Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya aka Waste of Time!


I know I am late to watch this film but how i wish i had not watched it at all? After all, who likes to watch a film which has no story, no great music and not so interesting star-cast (except Alia Bhatt)

The plot of this movie is extremely mediocre where a guy falls for a girl, chases her, girl throws attitude and eventually realizes that she loves him. The story-line is pathetic. I wonder how did they manage to make a full 3 hr film on this? Entertainment factor is zero, literally! Varun needs to go back to acting school and Alia has wasted her talent over this movie, I am sure she can do better stuff.

The only interesting things are:

1 Alia Bhatt – She looks really cute in “Air Hostess” uniform

2 Seven Wonders of world in one place which is the hangout of Badrinath and Vaidehi.

3 Couple of scenes where Varun has flaunted his well toned body (the only good thing of him!)

I cant understand how this movie managed to get 3 and 3.5 ratings from renowned reviews, I will rate it only 1/5

If you have got nothing to do and are hoping to pass time watching this movie – God bless you!