A Forgotten Affair – Book Review


A Forgotten Affair – by Kanchana Banerjee, was a spontaneous purchase from Crosswords when i was window shopping with my friends and i am so glad that i picked it up. Everything about this book is so nice.

I will start with the cover. The book looks very attractive with two simple flowers so close yet far from each other and that is the soul of this story.  I feel that two flowers shown on the cover represnt the two heros (Sagarika and Akash)of this story who are so close yet far away from each other because of memory loss of former. This, ofcourse, is my interpretation of the design of the cover, Kanchana may have made it with other thoughts. 😊

This book really has everything, drama, romance, suspense, thrills, friendships, failed relationships, tears, laughter… just everything! It is a story of Sagarika who meets with an accident and that wipes off her memory completely. She goes into coma for a year and her husband Rishab looks after her for that long. When she wakes from coma she doesnt remeber nobody, not her mother, not her friends, not Rishab who she had walked away from and not even Akash – her chikoo. I am not going to open much details about chikoo because that will kill the suspense in case you are planning to read this book.

Kanchana has establishes the story so well. Sagarika’s memory loss and some triggers like a particular scent and the word “cheeni” which makes her feel restless is narrated beautifully. Her frustations of not recollecting anything and anyone is penned down with lot of power. The process of Sagarika disvovering herself newly is described so well that it ruffles some emotions inside you.

I loved the relationship that is shown building between Sagarika and Akash and all the drama and suspense about how Akash helps Sagarika to make the right decisions inspite of having no memory of nothing.

It is a very gripping story and its quite different from other hunky dory love stories because although Kanchana has done a great job in describing romance very passionately, she has maintained her main plot of memory loss through out the book.

The end is realistic and very satisfying. I finished reading this book in less than 40 hours, now you can imagine how engrossing it must be.

I recommend this book to everyone because Kanchana has done a fab job of bringing all characters to life. You not only read, but you will LIVE this book.

I give this book a total 5 on 5.

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