Take a Bow Indian Army!


Hats off to the Indian Army to execute a bold decision of Surgical Strike across the border and a big applaud to the the decision maker!

Dear Indian Army,

We are too worthless to even comment upon the job you did, but we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts to protect us. We will do our bit by keeping you in our prayers – exactly what a mediocre common man can do. But please be informed that we indeed value your courage and are extremely indebted to you.

Best wishes,
Indian Citizen.

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15 thoughts on “Take a Bow Indian Army!

  1. The way I see it, isn’t this a revenge of what they did to us? [yes, what they did was wrong] We go and do the same thing to them and destroy them [agree they deserved even worse treatment] but that puts both of us in the same boat, isn’t it?
    Its just my way of looking at it…

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  3. hey i just wanted to say that m really very much touched by ur writeups and ur words are so magical the way u write is so heart touching umm so just thought to know more abt u

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