Who says Cartoon are only for kids?


Yeah… that’s how my face becomes when some one tells me cartoons are for kids!

Why i ask! I mean cartoons are so funny.. they make you laugh heartily (a rare occassion otherwise!). Whats wrong in liking cartoons even after you grow up?  Arent they a stress busters?

These days cartoons provide some gyan too… like my smart Minion 😍.. he comes up with such intelligent stuff…

I like cartoons and i watch them on tv, fb, youtube and any other possible medium. And i dont shy from accepting that i have fun watching them 😂😅

Does any one share my liking? Or am I the only cartoon (lover)?

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5 thoughts on “Who says Cartoon are only for kids?

  1. Cartoon aren’t only for kids, nobody says that Aditi. We all love cartoons at any age. But I’d have to admit, cartoons these days suck…what they show nowadays is pure rubbish! I miss the days of Richie Rich, scooby doo or tom n jerry, Yogi Bear, dexter etc etc

  2. I love watching cartoons as well.

    The other day I saw a lot of cartoons on ABP News. Then I switched on NDTV. Same cartoons. Then CNN-IBN, Aaj Tak and Zee News. All carrying the same cartoons.

    I was in splits, convulsed with laughter.

    Then I got bored and watched something much less funny. Tom and Jerry.

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