without a good laughter?

Do we forget to laugh really as we grow old? Are we wasting most of our days? Think about it!


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Let’s Quote A Quote #3

This is one quote that keeps me going in difficult times.

So often we feel “This is it… it is over!” Or something like “I can’t do more.. I give up” but seldom do we know that we have overcome the toughest phase and a new beginning is waiting for us.

Don’t be disheartened with failures. Failures usually result into great transformation. Don’t die as a caterpiller, fly as a butterfly!

Let’s Quote a Quote # 2


I just love this quote for its simplicity and depth. It gives out the secret of a happy marriage in just a few words.

No person is perfect. Everyone comes with some flaws. And marriage is all about accepting your partner with all his flaws. While one may continue to complain about the flaws of the spouse and insist on rectifying them, it makes more sense to accept your spouse for who and what he/she is.

After all, isn’t love all about accepting flaws and not minding it? Marriage is no different!

Let’s Quote a Quote #1

This is my most favourite quote. This is apparently a tweaked version of the original one but I like this nonetheless!

So often we crib about how unfair the life has been. We constantly complain about how we have to suffer and prolong the feeling of “self pitty” mode. We focus so much on the difficulties life hurls at us that we seldom do realise that we can make life beautiful in spite of these difficulties.

Life may give us something short. Its natural to have that “Why Me??” Kind of a feeling but we often get blind in sympathy for self. Instead, we must accept what life has thrown to us. If we look around we will see many who are in a worse condition than us. There will be some who are doing far better. Why not catch hold of them and make your life better? Why not forget about your hardships and focus on good deeds these better people have done. We shall definitely learn a thing or two! We shall surely enrich our life.

Another perspective is, while life has given you something short, there is definitely something that it has given you in abundance. Why not celebrate that instead of crying over shortfalls. In this case, it’s us who has lemons as well as vodka, what we must learn is to party, to enjoy life more than cribing.

Crying over misfortune is easy but gathering yourself and facing life with a smile is very courageous! Never take life too seriously, you will never come out alive!

Make a lemonade, have a Vodka and party hard! Life is not bad!!

Do share your version of this quote, i had be happy to know!

Let’s Quote A Quote Week

Let’s Quote a Quote!


Hello everyone! Hope the first day of the week is treating you well!

This week I am going to share my favorite quotes. I really like quotes, you know. Those are not just words but real life experience of someone. I am going to try and put down my experience or the reason why I like a particular quote. Starting today until coming Sunday (24th Feb) , I shall be sharing one quote every evening.

All of you are welcome to share your quotes and experience. Let’s Quote a Quote!!