10 Things I believe in


I came across a post like this which one of my blogger friends had posted and I got thinking, “What are the things that I believe in?” Here’s what I zeroed down on. I think these are the core things which make me and shape me!

1) God: He is the creator & destroyer and I am a totally God fearing person. I share a unique relationship with God where sometimes I talk to Him like a friend and at other times like a lost child seeking directions. From cribbing and  demanding reasons for my hardships to thanking him for giving me strength to fight difficulties, my relationship with Him has matured over a period of time.

2) Love: Oh my, who doesn’t believe in Love? For me,  love is something that keeps me alive. It is very essential for me to see and feel love around me – EVERYDAY! I make sure I get my share of love and pampering – be it from my mom or husband! Love can make you do things which you can never imagine.

3) Karma: All of us have hear “Karma is a bitch” haven’t we? But why blame karma when we ourselves are not doing right things. I totally believe that what you give comes back to you (in multiples). I have lived this idiom a lot of times in good as well as bad ways. For me, Karma has been the best teacher so far.

4) Spirits: I believe in Spirits and with all due respect to all of them, may I say I have felt them around lot of times. Spooky, isn’t it?

5) Destiny: There are no two ways about this one! Like it is mentioned in Bhagwad Gita – “Samay se pehle aur bhagya se adhik kissi ko kuch nahi milta” meaning – No one gets nothing more than what he is destined for and before the right time arrives.

6) Good Omen/Bad Omen: Yeah, you can call me superstitious, but I do believe in certain Omens! Like, fluttering of right eye, sight of a certain bird etc

7) Spiritual Healing: It has worked for me like a magic wand and hence I propagate this to many who are in need. It’s a different story that not many buy it, but their luck! 2 books which helped me incline towards Spiritual Healing are The Laws of the Spirit World by Khorshed Bhavnagri and Only Love is Real by Dr Brian Weiss.

8) My family: My Family is the rock and the pillar for me. Can’t imagine if I had have any value or existence without them. Family will always be a priority.

9) Positive Thinking: Yes, I completely believe in positive thinking. Many define it as wishful thinking but why not? I totally profess positive thinking because it creates positive vibes around me. And it keeps me happy! J I hate people who negate things in the first go – without even trying to evaluate the probability of the result.

10) Relationships: Relationships are like llifeline, aren’t they? One sour relationship and whole of your life is impacted. I try my best to care for the relationships that I have. What I want to learn is reviving the sour relationships.

These 10 things carve out my life! In Karen Moning’s words:

“It’s what you choose to believe that makes you the person you are”