World Water Day – 22nd March

World Water Day

I didn’t know 22nd March is celebrated as World Water Day, but, now that I came to know, I thought of sharing it with you all.

Water is such an important yet “taken for granted” thing in our life, inst it? While most of us are using water carelessly, there are many lives who are craving for a single drop of water. There are drought prone regions across the globe and people have to walk miles to fetch just one bucket of water. Can we do something for them? May be not directly, but indirectly we can, and we must! We must save water to the extent possible and use it more cautiously and make every drop count.

Below are some simple tips to save water.

  1. close the tap while you are brushing teeth
  2. do not use washing machine unless the load is full
  3. avoid using bath tub or shower daily. Instead limit your bath to a bucket or two! (Indulgence once in a while is welcome – after all who doesn’t like to relax in a bath tub with soft foam and scented candles! :))
  4. water your plants with a sprinklers rather than a water pipe.
  5. re-use water wherever possible

Reusing water is really a cleaver way to use water judiciously. For example, the water that is left over after you wash/soak in veggies for cleaning, pour it to your plants.the water that is left over after mopping the floor, use it for flushing toilets. These are just two basic examples, if you give a thought, you will come up with may more.

Let’s be more empathetic towards those who are less fortunate when it comes to the availability of water. Let’s do our bit by saving water and cautiously using it. When i say empathetic, i recall a great statement made by my husband. Many of you may not agree to it, but it just made me respect him more!

Once we were exploring some spots for an outing with friends. I happened to mention very excitedly about a water park. Pat came a reply from my husband “people are not getting water to drink and you want to play in water?” It is such a deep thought! I never visited a water park after that and never played Holi either.

I mean preaching about saving water is one thing and actually following it is a different ball game altogether!

Because we are talking about empathy here, I want to bring up another important action. Please leave some water for birds everyday in a container. Be sure that the container is not too deep or shallow and has enough rim on which the birds can rest or balance while they sip water. Many bird feeders are hanging but birds find it difficult to stay put on such hanging feeders because they cannot get a grip or cannot balance and hence cannot sip water to their heart’s content.

Let us all do our bit, without thinking whether it matters to anybody or not.

I do all of this, because it matters to me. How about you?


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