The Chase of Love – Part 2

Sun and Moon Love

You can read Part 1 here

“Hey… you there… who are you?” shouted Sun when he saw a stranger entering his land.

This shout startled Munmoon and she came back to senses all of a sudden! She took a moment to compose herself and replied “Hi! I am Munmoon”

It was the first time that Sun had heard such a sweet voice. When Munmoon came closer, Sun realized that this stranger was indeed so beautiful!

“Hi, I am Sun. Nice meeting you!”

“My pleasure”

“What brings you to this hot land?”

“Actually, I eloped from my land because my parents were marrying me off to some stupid Moon. I did not love him and hence did not want to marry him but my parents wouldn’t understand. So I left my land in search of love. I happened to meet Cloudy while I was travelling alone and we became friends. Would you like to be my friend too?”

Sun was quite amused with the honest reply and was at once attracted towards Munmoon because of her spontaneous proposal of friendship.

“Why not?” said Sun stretching out his hand towards Munmoon.

“You are so Hot!!” Munmoon pulled her hand back as soon as they shook hands.

“Well, I take that as compliment..” said Sun winking at Munmoon

Munmoon and Sun had clicked well. Munmoon was so happy to find a new companion. They both shared a good chemistry. They were happy to find true love.

“Why do you emit so much light and heat?” asked Munmoon

“Its my duty. If I don’t, there will be darkness everywhere and it will attract the evil”

“Rubbish!! Moonland is always dark, but no Moon is evil. Don’t you get tired by pouring out this heat all the time?”

“I do, but I cannot stop doing it. My existence is only for emitting light and heat. God has told me that I have been given a very important job to do. This light and heat from me will revive life on something called as Earth.”

“Wow.. This sounds so interesting. Please share more details.”

“Well, i dont know much, but God said i should be true to my job and should lighten up each and every place in the universe.”

“But darling, you are failing to do so, for Moonland is always dark”

“Where is Moonland? I know only about Sunland. I am totally exhausted by giving light to just Sunland, i don’t know if I will be able to lighten up Moonland too!” Sun started crying. He was worried that he has angered God by not obeying his instructions

Munmoon was very sad to see her love weeping.

“Please don’t cry baby, I will help you to fulfill your responsibility. I will take you to the Moonland and you can emit light there too. While you are doing so, let the Sunland be dark for a while and you can come back here and provide light again. If you continue this cycle, you will be able to emit the whole universe turn by turn. After all God didn’t mention that you have to lighten the whole universe at the same time!”

Sun was very happy with Munmoon’s intelligence and with the thought that he shall be fulfilling his duty as instructed by God he agreed to go to the Moonland with Munmoon. At the same time, Munmmon thought it was a good opportunity to introduce Sun to her family under the pretext of helping him and gradually she will also inform them about her feelings towards Sun.

Soon Sun and Munmoon started travelling towards the Moonland. They were enjoying each other’s company. Sun was hot and Munmoon was calm and cool, both balanced each other. Also, Sun took special efforts to ensure that the heat doesn’t bother his love.

After few hours of travel, they reached Moonland. No sooner did Sun step into this land than the whole Moonland was litup.

Sun was so happy to see that he was able to light up another part of the universe that he never knew existed. He hugged Munmoon out of joy but got pushed away.

“Stay away from me!” screeched Munmoon. Sun thought it was because she felt shy to be in his arms in front of her family and relatives and rightly so. Little did he know that Munmoon had pushed him away because she couldn’t bear him so close to her because of his heat.

On the other hand, all the moons in Moonland were confused and scared to see this light for the first time ever. They were not used to this and the extreme heat of Sun was making them uncomfortable.

Since moon’s body was not designed to absorb heat, many moons started fainting one by one. Seeing this, other moons thought that Munmoon had angered the God by bringing this stranger with her and hence the whole Moonland is feeling the brunt.

One by one all the moons started dying.

“Sun, please stop emiting heat for a while. Moons are not able to bear it.” Requested Munmoon.

“I cannot, and you know it!” roared Sun.

“But you must because you are killing my relatives” Munmoon started sobbing looking at the condition of her fellow men.

How much ever Sun wanted to help improve the condition there he couldn’t because the moment he would go closer to help a weak moon, he would die instantly.

Munmoon saw her family and community dying in front of her eyes and she couldn’t help them! She had started feeling weak too.

“Why did you kill my family???” asked Munmoon in anguish

“I am sorry Munmoon. I didnt meant to. I cannot stop this light from me and unfortunately they could not resist it.”

