Let’s Quote a Quote # 6

This is indeed an apt quote for today 🤣 I am 5 hrs late to post the quote for the day… but better late than never, right?


Let’s Quote a Quote # 5


What an intelligent quote this is, isn’t it? We unnecessarily set very high expectations from self and others, and then crib and complain when those expectations are not met!

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Let’s Quote a Quote # 4

Charlie Chaplin

This quote needs no introduction! These are golden words of Sir Charlie Chaplin and it is so true!

Do you remember when was the last time you laughed till your stomach ached or tears rolled down your cheeks? Ever noticed how heartily the kids laugh and ever wondered why you can’t? How many days of your life go by without a good laughter?

Do we forget to laugh really as we grow old? Are we wasting most of our days? Think about it!


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Let’s Quote A Quote #3

This is one quote that keeps me going in difficult times.

So often we feel “This is it… it is over!” Or something like “I can’t do more.. I give up” but seldom do we know that we have overcome the toughest phase and a new beginning is waiting for us.

Don’t be disheartened with failures. Failures usually result into great transformation. Don’t die as a caterpiller, fly as a butterfly!

Let’s Quote a Quote # 2


I just love this quote for its simplicity and depth. It gives out the secret of a happy marriage in just a few words.

No person is perfect. Everyone comes with some flaws. And marriage is all about accepting your partner with all his flaws. While one may continue to complain about the flaws of the spouse and insist on rectifying them, it makes more sense to accept your spouse for who and what he/she is.

After all, isn’t love all about accepting flaws and not minding it? Marriage is no different!

Let’s Quote a Quote #1

This is my most favourite quote. This is apparently a tweaked version of the original one but I like this nonetheless!

So often we crib about how unfair the life has been. We constantly complain about how we have to suffer and prolong the feeling of “self pitty” mode. We focus so much on the difficulties life hurls at us that we seldom do realise that we can make life beautiful in spite of these difficulties.

Life may give us something short. Its natural to have that “Why Me??” Kind of a feeling but we often get blind in sympathy for self. Instead, we must accept what life has thrown to us. If we look around we will see many who are in a worse condition than us. There will be some who are doing far better. Why not catch hold of them and make your life better? Why not forget about your hardships and focus on good deeds these better people have done. We shall definitely learn a thing or two! We shall surely enrich our life.

Another perspective is, while life has given you something short, there is definitely something that it has given you in abundance. Why not celebrate that instead of crying over shortfalls. In this case, it’s us who has lemons as well as vodka, what we must learn is to party, to enjoy life more than cribing.

Crying over misfortune is easy but gathering yourself and facing life with a smile is very courageous! Never take life too seriously, you will never come out alive!

Make a lemonade, have a Vodka and party hard! Life is not bad!!

Do share your version of this quote, i had be happy to know!

Let’s Quote A Quote Week

Let’s Quote a Quote!


Hello everyone! Hope the first day of the week is treating you well!

This week I am going to share my favorite quotes. I really like quotes, you know. Those are not just words but real life experience of someone. I am going to try and put down my experience or the reason why I like a particular quote. Starting today until coming Sunday (24th Feb) , I shall be sharing one quote every evening.

All of you are welcome to share your quotes and experience. Let’s Quote a Quote!!

Reminder Of Love <3

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Happy Family

Love is so common, isn’t it? It is all around us. But why do we still need a reminder of love? Do read my thoughts!

It was a normal morning like any other day. Pihu woke up at 5.30 am, made tiffins for her children, woke them up, bathed them, dressed them up, pulled them to the bus-stop and off they went in school bus after planting a kiss on her cheek. A morning cannot be any different for someone having two kids who are born only 2 years apart! Most of the times Pihu felt like they are twins only! 🙂

Pihu was a young mother. Got married at 23, first son was born at 25 and the second daughter was born at 27. Now she was 30 and completely in the “mother” mode. Her kids were here priority, even her husband Parag had to take a back seat. Parag was 8 years older than Pihu, but he had fallen for this beauty in spite of the age difference. After all, Pihu was someone who was adored by almost everyone. He had approached his parents and expressed his wish to get married to Pihu. Parents agreed at once since Pihu’s family was known to them and they too adored Pihu like everybody else. When Pihu’s family was approached for wedding, Pihu was only 21 and hence Pihu’s mom had suggested that they can get engaged but wedding should take place only after Pihu completes MBA that she was pursuing at that time. Both the families agreed and the rest is history. Pihu and Parag were a happy couple with two kids. Their family was complete and perfect. Parag being a lot older than Pihu always extented lot of understanding and empathy towards Pihu and their relationship.

