Poopy’s Slide


“Mama, why don’t we have a slide to enter our house?” asked little Jamie when his mom was dragging him home from the garden.

“Son, slides are only in the garden and not in the houses” Mom tried to explain Jamie.

“No Mom, my friend has one!” exclaimed Jamie

“Whatever!” Mom said pulling Jamie harder by hand and taking longer steps to reach home quickly. She had discarded Jamie’s comment considering it to be one among many nonsensical blabbers  the 3 year old used to do the all the time.

Later that night at dining table:

Jamie: Dada, will you please make a slide that connects to our house door, please?

Jamie always tried his best to sound and look the cutest he can by tilting his head towards left, rolling his eyes in the most mischievous way, pouting his lips and folding his hands as he asked something from his dad.

Dad: What? Slide?

Jamie: Yes dad,I want to slide down to our house.

said Jamie jumping up and down. He was ecstatic that his dad was showing some interest in his talks unlike his mom.

“Jamie, enough of your slide nonsense. What’s with you?” yelled Jamie’s mom from the kitchen platform. She was making pancakes – Jamie’s favourite.

“Ahhhhh.. Come one Martha, take it easy!” exclaimed Jamie’s father.

Martha gave him a look and continued with the pancakes. Jamie felt more confident with his idea because now at least dad was by his side.

“So son, tell me, what is this idea of a slide to enter our house? Where did you see that honey?” Richard asked Jamie with hands stretching out.

Jamie quickly ran into his father’s lap and hugged him tight.

“Dad, My friend slides down to her house. So i also want that we have a slide to our house!!” Jamie repeated his demand very innocently.

“Okaaaaayyyy! And may i know which friend are you talking about?” Richard questioned Jamie playfully.

“Poopy” exaclimed Jamie raising his hands and smiling ear to year.


“Yes, Poopy!”

“But I have never heard about this friend of yours! Martha, do you know who Poopy is?”

“Naaahhhh, must be some cartoon character! Jamie considers Lulu, Doremon, Chinchan and everybody alike his friends!” Martha replied without even turning back to face them. It was the most polite way she could think about to protest and indicate that she is not interested in this nonsense.

“Jamie, is this your new friend?”

“Yes Dada, I call her Poopy fondly”

Now Richard was sure that Jamie was cooking some story and just to avoid disappointing him, he said

“Ok Cupcake! You take me to Poopy’s house tomorrow and let me take a look at the slide. How big is her house?”

“Not much Dada – actually its quite small, its round in shape and seems to be very dark from inside.”

“Enough now guys! Finish the dinner fast and Jamie I must see you in the bed by 10 pm sharp, is that clear?” warned Martha while she served pancakes to all.

“I also want to see you in bed at 10 sharp, I can’t wait” whispered Richard in Martha’s ear

“Richard!!!!” exclaimed Martha with big eyes trying to disguise the blush that showed on her face.

Next Morning:

“Dada, dada…. dada… come fast!!!!” Jamie was screaming from the toilet

Richard and Martha both rushed to the toilet worried if Jamie fell down there.

“What happened Jamie??” asked Martha who was a bit scared.

“Call Dada, please.. Dada… Dada….” Jamie wailed.

“What is it cupcake?? What happened?” asked Richard pushing Martha aside. He was a bit puzzled to see Jamie alright yet screaming.

“Poopy!!” exclaimed Jamie grinning.

“Uhh… Poopy?” Richard couldn’t understand what’s going on!

“Dada, Poopyyyyy… my friend i told you about?”

“Oh yes..!”

“POOPY” shrieked Jamie with joy pointing where he had pooped!

“Now see how she slides to her home!!” Jamie said pouring a bucket full of water in the Indian toilet.


Bath Fun!

Well, it all started when i read a post called Bathroom Singer by Jotish Joseph which Savio shared some time back, and i got thinking.

While men are usually quick at taking bath, i know girls usually take at least good 20 mins for the same. I am an exception though, and as per  Jotish I would be a Gold Medalist if bathing was a part of Olympics because i take just 3 mins. 😀

What i cant understand is why would one take more time than that for a bath?? I mean, i can understand if there was a bath tub and all, but the pigeon holes that most Mumbaikars stay in and the scarcity of water that we face, such luxury is impossible. Then, what is it that makes bathing so lengthy?

May be girls just watch themselves and admire their own beauty before even starting to bathe? So, probably they admire themselves for 15 mins and bathe in 5 mins? Or may be they practice pouting secretly? No wonder they pose for a picture with a perfect pout! If I try to pout it looks more like a dog face may be! 😦

Or may be they think about how many calories they must consume through the day? May be a little more intelligent girls could be thinking about the repo rate and reverse repo rates. Some “future Sunidhi Chauhan in making” could be working on the perfecting their singing skills.

Could some be trying to make snake and rabbit using the shadow of their hands? Oh yes, they could be making hearts like that… its sort of YO these days to pose with a heart made from your own hands. :O May be some could be counting the number of hair strands that turned white? Or may be just lather up the soap and blow bubbles?

I don’t know – Why a bath can require more than 5 mins? Do you know??

