Happy Diwali!


I am so happy because my favorite festival begins today, Yes… Diwali begins today. Almost from a week prior to Diwali I start surfing on happy waves and why not? The atmosphere is so cheerful and colorful. Each street that you walk down if full with display of beautiful lanterns, colorful twinkling lights over trees, shops and what not, rangoli vendors selling rangoli colors in abundance and beautiful earthen diyas!

The streets are all crowded with shoppers going insane with festive shopping. Lot of preparation of “pharal” (yummy snacks) at home which happens only on this festival, lot of gifts, lot of family and friends get-togethers, lot of decorations in the house…and the list goes on!

Most of us look forward to this festival for all the above reason and we truly enjoy and relax during these festive holidays. When we were young, our granny and sometimes our parents wouldl tell us stories to teach us significance of each day of Diwali. We were lucky to have that enlightenment but I feel sad for today’s generation who doesn’t know about Diwali beyond holidays, celebration, gifts and crackers.

I am going to do my bit by sharing significance of each day of Diwali on my blog. I encourage you to share my posts and pass on the information to your children, friends and relatives in order to preserve our tradition.

Let’s come together for this festival and celebrate it by exchange of knowledge about each other’s traditions. Watch out this place for more details

Wishing you all a Very Happy Diwali!!! Have a eco -friendly Diwali.

This Diwali don’t burst crackers, burst a sorrow. Help a needy soul and spread smiles.

Would love to hear from you how you celebrate this festival.

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