Pihu called up her mother-in-law as soon as she reached office. It was a routine call. She would call her everyday and just let her know that kids went to school, all 4 of them are doing fine, everybody has had breakfast and would also remind her for her medicines. This was the only way to stay in touch after Pihu and Parag had to relocate to Mumbai from Bangalore a year ago. All this for the career opportunity Parag had got. Pihu’s mother-in-law was an immense strength to her and hence it was natural to find ways to be in touch. Although the call was routine, there was something special about today’s call

Pihu: “Hello…Maa, I reached office.

Ma: “That’s great, sharp at 8.30. Looks like kids didnt trouble you this morning”

Pihu: “No Maaa… Poor little creatures, I feel bad to drag them to school bus like that”

Ma: “Koi nahi beta. That’s how kids learn. Accha, baccho ko tiffin to diya hain na?”

Pihu: “Haaaaaa… Maaaaaa, mere bacchon ko diya, apke bache ko diya aur me khud bhi tiffin leke ayi hu. Hum sab ne nashta kiya hain, aap bhi kuch kha lo, zyada der mat karna. Parag ko yaad dilaya hi ki raat ke khane ke liye ghar hi aye, office me zyada der na karein….. (Pihu started reciting deliy answers to the daily questions of ma)

Ma: “Bas.. bas.. badmash, do baccho ki ma ho gayi phir bhi mere chinta karne par meri tang khichti hain. Ma apne baccho ki chinta kiye bagair reh sakti hain kya??”

Pihu: “Maaaaaaaaaaaa, aap bhi na! Chalo, abhi me rakhti hu. Raat ko baccho se baat karwati hu.”

Ma: “Are aaj raat to tum log ka kuch plan hoga na… Bahar ja rahe ho to zyada der mat karna. Aur kisi acche jaga par hi dinner karna. Thele pe mat khana, baccho ka pet kharab hota hain”

Pihu: “Nahi Ma, aaj koi plan nahi hain. Aaj kya special hain?”

Ma: “Valentine Day! Bhool gayi?”

Pihu: “Kya Ma aap bhi… Valentine day abhi yaad bhi nahi rehta. Kisko time hain? Waise… aapka aur papa ka kya plan hain??” (Pihu asks in a very naughty way)

Ma: “Chup badmash! Humari koi umar hain Valentine Day manane ki? Ye sab tum log ko karna chahiye. Beta, ek baat dhyan me rakho. Apne ghar sansar me kitne bhi ulajh jao, zindagi ki choti choti khushiyana banake rakhni chahiye. Chahe zimmedariya kitni bhi bade, do pal ruk kar zindagi ka maza lena chahiye. Nayi nayi shad karke ayi thi tabhi kaise chulbuli thi. Yaad hain pehle saal ke Valentine Day ke liye Parag ke liye tumne ek suprise plan kiya tha? Kitne khush the tum dono. Abhi bhi ho, par routine ki zindagi me tum dono ke beech me jo pyaar hain uska jaadu khone mat dena. Chalo rakhti hu, tumhare papa awaz de rahe hain.”

After this short call, Pihu realised that how she had dedicated herself to kids ever since they were born. She did love Parag a lot, but she had taken him for granted. She had always “assumed” that he knows how much she loves him. She thought about all the lovey dovey things they used to do before their kids arrived. Parag never complained about not getting attention anymore (he was indeed very understanding), but after talking to mom Pihu realised that a little expression of love can spice up their life a bit, can revive the magic in their marriage. After all, who doesn’t like to be loved, and pampered and longed for? Pihu at once made up her mind do something special for Parag that day. She also promised herself to continue doing it once in a while in future to.

