The Chase of Love – Part 2

Sun and Moon Love

You can read Part 1 here

“Hey… you there… who are you?” shouted Sun when he saw a stranger entering his land.

This shout startled Munmoon and she came back to senses all of a sudden! She took a moment to compose herself and replied “Hi! I am Munmoon”

It was the first time that Sun had heard such a sweet voice. When Munmoon came closer, Sun realized that this stranger was indeed so beautiful!

“Hi, I am Sun. Nice meeting you!”

“My pleasure”

“What brings you to this hot land?”

“Actually, I eloped from my land because my parents were marrying me off to some stupid Moon. I did not love him and hence did not want to marry him but my parents wouldn’t understand. So I left my land in search of love. I happened to meet Cloudy while I was travelling alone and we became friends. Would you like to be my friend too?”

Sun was quite amused with the honest reply and was at once attracted towards Munmoon because of her spontaneous proposal of friendship.

“Why not?” said Sun stretching out his hand towards Munmoon.

“You are so Hot!!” Munmoon pulled her hand back as soon as they shook hands.

“Well, I take that as compliment..” said Sun winking at Munmoon

Munmoon and Sun had clicked well. Munmoon was so happy to find a new companion. They both shared a good chemistry. They were happy to find true love.

“Why do you emit so much light and heat?” asked Munmoon

“Its my duty. If I don’t, there will be darkness everywhere and it will attract the evil”

“Rubbish!! Moonland is always dark, but no Moon is evil. Don’t you get tired by pouring out this heat all the time?”

“I do, but I cannot stop doing it. My existence is only for emitting light and heat. God has told me that I have been given a very important job to do. This light and heat from me will revive life on something called as Earth.”

“Wow.. This sounds so interesting. Please share more details.”

“Well, i dont know much, but God said i should be true to my job and should lighten up each and every place in the universe.”

“But darling, you are failing to do so, for Moonland is always dark”

“Where is Moonland? I know only about Sunland. I am totally exhausted by giving light to just Sunland, i don’t know if I will be able to lighten up Moonland too!” Sun started crying. He was worried that he has angered God by not obeying his instructions

Munmoon was very sad to see her love weeping.

“Please don’t cry baby, I will help you to fulfill your responsibility. I will take you to the Moonland and you can emit light there too. While you are doing so, let the Sunland be dark for a while and you can come back here and provide light again. If you continue this cycle, you will be able to emit the whole universe turn by turn. After all God didn’t mention that you have to lighten the whole universe at the same time!”

Sun was very happy with Munmoon’s intelligence and with the thought that he shall be fulfilling his duty as instructed by God he agreed to go to the Moonland with Munmoon. At the same time, Munmmon thought it was a good opportunity to introduce Sun to her family under the pretext of helping him and gradually she will also inform them about her feelings towards Sun.

Soon Sun and Munmoon started travelling towards the Moonland. They were enjoying each other’s company. Sun was hot and Munmoon was calm and cool, both balanced each other. Also, Sun took special efforts to ensure that the heat doesn’t bother his love.

After few hours of travel, they reached Moonland. No sooner did Sun step into this land than the whole Moonland was litup.

Sun was so happy to see that he was able to light up another part of the universe that he never knew existed. He hugged Munmoon out of joy but got pushed away.

“Stay away from me!” screeched Munmoon. Sun thought it was because she felt shy to be in his arms in front of her family and relatives and rightly so. Little did he know that Munmoon had pushed him away because she couldn’t bear him so close to her because of his heat.

On the other hand, all the moons in Moonland were confused and scared to see this light for the first time ever. They were not used to this and the extreme heat of Sun was making them uncomfortable.

Since moon’s body was not designed to absorb heat, many moons started fainting one by one. Seeing this, other moons thought that Munmoon had angered the God by bringing this stranger with her and hence the whole Moonland is feeling the brunt.

One by one all the moons started dying.

“Sun, please stop emiting heat for a while. Moons are not able to bear it.” Requested Munmoon.

“I cannot, and you know it!” roared Sun.

“But you must because you are killing my relatives” Munmoon started sobbing looking at the condition of her fellow men.

How much ever Sun wanted to help improve the condition there he couldn’t because the moment he would go closer to help a weak moon, he would die instantly.

Munmoon saw her family and community dying in front of her eyes and she couldn’t help them! She had started feeling weak too.

“Why did you kill my family???” asked Munmoon in anguish

“I am sorry Munmoon. I didnt meant to. I cannot stop this light from me and unfortunately they could not resist it.”

“I am all alone now! My mom, dad, brothers, sisters, friends… everybody is dead!! What do i do now??”
“Marry me Munmoon. I love you. I will take care of you”
“Noway!! you will kill me too!!”

“No Munmoon, I promise, I will take a good care of you. We will pray for our relationship and God will bless you with immunity” Sun said coming closer to Munmoon
“Nooooooooooooooooooo… dont come close to me.. I HATE YOU.. you killed my family… you will kill me too..””” said Munmoon fearing death

Munmoon no longer wanted to be with the Sun for she knew that they can never exist together

She turned her back and started running away from the Sun
Sun was very sad to see her leave. Sun was heartbroken because Munmoon left him. But he was not going to give up so easily.
Although he was shattered, he gathered himself and started running after Munmoon. Munmoon had gone far away from the Moonland and Sun went after her. The Moonland was dark once again
Munmoon was very petite & she ran a lot faster than the Sun
She also deceived him by changing her size…. from full round she would gorw small and smaller to a crescent and by the time Sun would get accustomed to the crescent size… she would slowly go back to her original form.
Even today Sun is chasing Munmoon with the hope that she would marry him but Munmoon keeps dogging him.

And as a result of this chase, we experience the day and night alternatively!

14 thoughts on “The Chase of Love – Part 2

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  2. WOW! Finally, I get the time to read this beautiful love story… Now, I bet why all females let the men chase after her… They learnt it from Munmoon… 😛

    But your presentation of this story is too good. This can be a very good story to make a kid understand about Lunar eclipse… You would be a very good teacher… God bless you!

    • Hahahahhaaha.. Thank you Chiradeep! I had not thought about eclipse while writing this story, but yeah… you are right, may be I will try explaining eclipse to my kids using this story 😛

  3. OMG! Its toooooo… too very beautiful. What an imagination! How cutely penned!
    I seriously have never ever read a story more beautiful than this one..Its amazingly awesome..
    I must thankyou for expressing such a lovely relationship.💕💕

    • Thank u so much Vipra!! Its really sweet of u to stop by and read my stories patiently… do read The Eternal Love on my blog if u get a chance.

  4. Why don’t you send me it’s link as I am unable to find out the one you asked me to read. I am really curious now to read it.

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