“I am all alone now! My mom, dad, brothers, sisters, friends… everybody is dead!! What do i do now??”
“Marry me Munmoon. I love you. I will take care of you”
“Noway!! you will kill me too!!”

“No Munmoon, I promise, I will take a good care of you. We will pray for our relationship and God will bless you with immunity” Sun said coming closer to Munmoon
“Nooooooooooooooooooo… dont come close to me.. I HATE YOU.. you killed my family… you will kill me too..””” said Munmoon fearing death

Munmoon no longer wanted to be with the Sun for she knew that they can never exist together

She turned her back and started running away from the Sun
Sun was very sad to see her leave. Sun was heartbroken because Munmoon left him. But he was not going to give up so easily.
Although he was shattered, he gathered himself and started running after Munmoon. Munmoon had gone far away from the Moonland and Sun went after her. The Moonland was dark once again
Munmoon was very petite & she ran a lot faster than the Sun
She also deceived him by changing her size…. from full round she would gorw small and smaller to a crescent and by the time Sun would get accustomed to the crescent size… she would slowly go back to her original form.
Even today Sun is chasing Munmoon with the hope that she would marry him but Munmoon keeps dogging him.

And as a result of this chase, we experience the day and night alternatively!

The Chase of Love – Part1


“Munmoon… Munmoon… stop.. Don’t go there. Its dark, you will be scared..” Munmoon’s mother was worried about her daughter. Munmoon would get angry when her dad would talk about getting her married. Often she left her home and wandered all alone in the deep darkness of the Moonland.

Moonland was a place from where the moons originated. Dimly lit, but sometimes pitch dark. It was a quiet and peaceful place where all moons lived happily. Like any other community, these moons believed too that their girls should be married off as soon as they attain the age of marriage and hence Munmoon’s parents were seeking alliances for her.

There was no scarcity of worthy alliances for Munmoon, for she was so beautiful, slender frame, very fair and glowing skin. She depicted her ancestor Moon in every bit! Many moons had lost their heart to her but Munmoon did not like any of them. She hated this tradition of moon marrying another moon. She wanted to explore other lands. She wanted to see how the world looked outside the Moonland, but her parents would never allow her.

“Beta Munmoon, tomorrow we have a family coming over to see you. The guy’s name is Holmoon. He is well settled and looks good too. His parents are good people. Please be good and present yourself well. If this alliance works, you will land up in a very good moon family.” Said Munmoon’s dad lovingly.

Having had enough of this loving compulsion, Munmoon decided to elope from Moonland. She was a free soul now. There was no moon around to bother her. She was enjoying her journey. She was set to tour this universe on her own. Munmoon was so happy to leave the Moonland far behind. She met new creatures during the journey. They were called clouds and stars. Soon Munmoon was friends with them and they all travelled together. They were having such a good time. Munmoon would hide behind the clouds and play peek-a-boo with the stars.

Munmoon was very happy to make new friends and be in a new land. She had come far away from the Monnland. She missed her family but she was ecstatic to be in this new world where no moon was in sight and no one persuaded her for marriage. As they continued to travel to new lands, Munmoon saw a very sharp shining light. What was it?

She was amazed to this light, it was something that she had never seen before.

“Where have we come Cloudy?” asked Munmoon to her friend.

“This is the Sunland. It is always brightly lit and it is very hot here. You stay away from this land for you are so delicate and beautiful, you will not be able to bear the wrath of the Sun.” Cloud tried to explain Munmoon about a new place they had arrived at.

“Who is Sun?”

“Sun is the king of this land”

“Do you know him?”

“Yes, sometimes we need to go to his kingdom when the winds are harsh”

“I want to meet him. Will you take me there?”

“No Munmoon, you will not like it there. You will fall sick.”

“But I want to see who Sun is… How does he look?”

“Come… I will show him to you from a distance, but don’t enter his land.”

Cloud took Munmoon a little closer to the boundaries of the Sunland. Munmoon was awestruck to get the first glimpse of Sun.

A stout and glorious body with sharp eyes and he emitted magnificent rays which created a halo around him.

“Who is this creature?” thought Munmoon to herself. She was so mesmerized by Sun that she started moving towards him step by step as if he had hypnotized her. It was love at first sight.

To be continued….


Dear Husband, Happy Birthday!!



Dear Husband,

Wishing you a very very happy birthday. May all days in your life be as beautiful as today!!

