My First Experience with Uber


The other day i left late from work because of a telepresence. My colleague and I decided to book an Uber cab (paid taxi service) for our journey back home. She quickly booked us on a sharing Uber cab and the cab was expected in 5 mins. That was quick,wasnt it?

While the journey was quite comformtable considering safe driving that the drive was doing what annoyed me the most was what happened after that.

We were 3 in the cab and had dropped off the third guy already and soon my colleague was also going to alight. Since i was the last person to be dropped, she asked if i could pay for both of us. I asked her how i would kow how much the fare is because she had booked this cab and the meter fare would be intimated to her mobile number. Being a super fan of Uber that she is, she said i need not worry and that the driver will tell me how much to pay.

Going by her past experience, i sort of fully trusted Uber services. The driver was well behaved and good to interact with. As soon as the journey ended he said i had to pay 260 Rs. I did so and gladly  entered home and straight away crashed into my bed.. it was 11 pm!

Next morning when i woke up rubbing my eyes.. i see a Whatsapp from this colleague of mine at 11.02 pm saying that the total fare was 140 Rs. I was shocked!! I asked her if it was for each one of us but she said it was for the whole trip she had booked which includes 2 seats.

I was like, wow!! Hats off to the prsence of mind of that driver who picked up from our conversation that i know nothing about Uber and easily fooled me for a double the fare!

My colleague tried calling customer care but in vain since no numbers that their website flashed were valid. The only way to reagister a complaint  through their app, same like how u book the cab!

Weird as it is, you do not receive any acknowledgement or a service request number after you register a complaint. Apparently they set it off against your next booking. We are hoping to recieve a credit on next trip. Let’s see how it turns out to be.

I am almost certain about not using Uber in future, mainly for two reasons 1) Dishonesty 2) Unsafe – Any organisation which does not have a registered office (at least not that i know of), provides fake information on their website (customer care numbers) and does not provide any acknowledgement for your complaints is absolutely unsafe for me!

Have you ever used Uber? How was your experience?

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9 thoughts on “My First Experience with Uber

    • Right so… but if you are a frequent traveller you need to think about the fare too… these guys charge you way too less compared to autos… but yes.. safety first!

  1. I am in chandigarh from past 3 years and continuously use uber. I don’t pay by cash ever and even if I was charged wrongly, I write an email to uber and they refund me the deducted amount.

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