Kareena Kapoor & The Fuss Around Her Pregnancy


I really admire Kareena. She is beauty personified. A great Bollywood actress and the most celebrated new mum!

Yeah, it seems like her pregnancy and delivery is not just celebrated by her but by the entire world! God… can it get more crazier?

Every second day there will be a news about Kareena. To begin with, it was the rat race of which media first confirmed about her pregnancy. Then a race to flash her pictures showing the baby bump. All taken, but it disnt stop there. Different mediums of media literally covered every single day of her each trimester. Her pregnancy was trending so much that it felt like she has been expecting from forever. Not to forget all the praises that were showered on her for walking the ramp with huge baby bump and working right till the last day of her term. Who hasnt read about her glowing skin and the perfect diet and exercise she continued through her pregnancy? Finally the D day arrived and baby Taimur was born!

Goodness gracious, he made it to headlines in first few hours of his birth. I thought all is done now but doesnt look like media is over with this fuss as yet! Just today i read in Mumbai Mirror about how Kareena has resumed her exercise routine and how strictly she is following her diet in order to lose the baby fat, not forgetting to mention the praises about how she looks even better and how she is still in a good shape post delivery!

Great job kareena! But whats wrong with the media? I mean, tell me honestly, has Kareena done something out of the world? Have no other women ever bore babies? Guys check out the construction sites, ladies working there do a lot of hardwork lifting heavy things irrespective of whether it is in the scorching heat, heavy rains or pricking cold INSPITE of which trimester of pregnancy they may be in. Now tell me, who deserves more appreciation? I have seen women, some at my workplace too (by that i mean an ordinary woman like you and I) who dont even have an inch of extra fat on them when they return from maternity. Its common. Its a process. Its a cycle. Some take long while other women are quite quick to cope up with pregnancy and post delivery changes.

I fail to understand what is it that sets these celebrities apart from normal people. Dont you think, to some extent it is us who encourage such nonsense? Or is it the media who doesnt have better news to cover?

I wouldnt be surprised if the media covers baby Taimur’s potty schedule some time soon, after all he has been a celebrity even before his birth!

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10 thoughts on “Kareena Kapoor & The Fuss Around Her Pregnancy

  1. Point to be noted!
    The problem in our society is that only the famous are covered by the media. The news that makes money and TRPs is what sells. Only what sells is shown in media.
    If a celebrity touches some object, it becomes the costliest object, even if it is something totally worthless.
    Coming to the potty schedule, if Kareena posts a pic of that on social media, maybe that too will become news.

  2. Very good observation indeed

    Especially liked the construction workers’ analogy, yes, ladies do strenuous work even during proper onset of pregnancy and with maybe one or two kids already running around them…

    And that too without dieticians and proper medical attention and facilities and all… With maybe drunk husbands and unhealthy conditions and God knows what else…

    Very good article… πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    • Thanks Pranav. Over hype really irritates me. These are the people who are born with a silver spoon in their mouths and brag for no reason. But it is what it is! Thanks to the PR agencies.. they pay the media to cover them. I have no qalms about that. What irks me is that media gets sold like that.. i mean.. wow… corporates have a vision, mission and code of conduct. Wonder what these will be to the media… or will it be there in the first place πŸ˜’

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