World Water Day – 22nd March

World Water Day

I didn’t know 22nd March is celebrated as World Water Day, but, now that I came to know, I thought of sharing it with you all.

Water is such an important yet “taken for granted” thing in our life, inst it? While most of us are using water carelessly, there are many lives who are craving for a single drop of water. There are drought prone regions across the globe and people have to walk miles to fetch just one bucket of water. Can we do something for them? May be not directly, but indirectly we can, and we must! We must save water to the extent possible and use it more cautiously and make every drop count.

Below are some simple tips to save water.

  1. close the tap while you are brushing teeth
  2. do not use washing machine unless the load is full
  3. avoid using bath tub or shower daily. Instead limit your bath to a bucket or two! (Indulgence once in a while is welcome – after all who doesn’t like to relax in a bath tub with soft foam and scented candles! :))
  4. water your plants with a sprinklers rather than a water pipe.
  5. re-use water wherever possible

Reusing water is really a cleaver way to use water judiciously. For example, the water that is left over after you wash/soak in veggies for cleaning, pour it to your plants.the water that is left over after mopping the floor, use it for flushing toilets. These are just two basic examples, if you give a thought, you will come up with may more.

Let’s be more empathetic towards those who are less fortunate when it comes to the availability of water. Let’s do our bit by saving water and cautiously using it. When i say empathetic, i recall a great statement made by my husband. Many of you may not agree to it, but it just made me respect him more!

Once we were exploring some spots for an outing with friends. I happened to mention very excitedly about a water park. Pat came a reply from my husband “people are not getting water to drink and you want to play in water?” It is such a deep thought! I never visited a water park after that and never played Holi either.

I mean preaching about saving water is one thing and actually following it is a different ball game altogether!

Because we are talking about empathy here, I want to bring up another important action. Please leave some water for birds everyday in a container. Be sure that the container is not too deep or shallow and has enough rim on which the birds can rest or balance while they sip water. Many bird feeders are hanging but birds find it difficult to stay put on such hanging feeders because they cannot get a grip or cannot balance and hence cannot sip water to their heart’s content.

Let us all do our bit, without thinking whether it matters to anybody or not.

I do all of this, because it matters to me. How about you?




It was a pleasant surprise when this notification popped up. All 201  wonderful people out there, i really want to thank you for taking time to read my blog, especially because an amateur’s blog may not be as matured.


Its been just a year at WordPress and I have made such wonderful friends, some even off WordPress. Each one of you is an inspiration! Please continue to shower your love upon me.

Happy blogging! 🙂




I want to go to my mom’s house for a long vacation

Someday, but not today! Today I have lot of chores to finish at my place.

I want to rant to few people to tell them what idiots and undeserving they are

Someday, not today! Today, I am expected to be polite and maintain good relations.

I want to be so rich that I need not worry about life and its expenses

Someday, not today! Today, I want to channelize my energy to earn that money.

I want to catch up with all old friends and have fun with them

Someday, not today! Today, I have some pressing issues at work which need urgent attention.

I want to just pack my bags and set off to Himalaya to seek solitude

Someday, but not today! Today my folks need me, there are duties that i need to fulfill.

I want to resign from my job and follow my heart and passion,

Someday, but not today! Today, I have responsibilities to shoulder.






All of us are stuck with this “Someday”, aren’t we?

While it is easy to preach that make time for things you want to do, it gets impossible most of the times to practice it. We must break through this “Someday Syndrome”

Do you also suffer from this syndrome? What is it that you want to do “Someday”? 🙂


Weekend Indulgence

With strawberries dominating the season still, here is a very tempting dessert presented by Sweet Tonic.



A mouth watering mix of fresh cream and ice cream topped with tangy strawberries is very very tempting. Smoothness of the cream and just perfect sweetness makes this dessert enjoyable unlike it’s counterparts which are very sweet. The portion is sufficient for two (unless you have a really huge appetite for desserts) and it is fairly priced at around Rs. 250

Anyone, be it a kid or an old man can relish this dessert and pamper the tastebuds. It makes a great treat to enjoy some lovey dovey conversations with the “special one” 😍 over Strawberry Fresh Cream

So all the all the dessert fans and strawberry lovers out there, this one is a must try for you!