PS: This post is made on a lighter note and does not intend any gender discrimination or ill feeling/offence towards female species. Take it with a pinch of salt! 🙂


Pictures Talk!!

Since we are drawing close to the end of 2016, I want to utilize the remaining days to complete all the challenges/tags/awards that i missed to respond to in this year. I am sorry if I do not capture your nomination even i coming days but I am going to try and respond to all the pending ones.

So here’s the one I had got from Pooja where she had asked me write about the pictures that I like and write my own thoughts on the same. So.. off to the pictures…

Be Calm: It is very important to learn to be calm. Life throws challenges at you, but if you remain calm you are better able to think about how to face those challenges. It is common that most of us shall panic in difficult situations, but instead if we stay calm, we allow our mind to function more logically and are better able to solve the problem rater than cribbing and crying about why did the problem happened in the first place. Calmness is often mistaken as “It doesn’t matter to me” or “Are you stone-hearted that you do no react?” type comments, but i think ignoring these make sense. You have to be calm even after getting to here such comments. People who are calm have an aura around them which reflects positive vibes.


Don’t drag the fights: Remember when we were kids we used to fight and the very next moment we would be the best of friends again? Why do things change when we grow old? Why cant we forgive and forget? Why does ego grow bigger with our age? Most of us sulk over the fights and arguments with our loved ones, but is it really worth it? For all you know, we may never get a chance to patch up after a fight. So, please don’t fight or argue, and if it happens, please bury the fight before you sleep. No fight is worth spoiling the next day.


Be careful with who you confide in: Hell, yes! Because not everybody who lends you an ear is actually caring for you, most just need a topic to gossip about. There will be some who will be happy that you have some problems. Some cant wait to use your words against you. You are lucky if you have some good people who really care, like your family and closest friends, but not all may trustworthy. Being human, we all feel the need to vent out our feelings at one point of time, do it, but don’t open up 100% to any particular person. Not everyone needs to know everything that is happening in your life!


Timing is everything: Yes indeed! Timing is everything. Unless the time comes, it is not going to happen, how much ever you try! But that doesnt mean that you should get frustrated and stop trying. It will happen surely, when you are ready!


And some more pictures which send a message on their own, no need to explain!


Pictures do talk!

The Longest Two Minutes Ever!


One of our colleagues and her husband are the victims of the Robinson R44 chopper that crashed in Aarey Colony on December 11, 2016. They are survived by their 2 years old son and parents.

The longest two minutes of my life were today when we observed silence in the memory of our colleagues who passed away on 24th December because of the chopper crash.

Two minutes which otherwise are so quick to pass seemed to be an eternity because it was so difficult to reason and accept what has happened. My mind was cluttered with so many questions like, why this had to happen? why life is so unfair? Could it be God’s mistake to take these young souls away? Will their toddler even have any memory of them? Whose mistake was it? What their parents must be going through?

All the memories of her flashed through my mind in those two minutes. We used to board the same bus everyday and on many evenings we would walk home together until we reach her house. It never mattered if some day i didn’t see her in the bus because i trusted that she would be back the next day. But it is so hard to believe that I am not going to see her ever again! It never mattered if I didn’t speak to her in office, a smile and a Hi would just be fine, but it is so hard to accept that I will never get to smile at her again! The worst feeling is nothing can be reversed now  and the deepest regret will be that I could not do anything for her!

Life can be unfair. Be good, do good – Today! You may never get another chance.

Gone from our sight, but never from our Hearts – Brinda you will always be remembered.

Merry Christmas!!!


I know.. i know… I am late with my wishes… but hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and had lot of fun!! Hope this Christmas brings lot of joy, good health and prosperity to you!

Being from a non-catholic community i have never really witnessed Christmas celebrations personally, but from what i see around me and hear from my catholic colleagues and friends I am totally in awe of this festival!

So from little knowledge of this festival that I have, i recollect a very special memory from childhood.

Santa Claus is known to the world and i was no exception as a child! Every Christmas Eve, my father would encourage me to hang socks at the door and next morning i would find some chocolates in it. The enthusiasm  and curiosity that I used to have that time knew no bounds. I used to ask my dad so many questions like

“How does Santa knows what i really like?”

“How does Santa know that I am ready with the socks and he has to put one in there?”

“How does Santa enter our house when we lock doors and sleep?”

“How is it that Santa always comes when I am sleeping?”

“Doesn’t Santa sleep in the night?”

This went on for years until one day when I got to know that Santa Claus is my own dad! And i was so happy about it, because after that i didn’t have to wait until Christmas to ask something from my personal Santa Claus 🙂

I also faintly remember that my sister used to decorate a Christmas tree , artificial one though and it looked very pretty.

I would like to hear from you how do you celebrate Christmas and what are your special memories of this festival.

My Love for Minions!!

I am totally in love with Minions. I bought a Minion key chain for myself couple of months ago. Then I watch Minions on YouTube. Now I am hunting for a Minion back cover for my phone. And i have asked my friend to gift me  a Minion soft toy! ❤ ,<3

And this love of mine makes me share with you some freaking quotes from Minions. Have a hearty laugh! Enjoy!!

