A Simple Gift (Bloggers Marathon Challenge – Day2)

Here comes my post for Day2 of Bloggers Marathon Challenge! You can read about this challenge here

Today’s post is a small poem I had spontaneously scribbled for my friend when she had complained that I didn’t gift her anything on her birthday. It is a very simple poem and if I recollect correctly, it was penned down about 20 years ago!! Do let me know how you like it….


Since long I was searching a gift for you

As delicate as dew

As beautiful as you

But things were not new

All of those were there with you

Thus I thought why I shouldn’t gift you

Some good words which are few

So here I make an attempt to be a poetess

To praise your nature and highness

But there are no words that can describe you

All that I can say is “Friends like you are very few!”

Please be who YOU are

Whether you stay near or far

May God shower success and smiles on you

And health and prosperity too!

I may or may not be there tomorrow

But will pray to God to keep you away from the sorrow

You are very dear to me, my friend

Here are the good wishes that I wanted to send!

Hope you don’t forget me ever

So that our friendship shall end never!



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