Like A Love Song – Book Review

Like a Love Song

My friend Pooja gifted this book to me on my birthday and it was such a lovely gift I tell you!

Like a Love Song is a love story authored by Nikita Singh and she has done a good job. I had never read Nikita’s work before and this book set a good opinion about her in my mind.

The story is all about Mahi’s life, dream and the people important to her in her life. It is all about how she gets dumped and fucked up her life. Nikita has penned down Mahi’s first relationship to a great detail. She has perfectly captured the attitude a 17 yr old would carry. She has portrayed Mahi beautifully. I could see myself in her in bits and portions and I am sure you will relate to her too. She is more of a live person than a character in the story.

I liked the fact that she has shown the protagonist as one little kid who messes up her life, drops out of college, fucks her relationships and almost destroys her dream. It all feels so real unlike other novels where the lead character is “know it all” kinds with great looks and super brains.

The entire story is knitted together against a plot of Mahi’s relationships and dreams. It is interesting to unfold Mahi’s life and Nikita has done a great job in keeping reader’s interest alive till the end. It does get boring in between when Mahi is shown hell bent on dropping out of college the second time, this time to chase her dream. But i think such things could be happening  in reality.

I loved the intensity with which Nikita has narrated the “post breakup” Mahi (the first time) and all her efforts to put herself together. It will really move you. Another powerful narration is towards the end of the story where Mahi has blown out practically everything that was important to her like her family, best friend, her love and most importantly her dream. You will really feel bad to see her in that state.

The falling in and falling out of the love will consume you, it consumed me at least because I hate to see personal relationships falling apart even in movies and novels. I personally think the end could have been better because I believe in happy endings but yeah, life is not always that kind and Nikita has captured that really well.

I think Nikita could have done a better job for describing “falling in love again” phase of Mahi. She did show her inhibitions but i feel should could have elaborated more on that and shown how slowly yet beautifully she enters the world of love again, rather than jumping in love after a small phase of holding to inhibitions.

All in all, its a good book. There is no moment of “what a crap story” or “it is so boring” but there are no moments of a great high either, apart from some power pact pieces i already mentioned.

Over all Rating: 3.5/5

P.S: I loved the character of Laila in this book :). Do read this book to find out more about Laila and Mahi.


A Forgotten Affair – Book Review


A Forgotten Affair – by Kanchana Banerjee, was a spontaneous purchase from Crosswords when i was window shopping with my friends and i am so glad that i picked it up. Everything about this book is so nice.

I will start with the cover. The book looks very attractive with two simple flowers so close yet far from each other and that is the soul of this story.  I feel that two flowers shown on the cover represnt the two heros (Sagarika and Akash)of this story who are so close yet far away from each other because of memory loss of former. This, ofcourse, is my interpretation of the design of the cover, Kanchana may have made it with other thoughts. 😊

This book really has everything, drama, romance, suspense, thrills, friendships, failed relationships, tears, laughter… just everything! It is a story of Sagarika who meets with an accident and that wipes off her memory completely. She goes into coma for a year and her husband Rishab looks after her for that long. When she wakes from coma she doesnt remeber nobody, not her mother, not her friends, not Rishab who she had walked away from and not even Akash – her chikoo. I am not going to open much details about chikoo because that will kill the suspense in case you are planning to read this book.

Kanchana has establishes the story so well. Sagarika’s memory loss and some triggers like a particular scent and the word “cheeni” which makes her feel restless is narrated beautifully. Her frustations of not recollecting anything and anyone is penned down with lot of power. The process of Sagarika disvovering herself newly is described so well that it ruffles some emotions inside you.

I loved the relationship that is shown building between Sagarika and Akash and all the drama and suspense about how Akash helps Sagarika to make the right decisions inspite of having no memory of nothing.

It is a very gripping story and its quite different from other hunky dory love stories because although Kanchana has done a great job in describing romance very passionately, she has maintained her main plot of memory loss through out the book.

The end is realistic and very satisfying. I finished reading this book in less than 40 hours, now you can imagine how engrossing it must be.

I recommend this book to everyone because Kanchana has done a fab job of bringing all characters to life. You not only read, but you will LIVE this book.

I give this book a total 5 on 5.

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Such Is Life!


How true is that? Most of the times we always crib and complain about how hard or unfair the life is, but we forget that there are people who are more unfortunate than us. There are people who are in much more miserable state than us.

Treat life wisely, appreciate what it has given you. If you are cursing it for the hardships it has given you, then you are going to hear those curses for yourself in an echo.