Don’t we have a Pihu in each one of us? Don’t we take are spouse for granted? Don’t we over look them because of kids? We all do that, don’t we? It doesn’t mean that the love between us and our spouse has come to an end, but it surely results in to a great monotonous life. Express your love to your spouse. You may not need to do anything fancy for that. Small gestures like leaving a note saying “I Love You” in his wallet, or planting a kiss on the cheek when he is least expecting it, holding hands under the table while you are having dinner with family or just bunking the office and spending the day together can go a long way in expressing love.

Most of us know this, but we do not practice and that is the whole reason why we need reminders for love. Like we set reminders for meetings, tasks and chores, we must have some reminders for love too. And we really need that because we let life take the best of us and expression of love often takes a backseat. Not all are lucky like Pihu to have a mother in law who reminds her of small joys of life or to have a husband like Parag who is very understanding and non-complaining types, but all of us can make use of some small occasions to remind and express our love. Like celebrating Valentine Day, birthdays, anniversaries, little achievements or appreciation at work etc. The scale of celebration is totally a choice between you and your spouse. What is important is to let him know, that you love him more everyday!

Its not just kids that need our attention and love, our spouse does too! ❤

Do not forget to let him know how much you love him, and see how it spices up your routine life.

Is Someone Watching You?


Have you ever felt that someone is watching you, you look around and find no one? Well, it happens quite often with me. Lot of times I feel some kind of presence around me, but i do not see any one. Lot of times that presence seems to be very familiar to the person I know, but there is no physicality to that presence.

You may say I am weird, which I could be really! But this is very true. I don’t want to objectify this presence by calling it ghosts, souls or any other names, but I just know that there is always someone around. I can feel them. They never harm me, they just hang around for a while and go. Feels like they have just come to check on me, see that I am doing fine, linger around for a while and then they leave.

I can share a few examples.

One evening I was alone at home and I was distressed over something. I was getting this feeling that someone very close to me is in danger. I couldn’t understand who and for what reason. Was someone getting a heart-attack? Was someone going to meet with an accident? There was no way I could figure out and the feeling on distress went to become so strong that it was getting very difficult for me to retain composure. At the same time, I could feel a presence of someone around me. The presence felt like that of a gigantic human being. This presence was very soothing, and didn’t add to my distress. But at the same time, it didn’t reduce my distress either. I folded my hands, closed my eyes and prayed to God to protect that someone from whatever unfortunate situation set upon him. I felt my eyes so heavy that I couldn’t open them for a while. And what do I see with closed eyes? I saw some gigantic human striding through unknown highway, pushing aside heavy traffic. His one step was bigger that the distance the running cars were covering. Soon after, I saw that He was holding a body in his hands and returning from the same highway. I couldn’t see whose body that was. I just knew that the body had life in it. Which meant that whoever was in danger was saved. Or so I liked to believe.

Another night, my husband and I had a serious argument over something, when we were just going to fall asleep. The natural reaction was that I picked up my pillow and went to another room to sleep. Obviously I didn’t want to sleep with him that night. I barged in to another room, banged the door shut behind me, threw myself in bed and shut my eyes tight. That was the only way I could express anger after falling short of words. I was expecting that my husband would come and try and patch up and I was telling myself that how much ever he tries to mend ways, I am not going to give in. All these thoughts were running through my mind while my eyes were tightly shut. And in no time, I felt a hand brushing my cheek and then running through my hair and I was ecstatic. It was obvious that my husband had come to pamper me a bit and end the fight. I opened my eyes with a smile on my face and what do i see? No one! Yes, no one!!! It took me a few seconds to comprehend what had just happened and when I did, I grabbed my pillow and rand out of the room. Went straight to my bedroom where I saw that my husband was happily snoring. I slipped in to the same sheet as his, grabbed him in a bear hug and shut my eyes tightly once again. This time, out of love for him! 😉

I am sure that by now, many of you are thinking that these stories are made up, and handful of you may have also thought that I need help from a psychologist 😛 but trust me, every bit of this is true. Have you ever felt like this before? How have you reacted in such cases?