Know Yourself!


Most of us are happy to meet new people, know new people, but, how many of us are happy to meet our-self?

Actually, do we even meet our-self much? I am sure that the answer from most of you is NO!

We are so engrossed in being good in other’s  eyes that we almost forget that we have to be good to our-self too. We do so many things because it is expected out of us, because someone else wants us to do it, because it is our “responsibility” or because it is supposed to be done for whatever reason.

When a person is young, he does what his parents say. When he start schooling, he does what teachers say. When he gets married, he does what his spouse and family says. We are so busy living life for others that we often forget what we want.

Just imagine, growing old and abandoned and not having your own opinion about any damn thing only because you lived your whole life per other’s opinion. What would you do? Wouldn’t it be difficult to survive without getting anybody’s guidance?

Take a break from your so called life and peek within, see what you like to do, want to do. Know yourself better. Make friends with yourself. Understand yourself. And more importantly, love yourself. If you are able to do so, life can never throw a question that you cannot answer, you will never have dependency on other’s guidance. Your inner voice gives you the best guidance. Activate that inner voice within you.

Nurture yourself and grow strong.

via Daily Prompt: Center

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