Game is on the Cards! (Bloggers Marathon Challenge – Day 1)

Hello Friends, I have been nominated for Bloggers Marathon by my dear friend Pooja. Thank you Pooja for introducing me to this challenge! Its a fantabulous idea where the nominee shall publish (at least) one post every day for 7 days in a row. There is no restriction on the number of words or the topic that you want to write on.

The only rule is to nominate fellow bloggers. So here I nominate:

Nikhil, Sayeda, Shreya, Sonia and Ishita

Here is my first post in this Marathon:


Game is on the Cards!

None of us will disagree if I say that today’s generation (including us) is addicted to mobile. The young children including us no longer play games like we did. Thankfully technology bubble was not as big then and the virtual games were just beginning to appear. Hence we could play and enjoy real games like hide and seak, goldspot, chor police, badminton, cricket, football, carom, cards and what not. And today kids play all of these games, but on mobile, video game or X Box!

We can’t really blame the kids because they do what they are exposed to. And unfortunately, we fail to show them how important these real games are. In fact, we ourselves have succumbed to the addiction of gadgets, mobile phone in particular. Today, mobile phone has replaced everything, alarm clock, music player, camera, play grounds, drawing paper, books and the list continues. And the day is not too far when it will replace people too!

So to burst this technology bubble in our small way, I and a group of my friends have consciously decided to stay away from mobile for one hour each day. Every evening while we are returning home in company provided bus, we do not touch our mobile phones. Do you think it is difficult? Naahh… not really!

Normally this is the time when most of the colleagues choose to catch up with their loved ones on phone, Whats App, listen to music, watch movies or play games on the mobile. While it is alright to do so what needs to be understood here is that all this is making them isolated. It’s a lot more fun to play game in groups than playing alone on a mobile phone.

I and my friends play cards every evening while we are travelling in bus and it is so much fun! We enjoy so much that unknowingly we behave like small kids. Dialogues like “Aye tune cheating kiya, me nahi khelungi” or “Yeda hi kya.. itna bhi nahi samajhta” and arguments like “You are wrong, go get a life!” are so common. I mean, imagine a set of people working in a Corporate office, dressed in formals and doing all this! Hilarious, isn’t it? Our favourite game is Mendhi Coat and we play in a group of four or six. It goes without saying that the partners are chosen in advance so as to facilitate “cheating” J. Each time a player puts a wrong card or makes a silly mistake he is applauded with a comment “Case Study banaya” meaning that the mistake he made was so silly that it will serve as a case study for the people who are at the beginner’s level of this game.

We make so much noise with our shrieks and screams of joy or disgust depending on how the game is going that other colleagues could be really thinking of us of a gang who escaped asylum, but trust me it is SO MUCH FUN. And isn’t this a baby step of conserving real games a good effort? We get to be kids once again every day, although for just an hour but isn’t it something really interesting?

So, do you also want to become a kid once again? Then quit virtual games and play the real games…

6 thoughts on “Game is on the Cards! (Bloggers Marathon Challenge – Day 1)

  1. So true that people today are moving away from real games and are hooked to mobile games. In fact children play outdoor games like football on their phones only. Good to know that you guys have took up to cards.

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