The Race called Bandwagon Effect

Investopedia defines bandwagoneffect as “The psychological phenomenon in which people do something primarily because other people are doing it, regardless of their own beliefs, which they may ignore or over-ride.” We all have been a victim to bandwagon atleast once in our life time, havent we?

While the bandwagon effect is commonly seen in the share markets, betting over a sports match and the political elections, it is also very abundantly followed in our day to day life.

We make many decisions because everybody else is doing the same. Most of us try and upgrade our lifestyle because all others around us are doing that. Its cool to follow the trend, thats what we feel, dont we?  We buy expensive gadgets and lot other fancy stuff which we dont really need but others are buying so we feel it is important for us too.

What irks me the most is this bandwagon effect is seen not only in the materialistic aspect of life but also in the emotional aspect. Today, a school girl not having a boyfriend is looked down upon. There are so many romantic relationships which happen just out of bandwagon… something like.. all my friends have a boy friend.. so i should also have one! Really??

Parents think that their child should also become an engineer or a doctor when he grows old because all other intelligent children are going to become that. This mentality has refrained the other professions in arts, music, theatre to get their due importance!

Where are we heading to in this bandwagon race? Eventually we lose the discretion to identify what we need v/s what we dont and what we think v/s others, we just tend to follow the crowd in almost everything that we do.

Why do we give up on our choices and opinions so easily? And what sense does it make to do something because a tom, dick or a harry is doing that?


P.s: You can read here the origin of this concept.

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Let’s meet up! II


Guys, Do let us know your views on meeting up. It will be great fun to catch up with you all. Savio and I have put forward this idea time and again and now we will need some co-operation from your side . Please see details in this post for how to contact us.
Let’s come together and have fun!!

Goin' the extra..aaamile

This was my firstpostregarding the meet up, which some of you must have read. However we were unable to move much further but for only coming up with a place (city) to have it in and a day to have it on.

Okay! So we have set the ball rolling from our side..we have around 20+ bloggers who are interested in meeting up. A little more co-operation from your side would definitely be
helpful here. However,Aditi& myself haven’t been unable to move much further. Our next step is that in order to communicate better, we’d like to create a whatsapp group wherein we could discuss better on the what, which & how.

We have so far come to a finalization of only a ‘Place’ which isMumbai cityto have it in, since it is easily accessible from all directions and most probably the…

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The 201/17 Tag


Here’s is a tag by super talented Jothish. This is quite different from other tags which usually do the rounds on WordPress and hence I decided to do it.


1. Mention Creator of tag – A big thank you to David for creating this amazing tag!

2. Use the image in the article

3. Mention blogger(s) who have chosen you

4. Answer the questions

5. Tag 9 other bloggers & let them know

Ok, rule 1 to 3 – adhered to. Now come the questions!

  • Describe 2016 in 3 words. 

Sincere, peaceful, loving

  • Two people who have characterized your 2016

My manager at work and my long lost but reunited friend 🙂

  • Most beautiful place visited in 2016 and why?

Has to be Uttaranchal. It is a mesmerizing place. Very beautiful. I was on a 2 weeks tour and it felt so nice to be in the lap of nature. I could feel that my roots are somewhere in Haridwar or Hrishikesh. It was a very spiritual experience.

  • Most delicious food I’ve had in 2016

Obviously – ghar ka khana!

  • 3 good intentions for 2017

a) Adopt a healthy life-style, b) Start a family and c) work on my novel 🙂

  • Place I want to visit in 2017


  • Food I want to eat.

Fish, fish and more fish. Obviously, this is in addition to my ghar ka khana.

 Here are my Tags,

Sonia Sasi

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Pranjal Bajaj

Enjoy this tag and dont forget to pass it along!

The Truimph Over the Devil’s Eye – Part 7


You can read earlier parts here: Part 6. You will find links to the earlier posts in part 6.

“Sayed, I feel bored sitting at home the whole day. I want to go out somewhere.”

“Gayu… you know that it is not safe for you to step out without supervision.”

“Ok, so you take me out. Let’s go for a walk every evening when you are back from work. How does that sound?”

Gayatri was cheerful and enthusiastic unlike always.

“Ok My Lord! As you wish!!” Sayed said pulling Gayatri’s cheeks. He was very happy to see her so enthusiastic.  He left for work soon after.

