Be Yourself And Enjoy Life!

Some days back I had been to a coffee shop with my husband. While we waited for our order to arrive something on the table across us caught my attention.

There was a family of 3, son and mom and dad. Son looked to be in his early twenties and even the parents looked quite young. Apparently the son was treating his parents for something. They had ordered a fancy waffle dessert. I loved the family for something more than their bonding. Their simplicity.

The dessert was served with fork and knife. Spoon was not provided. The son was eating the dessert by making perfect use of knife and fork. On the other hand parents couldn’t! But without a trace of embarrassment parents were using the knife and fork to the best they can. They were holding the food with knife and pulling it to cut with fork. They were doing it all wrong but one thing they were doing right was that they were enjoying their food and son’s company. They were not bothered what others are thinking. Neither did they try to make a lame attempt to use the knife and fork in the right manner.

How many of us are able to enjoy the moment so well?

2 thoughts on “Be Yourself And Enjoy Life!

  1. Very thought provoking Aditi. I love being with my family members. And if I would have been in that son’s place I would have loved it too… Would have definitely taught my parents but its so so fun to enjoy food together and having a great family time.

    You talked about good values here dear. Food for thought – for you… 😛

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