Poopy’s Slide


“Mama, why don’t we have a slide to enter our house?” asked little Jamie when his mom was dragging him home from the garden.

“Son, slides are only in the garden and not in the houses” Mom tried to explain Jamie.

“No Mom, my friend has one!” exclaimed Jamie

“Whatever!” Mom said pulling Jamie harder by hand and taking longer steps to reach home quickly. She had discarded Jamie’s comment considering it to be one among many nonsensical blabbers  the 3 year old used to do the all the time.

Later that night at dining table:

Jamie: Dada, will you please make a slide that connects to our house door, please?

Jamie always tried his best to sound and look the cutest he can by tilting his head towards left, rolling his eyes in the most mischievous way, pouting his lips and folding his hands as he asked something from his dad.

Dad: What? Slide?

Jamie: Yes dad,I want to slide down to our house.

said Jamie jumping up and down. He was ecstatic that his dad was showing some interest in his talks unlike his mom.

“Jamie, enough of your slide nonsense. What’s with you?” yelled Jamie’s mom from the kitchen platform. She was making pancakes – Jamie’s favourite.

“Ahhhhh.. Come one Martha, take it easy!” exclaimed Jamie’s father.

Martha gave him a look and continued with the pancakes. Jamie felt more confident with his idea because now at least dad was by his side.

“So son, tell me, what is this idea of a slide to enter our house? Where did you see that honey?” Richard asked Jamie with hands stretching out.

Jamie quickly ran into his father’s lap and hugged him tight.

“Dad, My friend slides down to her house. So i also want that we have a slide to our house!!” Jamie repeated his demand very innocently.

“Okaaaaayyyy! And may i know which friend are you talking about?” Richard questioned Jamie playfully.

“Poopy” exaclimed Jamie raising his hands and smiling ear to year.


“Yes, Poopy!”

“But I have never heard about this friend of yours! Martha, do you know who Poopy is?”

“Naaahhhh, must be some cartoon character! Jamie considers Lulu, Doremon, Chinchan and everybody alike his friends!” Martha replied without even turning back to face them. It was the most polite way she could think about to protest and indicate that she is not interested in this nonsense.

“Jamie, is this your new friend?”

“Yes Dada, I call her Poopy fondly”

Now Richard was sure that Jamie was cooking some story and just to avoid disappointing him, he said

“Ok Cupcake! You take me to Poopy’s house tomorrow and let me take a look at the slide. How big is her house?”

“Not much Dada – actually its quite small, its round in shape and seems to be very dark from inside.”

“Enough now guys! Finish the dinner fast and Jamie I must see you in the bed by 10 pm sharp, is that clear?” warned Martha while she served pancakes to all.

“I also want to see you in bed at 10 sharp, I can’t wait” whispered Richard in Martha’s ear

“Richard!!!!” exclaimed Martha with big eyes trying to disguise the blush that showed on her face.

Next Morning:

“Dada, dada…. dada… come fast!!!!” Jamie was screaming from the toilet

Richard and Martha both rushed to the toilet worried if Jamie fell down there.

“What happened Jamie??” asked Martha who was a bit scared.

“Call Dada, please.. Dada… Dada….” Jamie wailed.

“What is it cupcake?? What happened?” asked Richard pushing Martha aside. He was a bit puzzled to see Jamie alright yet screaming.

“Poopy!!” exclaimed Jamie grinning.

“Uhh… Poopy?” Richard couldn’t understand what’s going on!

“Dada, Poopyyyyy… my friend i told you about?”

“Oh yes..!”

“POOPY” shrieked Jamie with joy pointing where he had pooped!

“Now see how she slides to her home!!” Jamie said pouring a bucket full of water in the Indian toilet.


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