Should we really pray to God?


Praying Woman

In olden days, the quality of life was so much better than today. Human species were way more innocent and were bound by some principles of life. One of such principles is Devotion to God. Older generations were so particular about prayer timings and the rituals they should perform everyday! They could miss the breakfast for once but they would never miss performing the pooja. No wonder their prayers were always answered! Today, in 21st century how many of us believe in God?

In the effort of catching up with the fast pace of life that modernization has brought, I think we have globalized our thoughts and mannerisms as well. It could be good to adapt to the changing lifestyle in some cases but we should certainly not be compromising on some principles that may help us groom in to a better individual than a smart man. For example, it’s the need of the hour to learn and do business in the global language although we have our own mother tongue. So it is good to learn and practice that language. But only because we are prospering so much and getting so busy with our jobs we shouldn’t give up praying!

Honestly almost all of us (there is always an exception to the rule) do not pray every day. We remember God only when we face difficulties. Why so? I realized this only when I observed myself when I was going through a rough patch. And I soon realized that many people around me are just like me. If we pray to the God only once in a while why would He answer our prayers?

I do not insist that we should follow exactly what our older generations did because we obviously will not be able to take out so much time from our hectic schedules. But we should definitely be allotting some specific time to pray. Now, praying, for each one of us could mean different. Some people may visit temples every day or some may perform pooja every day. But to be very honest, I lack that discipline. I would rather do namasmaran each day. However, there should be some parameters to the activity that you perform and most importantly it should be consistent.

So many times when we face some difficult situations we always question God – “why me?” but do we ever ask Him the same question when He brings us out of that situation? May be not! Now it’s a matter of belief whether the God really helps you out of the difficult situation or you just manage on your own. But I think there is certainly some divine force that gives you the strength to come out of that situation. And for me, that force is God.

I am experiencing a lot of things that I never experienced before. When I do namasmaran I feel the peace of mind that I have never felt before. I calm down and get better insights about myself. And then, it helps me find answers to lot of questions that I always thought I want God to answer. I believe, in a way God is answering those questions.

I have just started learning. One day I am sure I will be able to connect to that divine force. Today God is answering my questions. I am sure that tomorrow he will answer my prayers.

I am a smart girl. But I want to be a better human being. And hence I want to inculcate the habit of praying. I want to be humble enough to believe that there is a supreme power who may change things for you. And it really does work, try it!

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