“Madam ji, your breakfast.” Kamla walked into Gayatri’s room with a tray. She has made fried eggs, bread toast and orange juice for her breakfast.

“Kamllaaaa…. Not again!!! I have told you so many times that I am sick of this breakfast. Can’t you cook something nice for me, like you cook for Sayed?” said Gayatri scrunching her nose.

“Madam ji, first you recover, then I will cook whatever you like. For now, you have to eat this otherwise Sahabji will scold me for not taking good care of you” Kamla said assertively.

While Gayatri was eating her breakfast and casually running through the newspaper, Kamla was observing Gayatri’s room. It wasn’t more than 2 weeks ago that this room was upside down. She shuddered at the thought of how she and Sayed had managed to control Gayatri that day. The room was not at its best at present. It looked gloomy and sad.

“Madamji, should I clean your room today? It’s been long that it was set in place.” Kamla proposed her thought to Gayatri

“Hm… yeah.. You are right, lets re-do this room all together. Let’s make it clean and fresh” Gayatri said enthusiastically.

Kamla smiled looking at Gayatri’s enthusiasm. She hadn’t seen it in years!

As soon as Gayatri finished eating, Kamla took away her dishes and came back with a broom, a duster and a bucket full of water.

“Madam ji, you go to the drawing room and watch TV for a while, I will clean it quickly. Then you can come and rest here.”

“Kamla, I want to do the cleaning too.” Declared Gayatri while tying her hair in a loose bun.

“Madamji, please allow me to do my work. You please relax and watch TV. If Sahabji gets to know that you were cleaning, I will lose my job

“You and you Sahabji, have made me a doll. I feel like trapped in a doll house” murmured Gayatri and raced through the spiral staircase to the drawing room.

Kamala started her job. She first pushed aside curtains and allowed the bright sunlight into the room. For some strange reason, Gayatri always drew the curtains to her room. Kamla had tried talking to her on that earlier but she had dismissed saying she is frightened that someone is watching over her. Kamla had never probed her further. She dusted the whole room, changed the bed sheet and placed a new, crisp one. She put matching pillow covers too. She arranged all the cosmetic items lying hay wire on the dressing table. She wiped all the walls, the entire floor, mirror, fan, tubelight … everything that she could lay her hands on. The room was sparkling clean now! Then she looked at the curtains and after thinking about for a min, she decided to change the curtains too. She pulled the bed out to open the storage of the bed. She knew a set of curtains and many other fabrics of the house were stored thereWhile she pulled the curtains out from the storage, a plastic bag fell out from the folds. Kamla made a mental note to pick it up later and put it back in its place when she was done with changing the curtains. She hurriedly pulled out the old curtains from the window and neatly placed the new one. The room looked clean and bright now. As a last touch to the room, she sprayed a nice floral room freshener. She knew it will work wonders on Gayatri’s mood.

She picked up the plastic bag that was lying on the floor and kept it on the bed. She wanted to place it back in the storage but her hands had become dirty and hence she didn’t touch the bed she had cleaned a moment ago. She picked up her broom and bucket full of dirty water and rushed down.

“Madamji, I am almost done, Just need to wipe the floor once and then you can rest in your room.” She called out to Gayatri while coming down the spiral staircase.

Kamla was a good lady. A very honest domestic help. She took very good care of Gayatri. She knew that more than medicines, what Gayatri needs is love and care. Sayed loved Gayatri, but his responsibilities at work barely gave him time to express his love for Gayatri, and then, lot of things had changed too, after that incident. Kamla tried to fill in that hollow space in Gayatri’s life as much as she could.

Kamla washed out the dirty water and rushed upstairs with a damp duster to mop the floor one last time. Kamla couldn’t believe what she saw in Gayatri’s room.

Gayatri had collapsed; she was half on the bed and half hanging from it, ready to fall down any moment. Her bed was full with newspaper cut outs. She held some in her right hand, tightly, very tightly and she was rubbing her temples with her left hand. At the same time, she was wailing “Please, don’t touch me. Let me go, please….help, someone help please, Sayed……” and she passed out.

