Weekend Indulgence

With strawberries dominating the season still, here is a very tempting dessert presented by Sweet Tonic.



A mouth watering mix of fresh cream and ice cream topped with tangy strawberries is very very tempting. Smoothness of the cream and just perfect sweetness makes this dessert enjoyable unlike it’s counterparts which are very sweet. The portion is sufficient for two (unless you have a really huge appetite for desserts) and it is fairly priced at around Rs. 250

Anyone, be it a kid or an old man can relish this dessert and pamper the tastebuds. It makes a great treat to enjoy some lovey dovey conversations with the “special one” 😍 over Strawberry Fresh Cream

So all the all the dessert fans and strawberry lovers out there, this one is a must try for you!

Another super awesome dessert from Super Tonic!

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7 thoughts on “Weekend Indulgence

  1. It’s also a good diet.

    Everybody knows cream comes from milk and milk is good for diet.

    And strawberries are also good for diet.

    And ice comes from water which has zero calories.

    So strawberry ice cream is a good diet.


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