So Mean…. Very Selfish! (Blogger Marathon Challenge – Day 3)


Its not very uncommon that we find someone uttering “Oh God” when something goes wrong… the thing that goes wrong could be as small as missing a shot while you are playing carrom.. or may be you see someone from whom you r trying to run away!

But it would indeed be very uncommon to see someone thanking god when something good happens. I mean we do say “thank God!” but lets be honest.. we use those words only as words which lack the faith which is there somewhere deep inside our hearts. ironically, the same faith strongly comes out when we are in trouble. 

Why so?
Why are we so mean? why are we so selfish?

We pray a lot (read as beg) when we are in trouble and where does the devotion disapper when things are all fine?  We easily are done with it by saying a small “thank God!” or may be by making some offering to the God like flowers, agarbattis, prashad and what not.

And when i say we pray… it actually means we tell God to do things the way we want. We demand so much, infact we demand everything! It is said that “God helps those who help themselves” but i dont find it to be true. In fact, today,we act as if we r lame and ask every small thing from God. We do almost nothing on our own and still God actually helps us! How fair is that? And even then God is so giving… so generous… and we still whine…

And when our prayers are not answered, or things dont turn out the way we wanted to, we easily put the blame on Him saying that its all his wish!

Arent we mean, very selfish?
We certaily are!!!

Disclaimer – Above is my personal perception and observation about many people around me. There is no intention of hurting sentiments of any person and this post is not suggestive of decision making whether to worship God or no.

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