Instead, thank God for blessing you with all the good things and comforts. If we start counting  we had realize that good things actually out number the bad ones. Its up to us what we should focus on! Its up to us whether to fill in our life with positive attitude or pour in negative feelings all the time.

Lou Holtz  had got it right. He says:

“Life is 10% what happens to you & 90% how you respond to it”

I take your leave with this food for thought today. Any comments/opinions are appreciated.

Have a nice day!



The Longest Two Minutes Ever!


One of our colleagues and her husband are the victims of the Robinson R44 chopper that crashed in Aarey Colony on December 11, 2016. They are survived by their 2 years old son and parents.

The longest two minutes of my life were today when we observed silence in the memory of our colleagues who passed away on 24th December because of the chopper crash.

Two minutes which otherwise are so quick to pass seemed to be an eternity because it was so difficult to reason and accept what has happened. My mind was cluttered with so many questions like, why this had to happen? why life is so unfair? Could it be God’s mistake to take these young souls away? Will their toddler even have any memory of them? Whose mistake was it? What their parents must be going through?

All the memories of her flashed through my mind in those two minutes. We used to board the same bus everyday and on many evenings we would walk home together until we reach her house. It never mattered if some day i didn’t see her in the bus because i trusted that she would be back the next day. But it is so hard to believe that I am not going to see her ever again! It never mattered if I didn’t speak to her in office, a smile and a Hi would just be fine, but it is so hard to accept that I will never get to smile at her again! The worst feeling is nothing can be reversed now  and the deepest regret will be that I could not do anything for her!

Life can be unfair. Be good, do good – Today! You may never get another chance.

Gone from our sight, but never from our Hearts – Brinda you will always be remembered.

The Clock of Life

This is one of my favorite poems. The origin and the poet of this poem if disputed. Some say that the source is unknown while others believe that Robert Smith has penned this down. Whoever wrote this has created a masterpiece!

This poem is short but gives a very important message. Read it with a calm mind and I am sure it will leave an impact on you. This poem changed a lot of things in my life. One thing being valuing people around me! I have become quite modest and soft spoken and I have learnt to place myself in other’s shoe before forming an opinion.

The Clock of Life


The poem rightly says that we get life only once and nobody has the power to tell when would be our last day. This truth is so scary! Yeah, it is very very scary for me because there are n number of things that I keep pushing away to another day just because I don’t feel it is important enough to do it today and just imagine, what shall happen if I don’t have a tomorrow??

The poem further talks about how important it is to not allow losing the soul. It says that it is sad to lose wealth, even worse to lose health but worst is to lose the soul. And in today’s materialistic world, unfortunately the importance of these three words has been reversed. Almost all of us are running after money today and to make money we make lot of (so called) compromises! The lifestyle that we have today is extremely hazardous to our health but do we really care? We just want to make more money and we can overlook our health for that. There are no fewer examples of those who sell their souls to make money. More often than not, we are standing at the edge of morals and (worldly) duties and we often end up choosing duties over morals for whatever reasons. A very common example is bribing an official to sign a certificate. While we do so, we may not think it is a big deal, but if we do a moral check, it indeed is a big deal! I came across a clever photograph that emphasizes this part of the poem

Rotten Soul

The poet rightly says that whatever we own is just TODAY. Hence, live to the fullest, love as much as you can, make maximum efforts to achieve your goals, and make your dreams come true. Don’t lie back and keep these things for tomorrow, because there may never be a tomorrow!!

One example common to almost all of us is a fight with our dear one. All us have had that ugly fight once in the lifetime at least. But what I learnt from this poem is that it is very important to mend the fight – how much ever ugly or petty it is. Also, I learnt that  – Never be too harsh with your words because for all you know, those could be the last words that you ever say to that person. Just imagine how much it will hurt you if a dear one passes away without hearing that sorry from you for all the fights and harsh words that you may have said to him! The thought itself is so heart wrenching.

All that we have is present and we must make the best use of it. Be good, do good. Make a significant contribution to someone else’s life. Help those in need. Share your wealth and goodies with those who are less fortunate. Appreciate others. Respect others. Value relations. And you must do all this TODAY!

All of us know the meaning and implication of this poem but most of us conveniently put it behind us and wear a mask of practicality and take life for granted.

Friends, I hope I was able to reiterate the importance of being good TODAY at least in a small way. There is a lot we can learn from this poem.

I wish you good luck for the first day of the rest of your life!