I Wish I Could…

In response to Daily Prompt: Childhood

Although this poem is not exactly focused on childhood per say, it is a recap of an old woman’s thoughts when she is nearing her end

It shows that the old lady knows that she is nearing her end but still wants to live more but at the same time knows that it is not possible so she walks down the memory lane of her whole life. The lady even though approaching a negative phase of her life, is still very positive in her attitude and respects & believes in God a lot.

Old Lady

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Peeping in to the past

I realized life has moved on fast

I wish I could hold

Those wonderful moments and memories old


I wish I could hold that time

When I was a toddler and use to mime

How wonderful the world was

Just perfect and without any flaws!


I wish I could be a teenager

Throughout my life…forever and ever

Living life to the fullest

I wish I could hold that time which was perhaps the best!


I wish I could live that moment again

When my own identity I had gained

I had felt on the top of the world

Only because of the strength and success He has hurled!


I wish I could hold back those years

When there were only smiles and no tears

When there was no eruption of crime

I wish I could hold that time!


Life with its ups and downs

Has given me smiles and frowns

I have already lived to my hearts content

But I wish, quite a long life to me He would present!


But let us accept the facts

Time waits for no man

In one direction only it acts

Hold it back – nobody can

Once gone, its gone for ever

And comes back never


But we can re-realize our life

By the way of good memories which I have plenty

But one more boon is gifted by almighty

That is, to re-live our life

Of course, it is reincarnation – the new one

It is the resultant of good deeds that we have done!


I wish to me He would send

That new life which would be a perfect blend

Of happiness and good incidence

And I know it is possible because of His Elegance!