Renewal of Self


We often talk of renewing licence, passport,legal agreements etc when they expire. What does it mean? Its just like making a new copy, isn’t it?

But do we ever consider if we need to renew our-self? No, right? Most of us don’t come to this thought very easily, because for all of us “I” , “ME”, “MYSELF” are so important that we often feel that the other person is wrong and needs to change! Really?

But honestly, it is very important to retrospect. Seeking solitude often provides answers to most of the questions we have been chasing in our mind! If we use half of the time we spend on judging others to judge our own self it will create wonders to our personality, isn’t it? We had carve a better version of us! Not just this, it shall make our life more meaningful and we shall set a good, more importantly a positive example for the younger generation.

Learn to own mistakes. It is fine to make some. Apologize when required. Some times even when it is not your fault. Cry if you feel like. Crying is not a sign of weakness. Forgive yourself, it is way harder than forgiving others. Be grateful and learn to appreciate others. Express gratitude – a small thank you can make someone’s day. Treat everyone with respect and do not forget to respect yourself.

In the words of Bikram Choudhory:


Its never late to seek the renewal of your own self!

*In response to The Daily Prompt: Renewal

7 thoughts on “Renewal of Self

  1. Self renewal before the expiry is a must thing…thnkx for making it so easy to understand and pinching us with this thought so that we resolute for something more mindful 😘Keep writing

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