The Truimph Over the Devil’s Eye – Part 6

The story of Sayed and Gayatri’s unconditional love is back! Catch up the reacap here:

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5


“Saab ji.. Saab ji.. somebody has sent you flowers” Kamla was calling out Sayed

“Please take those flowers and tip the delivery boy Kamla, I will see later who has sent it” Replied Sayed from his bedroom. He was getting ready for work hurriedly since he was already half an hour behind the schedule.

Kamla looked at the flowers admiringly and thought who would have sent this to Sayed. She flipped through the card attached to the flowers but couldn’t understand nothing since it was written in English. She thought it must be one of Sayed’s clients and kept it aside. She rushed to the kitchen since she was in the middle of making mutton kheema for Sayed. It was Sayed’s favourite meal.

Sayed was feeling lost. He was surprised for the thoughts from the previous day still hovering over him. He had never thought about Nasreen so much before, then why all of a sudden now? He realized that he was actually missing her. He brushed all the thoughts aside and hurried down stairs for breakfast.

“Kamla, get the breakfast please…. And please be quick, I have to rush to work, I am 45 mins late already you see.”

“La rahi hu Sahabji…..” howled Kamla from the kithchen. While waiting for the breakfast, Sayed flipped through newspaper to catch a glimpse of what’s happening in the world. Not wanting to absorb negativity right in the morning, he hurriedly gave most of the pages a miss which reported rape, crime and politics. He happened to stop at the zodiac center which briefed how the day is going to be for each zodiac sign.

He read out for Virgo “You will meet someone who will change your life forever. Love shall knock on your door.”

“…Silly fortune tellers!” he said to himself.

“Saabji, mereko aaj thode paise lagenge. Memsab ki dawaiya lani hai. Aur ghar ka kuch saman bhi lana hai.” Kamla said to Sayed while serving him Kheema Pav and Tea.

“Ye lo Kamla. “ Sayed handed over Rs 5000 to Kamla.

“Shuriya Saabji, Mai apko sham ko sare bill de dungi, aur bache hue paise bhi”

“Kamla…how many times do I have to tell you, I trust you. You can keep rest of the money for household expenses. I don’t need to see the bills.”

Kamla was indeed a righteous woman. Very honest and truthful, who would never think about cheating anyone!

“Shukriya.. shukriya Saabji… Aur ha.. wo phool… aapke liye aye hai” said Kamla pointing at the flowers she had carefully placed on the center table in the drawing room.

Sayed was feeling fresh and enthusiastic after a long time. He was just about to leave for work when he remembered the flowers. He checked the card and a smile crawled slowly on his face. The note read

“Thank You for a wonderful evening. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you since yesterday.



Sayed picked up those flowers and carried them with him to his office. This was the thing that got him smiling after ages and so he wanted them in front of his eyes all day long!

“Madam, flowers have been delivered”

“Who collected them?” Nasreen had received a confirmation call from the flower vendor for the delivery he made as per Nasreen’s instructions.

“A woman took them madam”

“BINGO!!! Thank you!” Nasreen was to know that the flowers had reached Sayed’s house as per the plan.

She was ecstatic that she made her first move today! She was a step closer to break the relation between Sayed and Gayatri. FM Radio played a song in the background

‘Tumhe apna banana ka junoon sar pe hi…. Kabse hi….’

Nasreen’s phone beeped to signal a message. She jumped to see who it was and was so thrilled to see it coming from Sayed. She was not expecting Sayed to get talking so openly so fast, but this was a surprise!

The message read “Thank you for the flowers! They are beautiful but not more than you. Some things never change





You still like to flirt with me, don’t you? 😛 “

Nasreen was fuming after reading this message. The rage that built in her was uncontrollable. She hurled her mobile away and banged her fist on the wall repeatedly.

“Shit, shit..shit…. how did Sayed receive flowers? Those flowers and the message on them was for Gayatri, why did he read that? I had carefully timed them later than when he leaves for work. Damit!!!” Nasreen was speaking to herself.

Maniac that she felt she was, rushed to grab her diary to make a note.

“Dear Gayatri,

You missed the flowers today. But soon you will receive them upon your burial. Insha Allah” dated 15th July, 2016

To be continued………….

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