Are you wondering why I am sending my wishes through a blog post in spite of having wished you a zillion times since midnight? Well, it is nothing but an effort to do something hatke. I want to use this medium to say something special. I cannot reach the national television or radio to wish you in front of the whole world, so I thought this blog is a fair alternative.

But how much ever I try to make this special, it does not qualify in any way to supersede the surprises that you keep giving me on my birthday. I still remember how special you had made my 25th bday. It was my first bday after our wedding was fixed and man, it is the most special one so far! And do you remember your first bday after our wedding was fixed?? Haha.. I vividly remember not wishing you at all because according to my mom it was too early to interact with you since the alliance was not officially fixed then, wasn’t your bday just 2 days after we first met?

Memories…BEAUTIFUL memories created by you have really made my life worth living. I want to take this opportunity to tell you that you are the most special person to me. I love you with all my heart. You are the only one with whom I can be myself – each time and every time. There is a lot that I want to say ahead of this, but I won’t say it here because I (and you too) truly believe that some things should be just between you and I!

Thank you for letting me be myself right since the first day of our married life. I am one of those very few lucky girls who don’t have to give up their youngness for the expected maturity the moment they get married. Now if I look back to the first year of our marriage, I really question myself… Aditi… were you really like that back then?? And this, my dear, is a proof that you have allowed me to evolve with you! In a way, you have let me have my life my way!

It has been fun growing old with you and I want to do so right till the age when I would walk with the help of a stick, no teeth left, grey hair and wrinkles all over me. At that time in the future too, I want to walk holding your hand like I do today. Even if I grow so old, I want to ride with you on the bike or go on a drive in car like today, and mind you, it’s you who would drive even then because I have no intention of learning to drive.. hahahaha…

Like I said, I do not want to open our little box of secrets, so I want to stop here.

Be good, be greatful to God and keep loving me! ❤

Head-over-Heels in love with you,


The Triumph Over the Devil’s Eye – Part 4

Love triangle

You may want to read Part1 Part2 and Part3 before reading this one.

Each time Nasreen came to Mumbai she made a point to meet Sayed. After all, who forgets the first love? After Sayed married Gayatri it was sort of very awkward for her to meet him in Gayatri’s presence, but nevertheless, she never missed an opportunity to see her love. And this love for him made her extremely worried and brutally honest. It tore her heart apart to see Sayed in this condition. And Nasreen had vowed that she will not let Sayed spoil his life any further.

Nasreen had dragged Sayed out of the house and forced him to pull his car out. It was a Sunday and Nasreen had the whole day to herself as her inlaws had gone to meet some relative. Nasreen was no less than a daughter to her inlaws, especially after the untimely death of her husband. Nasreen had engrossed herself in her career to kill the lonliness that destiny had gifted her. To walk the path of careen she had relocated to Hyderabad closer to her parent’s home but she would often visit her inlaws too.

Sayed was very happy to meet Nasreen that day. It was after ages that he had breathed some fresh air. They drove down to south, their common hangout during college days. Sayed could not recollect after how long he was driving so enthusiastically, with loud music and someone sitting in the seat next to him. They had a delicious lunch at Delhi Darbar, the taste was still the same like it used to be years ago. Later on, they headed to Girgao Chowpaty for a stroll. It was an amazing evening. Nasreen and Sayed were like free souls wandering without worries. They made sand castles, just like they did when they were kids. They ate bhutta (corn), panipuri, ice gola and what not. They walked through the water splashing it on each other. They had fun!

Nasreen was so happy to see Sayed laughing and smiling. Just before calling it a day, they were relaxing on the rocks at Marine Drives to see the sun set. And with great courage Nasreen said what she always wanted to say!

“How is Gayatri feeling now?”

“She is ok.” Sayed replied curtly.

“Sayed, look at me, I know you are not happy with Gayatri. It happens dude. One makes wrong decisions sometimes. It’s the same with you. I am sure you realize now that it was a mistake to marry Gayatri. And you know what, it is OK.. It is ok to make mistakes but it is absolutely not OK to live with them. Why don’t you divorce her? And its not even going to be complicated. It will be a sail through divorce on medical grounds and since you don’t have children, the hassle would be even lesser!” Nasreen was trying to explain Sayed something really important, or that is what she thought!

“Nasreen, SHUTUP!! This is my fucking life and I will see what needs to be done, Thanks for your piece of advice, but no thanks!!! I LOVE GAYATRI the way she is and I will always love her even if she worsens. Get that straight!” thundered Sayed.

