A Weekend Well Spent!


The weekend that went by was by far the best one in 2016-17. Because, i did NOTHING!!

I only slept and slept more and some more. Then i woke up.. and slept after some time… continued sleeping.. and slept even more. Then i repeated this cycle innumerable times over two days!

You dont believe it? Well, then you have to vouch it from my husband! I think being sick with fever and cold for the entire week and not getting an off from work had tired me to no extent. On top of that, monthend closing! Yeah, if any accountant is reading this blog he would know my pain! For us, monthends are the peak times of work when we have to put it anywhere between 14 to 16 hrs of work apart from 3 hrs commute to and fro the workplace! Hell, yes, that was enough to knock me down.

And this weekend was a very well deserved one! 😊 Hope you guys had a lovely weekend too!!

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