Hands Up Tag


Savio is back with yet another crazy tag and i loved this one totally! The only rule for this tag is to list down 10 things you do with your hands and tag other people.

So here is my response to Hands Up Tag

  1. Eat – Well, this is the most important thing for me. I am quite a foodie and i love to eat with hands. I feel i do not get the real taste of food if I am eating with a spoon. My mom tells me that i would insist on eating food with my own hands even when I was really small.. like a year old! Well.. I am sure by doing so I must have given more work to my mom’s hands 🙂
  2. Hold/Hug – There is no better feeling in this world than to hold or hug the person you love, be it a small baby, your spouse, your parents, friends anybody really.
  3. Type – With smart phones and laptops ruling the world, all of us type more than we talk. I can type very fast.
  4. Poke – Hahahah… yes, i poke with my finger.. and it is really annoying to the person who gets poked. Well, i dont do it to all, only to those who hate it and that too, just some times.
  5. Cook/Bake – I cook decent food and bake some nice basic cakes.
  6. Shake Hands – I like to shake hands with a person when he/she is introduced to me for the first time
  7. Clap – I like to clap and applaud for the good things. Especially when I am playing with toddlers and they do something silly but feel they struck the moon 😀
  8. Craft – I create some craft items like home made cards for some one really special, decorate a wall-piece, mehendi etc
  9. Run fingers through hair – Well, this might sound a bit weird, but i like to run fingers through my hair, it calms me down. I also did that to my niece when i used to make her sleep. Now i do it to my husband, he loves to fall asleep that way <#
  10. Write – Of course, the most precious thing i do i write, and i love writing in diaries, loose paper sheets, hand made paper etc!

So what do you use your hands for? I nominate the following people:

Ronny Aditi Sharma Mahesh and Joel

Have fun with your hands 😉

A Secret New Year Resolution

We are almost at the end of the year 2016 and now is the time to review our performance. Oh Gosh, I sound like a corporate professional! And why not, after all the “Appraisal” fever starts soon and this is the time when an employee is viewed through a microscope and grilled to the core! But Anyway, that’s not the topic of this post.

What i meant by reviewing the performance is to check how far I was able to achieve the goals i had set for me in the beginning of the year. For most of us, these goals come in the form of New Year Resolutions and historically i have always FAILED 🙂

Well, but this year was a little different. I had made a SECRET resolution to be an active blogger in 2016 and I am very please to know that I did manage to be one! Or at least WordPress feels so!

WP throws the following statistics for my performance in the year 2016. Now, that is not bad, is it?

3.8K views in 2016 v/s barely any in 2015


I was amazed to see that people from 32 countries have been reading my blog which means “A Bit of Wisdom and A Bit of Play” does have a global presence (Self Credit 😛 ). I was not able to fit all 32 countries in one screenprint, so below is just an overview of the leading countries.


I feel very happy and I am proud of myself that I was able to outlive the secret resolution that I had made in the beginning of the year 2016. And I want to thank you all for your patience and repeated visits to my blog. You guys have been great at motivating me constantly with your views, likes and comments.

Now I am already wondering what should be my secret resolution for the year 2017!

Keys to Success


Almost all of us try to beat shit out of us to prove that we are successful, don’t we? But honestly how many of us really understand what we need to do in order to succeed? Usually we follow the bandwagon of trying to be on top, be it your job, social life or even how you dress up or look. If we are able to stay on top here, we feel we are successful? Really?

Well, for me the key to success is very simple. I have broken it down in parts. Each key will open a new door to success:

Key1: Be Modest – Modest people are respected the most. You will notice that higher the designation of a person, more modest he is. If you try to throw your weight around, people are not going to like you to be in their team as a boss or a subordinate.

Key2: Smart Work – With all due respect to the hard-work that most of us have put in early years of career, in today’s time hard-work is literally replaced by smart work. The simple example of Smart Work is updating yourself with the new technology and save manual hours and efforts by making use of that technology.

Key3: Own Errors – Errors are a part and parcel of any work process and being human it is absolutely alright to make errors, of course, you cant keep repeating it and also you need to be vigilant on the frequency of new errors too. What is important is whether you are able to take ownership of the error you made. Lot of people just love to push blame to the other team members but little do they realize that by doing so they are in fact climbing a step down from success.

Key4: Set your Own Goals – Goals are absolutely essential for achieving success. If our efforts are not driven by goals, they might just go hay wire. And the goals should be realistic. Often times we set more ambitious goals in order to beat colleagues, but what we should understand here is, its not about beating your colleague, its about how YOU are progressing and developing yourself. Chart out your priorities and work accordingly, let your colleagues be on their own!

Key5: Do not Compare – You cannot compare yourself with others all the time to prove that you are successful because at any point of time, there will be handful of people who will be better than you! Be content with your own progress and never get overwhelmed by the success of your colleagues.

Key6 : Yardstick – Have one, but strictly personal! Do not use somebody else’s. You will never be able to meet success if you are using someone else’s yardstick, because, his situation, resources and destiny could be different than yours

While Key5 & Key6 go hand in hand, the former is a qualitative parameter while latter is a quantitative one.

Success is completely a relative term, it shapes up the way you want to. Make the best out of it.