He got up to leave but Nasreen held his hand to stop him. She urged him with pleading eyes and Sayed had to oblige. Her eyes were beautiful even today. Nasreen was charming in every way! He sat down again, buried his head in his hands.

Nasreen was running her fingers softly through his hair as if to console him.

“Sayed, I know you did not like what I said. But it’s a bitter truth! For how many years are you going to pull on like this? What about your life? What about your dreams? What about your happiness? You deserve to be treated a lot better Sayed. Look at you, what have you made out of yourself in past 3 years?? You have lost half of your weight, the eye which were once full of dreams are now hollow, a smile that once brightened your face has turned into a grimace, a bright professional soaring high in his career is lagging way behind his peers!! Why are you troubling yourself so much, and for whom? For that female who recognizes you only sometimes, more often than not because of the flashes she gets from the past??

Sayed was listening to every word that Nasreen uttered. He was scared that Nasreen was right. Nasreen was always like a North Star for him, showing light and direction in the darkest hour. Nasreen had warned her that things will not be good with him and Gayatri when Sayed had shared his secret of loving a Hindu girl with her. Nasreen was right then, and perhaps Nasreen was right even today! Sayed was on the verge of a breakdown. He was tired with this life, with all that he had been doing since past 3 years. Sayed’s life was full of visits to the asylum, doctor’s appointments, Gayatri’s tantrums, Gayatri’s medication, managing restrictions on his own life for not doing many things because it no longer suits Gayatri’s life style.

“Sayed, it’s not too late even now. Think about it. You deserve a lot better life. Why are you doing this?”

“Because Gayatri needs me.”

“What about your needs?”

“I don’t know. All I know is that I have married Gayatri and now she is my responsibility.” Said Sayed with a heavy voice and tears welling in his eyes.

“Sayed, speak out. Open up, whats on your mind?” Nasreen said holding his hand tightly as if to indicate that she is always there for him.

“Nasreen, just please listen to me. Only hear me out. Don’t say a word and don’t judge me. I don’t need an advice right now, just give me an ear!”

“Ok, go on!”

“Nasreen, I am fed up. I don’t know what to do with my life. Gayatri doesn’t seem to improve. Ammi and Abbu are far away from me. I can’t get them here because I have no time to give them. Abbu is handicapped and I can’t add to my problems by inviting them to stay here, I am already exhausted looking after Gayatri. I love Gayatri a lot and I too feel the need to be loved. Gayatri loves me, I understand that from the way she holds me, from her eyes when she looks at me, but things are not the same anymore. It feels like that love has gone mechanical now. Every day I return to an empty house. There is no one to ask me how my day was. There is no one to look after me when I am sick. I sleep myself to loneliness and I wake up to another lonely day. I miss Gayatri a lot. It’s like she is there, but she is not there. I feel lost. I feel alone. I don’t know what to do! I am so grappled with Gayatri and her condition that I am not able to look after my parents. I am not able to be a good son. I have lost touch with most of our friends and I am not a good friend anymore, not even to you. I have pushed everybody away and have built an invisible wall so that nobody can trouble my Gayatri. But now I feel trapped inside this wall.” Sayed was sobbing now.

Nasreen cupped his face, wiped the tears and said softly “I love you Sayed, even today, I love you very much! Please come back to me. Everything will be good. I will look after you. I will not give a chance to complain. Life will be beautiful Sayed!”

Sayed hugged Nasreen tightly and both of them could not hold back the tears. It was the first time in ages that Sayed felt he has a support to fall back on. It was the first time in ages that Sayed had let his thoughts out.

Suddenly Sayed pushed Nasreen away, gently though.

“What happened?” Nasreen asked, a little disappointed.

“We should be going Nasreen, come….” Sayed said, stretching his hand out to Nasreen while he stood on the rocks.

The drive back home was not eventful. There was a very busy traffic and Nasreen could clearly see that something was bothering Sayed. She kept holding his hand every now and then when Sayed placed his’s on the gear.

While Nasreen was very happy with how the evening turned out to be, Sayed was full of guilt. Sayed was feeling guilty that he had had a good time while Gayatri was bunked in her bed – all alone!

Nasreen felt the sadistic happiness, it was the first time that Sayed had not got angry or walked off when she confessed her love for him. Nasreen could see a dim ray of hope!

“I am not going to lose you one more time, Syed!” Nasreen said to herself.

To be continued……..