The Child in ME

On this special occassion of Children’s Day I am going to initiate a tag on WP. I dont know if this one already exists but this one is straight out of my mind. It is called The Child In ME! No matter how old we grow, we do have a child inside us and its not often we set that child free. This tag will help you awaken that child in you. You can keep going with tag even after Children’s Day.

So ready? Here’s what you have to do.

1) Paste your childhood picture and describe something about it (if you remember)


This is my picture with all my first cousins. I am second frim the right. We had probably all gathered at grandma’s place and that was when the picture was taken. Not sure though!

2) Share a childhood memory
Well, there are many but this one is my favourite. My dad has had sensitive teeth all his life. So what i and my sister used to do was to freez some grapes for a few hours. Once they were hard enough we would wash them to remove any ice crystals on them and make them look like fresh-just-out-of-the-fridge grapes and offer a handful to dad. He would pop one in his mouth and the first bite he would take would really run chills through his teeth which would show on his face. And that was the moment we kids would wait for!! Silly us… would run away from him clapping, laughing and dancing. πŸ™‚

3) Write about a child like habbit you still persue.
I love some kiddy food like cream biscuits (JimJam is my fav), if you are 80’s kids you will know about Peppy and Uncle Chips – absolute fav till date!!!

4) Nominate Children πŸ™‚
I nominate Savio, Preeti Singh, Pooja Mhatre, Girllandworld, Panya129 and Sonali Mukharjee. All other children reading this tag are welcome to participate and tag more children

So, bring on the child that is hidden deep inside you!!

Happy Children’s day to All!!

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25 thoughts on “The Child in ME

  1. Wow! Childhood memories? Really Aditi..? I don’t think I remember anything…and pics? I would have to go through some old albums. This might take some time πŸ™‚
    Btw good work! and you looked cute when you were small. I looked cute too… and then the growing up happened πŸ˜‰ blaaaaaahhhhhh
    Happy Children’s day, you’re still a kid btw in a bigger body… lol

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