Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya aka Waste of Time!


I know I am late to watch this film but how i wish i had not watched it at all? After all, who likes to watch a film which has no story, no great music and not so interesting star-cast (except Alia Bhatt)

The plot of this movie is extremely mediocre where a guy falls for a girl, chases her, girl throws attitude and eventually realizes that she loves him. The story-line is pathetic. I wonder how did they manage to make a full 3 hr film on this? Entertainment factor is zero, literally! Varun needs to go back to acting school and Alia has wasted her talent over this movie, I am sure she can do better stuff.

The only interesting things are:

1 Alia Bhatt – She looks really cute in “Air Hostess” uniform

2 Seven Wonders of world in one place which is the hangout of Badrinath and Vaidehi.

3 Couple of scenes where Varun has flaunted his well toned body (the only good thing of him!)

I cant understand how this movie managed to get 3 and 3.5 ratings from renowned reviews, I will rate it only 1/5

If you have got nothing to do and are hoping to pass time watching this movie – God bless you!

16 thoughts on “Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya aka Waste of Time!

  1. The movie was entertaining and Varun is a bigger star than Alia before judging his acting skill let me mention a fact that Varun has not given a single flop till now.
    I think your taste differ because most of the people liked the film

    • Who said Varun is a bigger star? I did like him in SOTY even though it was his first film. I dont think he has done anything different since after.. while Alia has explored her talent way better than Varun. It doesnt matter how big the star is or how many hits he has had, a review is supposed to be unbaised. It is NOT compulsive that each film of big stars is a hit. And u r right… my taste differs.. i dont like to follow masses. So according to u most of the people may have liked it but i havent. And hence this review!

  2. I think u need to watch the movie again without having preconceived notions because according to me BKD has got lot more important stuff to concentrate on than just VeeDee’s well toned body to Alia’s cute looks n dimples. The director has tried to bring the backward mentality into light n the way he has written the story is just fab. Coz usually we dont see such elements in a Rom Com movie. N yes talking about the performances yes i agree Alia’s performance may not be as gud as her previous ones but thats just simply okay. Every movie she does not necessarily must be better than her previous movies. Let me address this that both Varun n Alia have done performance driven films as well as masala movies. N the Box Office really needed a Masala Entertainer from a long tym as all we were getting was art films.

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