Mood Reflectors

Mood Swings

I clearly remember that as a child I was quiet moody. Even now you will still find some traces of moodiness in me but a little maturity that I have got with age tells me to be calm and “normal” irrespective of what mood I am carrying within.

But the mood does get reflected in some way or the other. I call these the mood reflectors!

  • Food:

The most important and obvious mood reflector for me is Food. The food that I cook is easily hampered if I am not in a good mood. And not being in a good mood doesn’t always mean being sad, my food is hampered even when I am sick, lazy or late for work! Now you can imagine how many times a week my poor husband must be getting hampered food to eat.. 🙂 On the other hand, the food turns out so well when I am excited for cooking, or I am very happy for some reason or I have had enough and comfortable sleep the previous night.

  • Talk/Chatter: 

The manner in which I talk is a clear indicator of my mood. While I can’t be rude just because I am not in a good mood I can be uncomfortably quiet. And being quiet is some sort of disease for someone like me who can talk and chitchat for 24 hrs a day. It makes others feel the discomfortJ. I can be brutally “to the point” with conversations minus sugar coating and a soothing tone that I normally carry and that’s a clear indication that I am not in good mood. My behavior can be very cold and indifferent and that’s something that no one likes!

  • Eyes:

How much ever I try to conceal my mood with a smile on my face; eyes always give out the truth. My eyes will look sad and full of water all set to overflow…. 😉 Tears are a great way to change the mood. I feel extremely light and relaxed after shedding some! (Tip: Kajal of Kohol comes handy to hide this reflector)

  • Banging things: 

It’s the worst reflector and I try not to given in to this one! But what happens when I am full of anger and there is no way to vent it out? I go straight to the kitchen and bang some utensils under the pretense of keeping them in their own place. Now, if you ever visit my kitchen and see no glass crockery, you know the reason! 😉 Sometimes, I spare the untensil and go straight to my bedroom, bang the door behind me and lock myself in. I step out only when I calm down.

  • Writing/Scribbling: 

This is the most nonviolent and creative reflector of my mood. Most of my articles are inspired by my mood. Now keep guessing what my mood was when I scribbled this post! 😛

Do you suffer from mood swings too? What are your mood reflectors?

5 thoughts on “Mood Reflectors

  1. You seem to be in a good mood. 🙂 I am not as moody as I used to be, but yes, I do feel irritated a lot sometimes. Fortunately, it doesn’t last. Lovely write up. 🙂

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