Kamla rushed to help her. She realized it was another convulsion. She was baffled that all this happened in less than three minutes that she had taken to come back to the room with a damp duster. Why did it happen? How did it happen? She had no time to think about these things right now. She put Gayatri on the bed in a comfortable position and popped a SOS tablet in gayatri’s mouth. She immediately called the doctor. She also called Sayed and informed her about the convulsion. She gathered all the cut outs from the bed, placed them in the plastic bag and kept that bag away. She covered Gayatri with a quilt since she was trembling. She sprinkled some water on her face to try to get her back to senses, but in vain.

“Madam ji.. wake up madamji.. What happened?” Kamla was patting Gayatri lightly on her left check, partly out of concern and partly because she was now trained that during the convulsion she should not let Gayatri go unconscious.

Gayatri continued to tremble and murmur seomthing that didn’t make sense to Kamla. But Kamla kept pushing…

“Madam ji, don’t worry, nobody will hurt you. I am there with you madam ji… you are safe here…..”

To be continued……..

One Day Patriotism?


26th January – The world knows it as the Republic Day of India.

What is our understanding of this day? What do we do on Republic Day? We celebrate it by hoisting the Flag of India at every nook and corner of the country and ispirational speeches are given by anybody and everybody. Patriotic songs are played very loudly on loudspeakers for a couple of hours, refreshments are arranged for and everybody disperses to enjoy the national holiday.

What are we doing really? Is that all what is the importance of this day? Do we even recollect what the historical importance of this day is? We merely treat this day as any other fun day because it is a national holiday. Only in addition, we may feel a little patriotic. And how do we express that patriotism? By changing dp’s to National Flag? By sending forwarded messages? By playing patriotic songs loudly? By wishing each other “Happy Republic Day”?

Why all this only for a day? And what do we achieve by doing all this? According to me, if we really want to be patriotic, we should respect our country more. We should work for our country more. Stop making the country dirty by spitting and littering around. Stop abusing and assaulting women. Fight agiainst child labour and human traffiking. Stand up against corruption. And we must do all of this on all 365 days! Only “feeling” patriotic is no good, “doing” something patriotic is what matters.

Lets come together and bring a change. Lets pledge to change atleast one thing that will make a difference to the country. I pledge to keep my country clean. I pledge to help less privileged citizens of this country.

What do you pledge for?

P.S: For those who would like to revise the historical imporatance for this day, please read the material on this link

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Book Review: Its All In The Planet’s


Dear friends, i read this book for Pooja out of a pact that we made for reading at least one book each month and posting a review about the same. This month on the recommendation of Pooja, i read Its All In The Planets by Preeti Shenoy.

Little about the story: Its about Aniket and Nidhi who are destined to be with other in spite of being in a commited relationship already with their respective partners. The story is all about how these guys meet each other, become friends and eventually realise they are so much in love! Simple it sounds, doesnt it? So the author tries best to add complications in the form of troubled relationships these guys already have with their partners. Very common plot!

My take on the book: It is boring, really, until page 205, it is really really boring. The story is not gripping enough since the plot is very common. Whats more boring is the style Preeti has narrated it. It feels like you keep on reading and the story doesnt move ahead! She has made a unique attempt to link each chapter to the day’s forecast based on the zodiac sign of the character who is describing the story. But it is very boring to see how she has interlinked the chapters. Meaning, Nidhi’s chapter ends and when Aniket’s chapter begins he describes from his point of view what Nidhi has already described in the earlier chapter. There is no value addition to this connect, infact its a repetition. You can easily give a pass to first paragraph of every second chapter in the book. The character of Nidhi is potrayed to be way to immature and seems to be a lost soul. The trouble that is shown in her relationship with her fiance Manoj looks to be self invited and can make u feel for Manoj at one point in time! The fights that are shown between them are really silly and i doubt if someone could really be so silly in the real life. God help those who have witnessed such people in real! Nidhi is shown as a pottery teacher as well as a content writer and a blogger. Her blogs in the book are absolutely mediocre,  we have better talnet here on wordpress. What i liked about the book is it does get a twist and the badly needed momentum from page no 206 but that is too late because the book ends on page 304! This last part is worked upon well, is very interesting and very well narrated. I wish Preeti had managed to do so right through the beginning. I am not going to mention what the twist is because some of you may want to read the book! I liked the character of Subbu the best. His funny way of describing real life situations in computer language is really entertaining. There is nothing much that is worth a mention for this book and its definitely not a book which will make a space for itself on my bookshelf.

