The Fear of Unknown


Lot of times we get an intution or a gut feeling that something is  going to go wrong but we are just not able to make out what.

It leaves you restless and you become more and more anxious to know what is it that is going to go wrong. What is it that you are afraid of.

Does it happen to you? I experience it lot of times. I will share a recent example.

Since couple of weeks i was getting afraid  of sitting in my own car while my husband drove. I would panic if speeded up. The worst was when we had gone for a night drive to the town side, i made him stop the car and hopped to the back seat. I could not handle the fear i was going through that time. My cousin was with us and she laughed her heart out and my husband dismissed my behaviour as one of many irrational things i do.

This fear continued until sunday night when a truck dashed our car breaking entire bumper and cutting through the door to the passanger seat.

My husband is a very catious driver and there was no way he could have let this happen because of him. But who could control the truck which was parallel to us?

By God’s grace both of us escaped without a single scratch but our car is severly damaged.

I am calm from within now. The doom has passed by. I dont feel that unknown fear now.

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18 thoughts on “The Fear of Unknown

  1. Nobody loves to be part of an accident knowingly, but they still happen, but fear is something dangerous too, you know,”Jo dar Gaya woh mar Gaya!”
    My mother is the same, she gets very nervous when my father drives!

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