Its a Kiss Day!

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Kiss is always special, isn’t it? And something like a KISS DAY, which happens to be today, makes it even more special! Really??

So what are we supposed to do on a Kiss Day? Go on kissing spree? Like on Rose Day, we gift roses, similarly on a Kiss Day should we be giving out kisses? That’s all I could think of this day, because I fail to understand why we need to have it a particular day to celebrate this act of love?

I think EVERYDAY is a KISS DAY because, knowingly or unknowingly we kiss someone or something everyday, don’t we?

Like, a mother kissing her baby, a man kissing his wife, friends planting a kiss on the cheek as a way of greeting, an old parent kissing the photograph of his child, a grieving soul kissing a thing he had treasured after the death of his beloved, all this happens everyday, right?

So what is this fuss about a Kiss Day? Can someone elaborate please?

Kiss reminds me of a very sweet jingle that Cadbury had used in its advertisement. You can listen it here:  Cadbury Kiss Me Jingle



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