Rating: I give this book 2 on 5 just because it gets very interesting atleast in the end and I am sure Preeti must have made lot of efforts for penning down this story.

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So here comes the second Award for 2017! Thank you Vinayak Gupta for thinking about me for this award! Friends, do visit Vinayak’s blog, he write very well!

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
2. Write a post to show your award.
3. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
5. Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.

Story of how this blog started: Well, I started this blog to practice writing. I find solace in writing. I like to make up imaginary stories and characters and there was no better way than to make a blog for these stories. When i started off, i realized that i have had a very big gap in pursuing my passion for writing – as big as about 6 years. So naturally, I felt a bit rusted. So i just started making random posts regarding what i felt and what i saw around. Gradually, I moved towards my goal of short stories and I am going to bug you all with more this year! All this because I have a dream that some day I want to write a novel. And I cant do so unless I am sure that people are liking my stories! Hence this blog! 🙂

Two pieces of advice to new bloggers: I am an amateur blogger so instead of giving advice, lets term this as sharing learnings. First and foremost, never hesitate to pen down what you feel, but at the same time, try to retain the beauty of language. Second, try to post as much as possible but don’t force blogs out of you! It shows and the readers don’t enjoy the content if it is written just for the heck of it. Also, don’t crave for likes, comments and views but don’t overlook them totally, because, you need to have some statistics, specially if your blogging is attached to a goal. Try to make a trend out of these statistics to see what people are liking, not liking and you can improve the content or the style accordingly, if required.


The Accidental Romantic Anju Anand Kavthekar Ayesha Berry’s World Jothish Joseph Abhishek Choubey Rashad Akash Minion Head Anannya Sharma Vinod Raja Nikhil Preeti Singh

Congratulations to all the bloggers for their nomination. Do pass on this award and encourage you blogger friends.

By God’s Grace

2014: A 17 year old becomes a victim to acid attack by her own brother-in-law. It was a case of mistaken identity where her brother-in-law thought it was her sister and threw acid on her face. It almost turned the whole world dark for this young girl. You was shattered to see her face in the mirror post attack.

2016:She walks the ramp at New York Fashion Week, as gracefully as any other super model!

Reshma Qureshi was blessed with God’s grace for having survived the acid attack, but kudos to her strength, will power and all the efforts she made to stand up again! The two years in between, I am sure, must have been hell for Reshma but as strong as she is, she grabbed the support that was offered to her in the form of counselling for depression and other heath treatments and started to re-live her life.

You are an inspiration Reshma!

You can read her story here

via Photo Challenge: Graceful

The Versatile Blogger Award !!


Looks like 2017 is going to be on Awards/Tags spree. I have about 5 of them pending already and i am going to torture you all with each one of them 😛

So lets begin with the first Award. Thanks you Beparvah for nominating me for this award. It really means a lot! Guys you must read his blog, he pens down emotions really well!

The rules:

Thank the person who nominated you and link-up to their blog. – Thank you once again Beparvah! 🙂

Nominate at least 15 bloggers.

Vinayak Gupta

Savio Paes

Aura With Writing


Ramnath Shanbhag

Sumit Official

Joel F

Aditi Sharma


Aditi Sharma (Idle Muser)

Arundhati Patil


Pooja Mhatre

Kishan Thakar


Share seven facts about yourself.

Well…. thats interesting now!! You are going to know some of my secrets.. but i guess thats fine!! Ok.. so… here is how it goes:

  1. I love to sleep – I can sleep like a dead! zzzzzzzz
  2. I am very very talkative – My husband tell me often to be quiet at least for 5 mins but i cant 😀
  3. I love Minions!! – I am crazy about them, at present I am hunting for a back-cover for my Samsung Galaxy J7 phone, so if any of you find it, I am up for a free gift! 😉
  4. I love to write – And i think i manage to pen down a few sensible things
  5. I am absolutely emotional but manage to be in senses and don’t allow emotions to blind me
  6. I cry at a drop of a hat. I cry when I get angry, I cry when I see movies, I cry when i read books.
  7. I am quite patient 🙂 I can deal with lot of stress and manage to not show it on the face.

Woahhhh… enough of self praises now, its your time to enjoy this award!!! Go ahead and nominate other bloggers.