Bath Fun!

Well, it all started when i read a post called Bathroom Singer by Jotish Joseph which Savio shared some time back, and i got thinking.

While men are usually quick at taking bath, i know girls usually take at least good 20 mins for the same. I am an exception though, and as per  Jotish I would be a Gold Medalist if bathing was a part of Olympics because i take just 3 mins. 😀

What i cant understand is why would one take more time than that for a bath?? I mean, i can understand if there was a bath tub and all, but the pigeon holes that most Mumbaikars stay in and the scarcity of water that we face, such luxury is impossible. Then, what is it that makes bathing so lengthy?

May be girls just watch themselves and admire their own beauty before even starting to bathe? So, probably they admire themselves for 15 mins and bathe in 5 mins? Or may be they practice pouting secretly? No wonder they pose for a picture with a perfect pout! If I try to pout it looks more like a dog face may be! 😦

Or may be they think about how many calories they must consume through the day? May be a little more intelligent girls could be thinking about the repo rate and reverse repo rates. Some “future Sunidhi Chauhan in making” could be working on the perfecting their singing skills.

Could some be trying to make snake and rabbit using the shadow of their hands? Oh yes, they could be making hearts like that… its sort of YO these days to pose with a heart made from your own hands. :O May be some could be counting the number of hair strands that turned white? Or may be just lather up the soap and blow bubbles?

I don’t know – Why a bath can require more than 5 mins? Do you know??

PS: This post is made on a lighter note and does not intend any gender discrimination or ill feeling/offence towards female species. Take it with a pinch of salt! 🙂


28 thoughts on “Bath Fun!

  1. A reblog has just produced a post form you! Let me start by saying that this shows how much of a pondering individual you are. Creating a post out of a rare passing by thought is a real talent. Coming to the post, it was amazing. I too keep looking in the mirror admiring myself but fortunately in my hostel there’s no mirror in the bathroom (that definitely saves time). Finally, I can’t guarantee you an Olympic gold for bathing but from the small but significant interaction with you I know how wonderful a person you are! 😊 Special thanks for letting me know the name of the person who started it all, Savio!

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