Another super awesome dessert from Super Tonic!

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Happiness is……

Happiness is ….. well manicured nails 😊


You may ask me why so? Well, it is indeed a happiness to me because this is the first time ever i have had presentable nails… forget presentable, this is the first time ever i have had decent sized nails 😅😆

I have been biting nails ever since childhood so my nails eventually stopped growing. They had come brittle and would crack or break on their own. They were only a little bigger than those of a new born! No exaggeration, really, trust me.. until now applying nail polish was like making a dot on my nails 😂. It was today that i could apply some beautiful strokes of colour to my nails.

I feel awesome!

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Know Yourself!


Most of us are happy to meet new people, know new people, but, how many of us are happy to meet our-self?

Actually, do we even meet our-self much? I am sure that the answer from most of you is NO!

We are so engrossed in being good in other’s  eyes that we almost forget that we have to be good to our-self too. We do so many things because it is expected out of us, because someone else wants us to do it, because it is our “responsibility” or because it is supposed to be done for whatever reason.

When a person is young, he does what his parents say. When he start schooling, he does what teachers say. When he gets married, he does what his spouse and family says. We are so busy living life for others that we often forget what we want.

Just imagine, growing old and abandoned and not having your own opinion about any damn thing only because you lived your whole life per other’s opinion. What would you do? Wouldn’t it be difficult to survive without getting anybody’s guidance?

Take a break from your so called life and peek within, see what you like to do, want to do. Know yourself better. Make friends with yourself. Understand yourself. And more importantly, love yourself. If you are able to do so, life can never throw a question that you cannot answer, you will never have dependency on other’s guidance. Your inner voice gives you the best guidance. Activate that inner voice within you.

Nurture yourself and grow strong.

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The Fear of Unknown


Lot of times we get an intution or a gut feeling that something is  going to go wrong but we are just not able to make out what.

It leaves you restless and you become more and more anxious to know what is it that is going to go wrong. What is it that you are afraid of.

Does it happen to you? I experience it lot of times. I will share a recent example.

Since couple of weeks i was getting afraid  of sitting in my own car while my husband drove. I would panic if speeded up. The worst was when we had gone for a night drive to the town side, i made him stop the car and hopped to the back seat. I could not handle the fear i was going through that time. My cousin was with us and she laughed her heart out and my husband dismissed my behaviour as one of many irrational things i do.

This fear continued until sunday night when a truck dashed our car breaking entire bumper and cutting through the door to the passanger seat.

My husband is a very catious driver and there was no way he could have let this happen because of him. But who could control the truck which was parallel to us?

By God’s grace both of us escaped without a single scratch but our car is severly damaged.

I am calm from within now. The doom has passed by. I dont feel that unknown fear now.

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The other day i was training a batch of 30 odd financial analysts on Planning and Organizing Excellence and i was surprised to see that less than 10% of them knew what is Procrastination.

Do you know what is procrastination? We practice it daily. It is nothing but delaying the activity inspite of having all the resources that are required to complete it.

“Abhi nahi yaar.. baad mein karte hain” is procrastination

It is a very common but very hazardous practice because it facilitates laziness and puts you in a firefighting situation later on when the activity becomes extremely urgent.

Most of us must have procrastinated our assignments during college days. And then what happened? You stay up the whole night prior to deadline and scrape through.

Everybody is born with procrastination ability and hence it is a skill to overcome it. We must unlearn procrastination and must act upon thing immediately.

So next time you see newspaper lying on the floor dont delay picking it up and putting at the right place. All such small activities when done then and tgere will help you to streamline your activities thus giving you some free time which you can utilise for hobbies or some other work.

Procrastination hampers your relations too. If something needs to be discussed and you may not be liking to do so, just go ahead and do it. Timely discussions and clarifications help lot of relationships from damaging. If you need to apologise, do it right away, it will revive your relationship. If you need to say I LOVE YOU, say it immediately dont wait for the right time to come.

Here is a motivational video on procrastination

Bobby was a Great Procrastinator

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