Let’s Quote a Quote # 4

Charlie Chaplin

This quote needs no introduction! These are golden words of Sir Charlie Chaplin and it is so true!

Do you remember when was the last time you laughed till your stomach ached or tears rolled down your cheeks? Ever noticed how heartily the kids laugh and ever wondered why you can’t? How many days of your life go by without a good laughter?

Do we forget to laugh really as we grow old? Are we wasting most of our days? Think about it!


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Let’s Quote a Quote #1

This is my most favourite quote. This is apparently a tweaked version of the original one but I like this nonetheless!

So often we crib about how unfair the life has been. We constantly complain about how we have to suffer and prolong the feeling of “self pitty” mode. We focus so much on the difficulties life hurls at us that we seldom do realise that we can make life beautiful in spite of these difficulties.

Life may give us something short. Its natural to have that “Why Me??” Kind of a feeling but we often get blind in sympathy for self. Instead, we must accept what life has thrown to us. If we look around we will see many who are in a worse condition than us. There will be some who are doing far better. Why not catch hold of them and make your life better? Why not forget about your hardships and focus on good deeds these better people have done. We shall definitely learn a thing or two! We shall surely enrich our life.

Another perspective is, while life has given you something short, there is definitely something that it has given you in abundance. Why not celebrate that instead of crying over shortfalls. In this case, it’s us who has lemons as well as vodka, what we must learn is to party, to enjoy life more than cribing.

Crying over misfortune is easy but gathering yourself and facing life with a smile is very courageous! Never take life too seriously, you will never come out alive!

Make a lemonade, have a Vodka and party hard! Life is not bad!!

Do share your version of this quote, i had be happy to know!

Let’s Quote A Quote Week

The English Teacher

English teacher

“Mom, my English teacher has called you to meet him tomorrow” announced Abir as soon as he entered home.

“What for? I hope it’s not for reciting your mischief’s and complaints. What did you do?” I asked taking off the bag from my 6 yrs old son. I always dreaded when any teacher asks me to meet! And rightly so! How embarrassing it is to be told by (all) teachers that my son is very mischievous, plays pranks and talks a lot. But what to do? Like mother like son!

I checked Abir’s calendar for English teacher’s remark and saw the following note:

“Please see me tomorrow at 10:00 am, teacher’s room on the first floor”

It was signed artistically or that’s how it seemed to me! I thought the signature read Spaes. I couldn’t recollect that name as any of Abir’s teachers that i knew. This one could be a new teacher, i thought. I wondered what kind of a name that is, but didn’t ponder much over it. I put back the calendar in Abir’s bag, took out his tiffin only to see it half eaten, as always!

While the rest of the day passed away like normal routine, I couldn’t stop thinking about why the English teacher would want to meet me. Abir was good with language. He had great story telling abilities, was good at reciting poems and had just fine sense of pronunciations. He was a little weak in spellings though! I told myself that it must be because of the spellings only that his teacher wants to meet me. I prepared myself for a mini lecture about how important it is to spell words correctly and how i need to work more with Abir to make him learn spellings well. Huh, if teacher tells me that, i was sure it was going to fall on deaf ears because I am worse at spellings myself. I swear, had there not been computers which highlight a mis-spelled word with a red underline and also provide correct spelling at the right click, I think it would be difficult to differentiate my spellings from Abir’s. Like mother like son.

I reached Abir’s school at sharp 9:45 am next morning. I asked for “Spaes” teacher in the teacher’s room and I was asked to wait outside. I sat on the bench outside watching cute little children totting to their classrooms in a line maintaining one hand’s distance. I could see a teacher dragging a student out from another class and making him stand with his hands straight up. Awww! Suddenly a familiar voice reached my ears. Who was speaking? It was somebody inside the teacher’s room. That voice was strangely familiar. So familiar that it made me restless. “Where have I heard that voice before? Whose is it?” were the only questions crowding my mind. I wanted to peek in to the teacher’s room to see who was talking but I stopped myself. It wont be seen as good manners.

I was relieved when I was told that I can go and see the English teacher. It meant I was going to get a chance to enter the teacher’s room and see the person whose voice sounded so familiar. I quickly gazed around to find someone familiar, but hard luck! I quietly made my way to the place where I was directed to meet the English teacher.

I saw a man sitting on a chair, facing the cupboard behind his chair and bending down to reach the lowest of the cabinets.

“Hello Sir, I am Abir’s mom. Did you want to see me today?”

The English teacher turned around just said,”Yes please…….”

Moments of silence passed and we kept looking at each other.

“Savio!!!! What are you doing here?? Don’t tell me you are Abir’s English teacher!!!” I almost screamed in excitement and I am sure my eyes had popped out too! (My typical expression when I am excited 🙂 ) I was so happy to see Savio – my first blogger friend, some one who shared honest opinions on my blogs, always motivated me to write, shared plots and ideas for short stories and the same guy whom i used to take on a virtual grocery shopping spree!

“Hey Aditi!!! World is such a small place. Never expected I would get to teach your son”

“How did you land in Mumbai? I thought you hated this place.”

“I surely hate this place, but this school is a great institution. I really wanted to pursue this career opportunity. Plus, my training website is getting a great response. I am working on setting up an office here in Mumbai too. Here, the logistics and proximity to clients are far better than Goa you see!”

“Agreed. Welcome to “Amchi Mumbai” . See, i had told this to you 7 years ago! By the way, in the name of uninstalling WhatsApp, where did you disappear for all these years?” I tried calling you several times, shot some emails and also checked WordPress for your blogs, but you seemed to have vanished in thin air. If I am not wrong, the last conversation we had was a SMS that you sent telling me that you would call me back later.”

“Common Aditi. I was busy then. So many things were going on. And you can’t blame me for vanishing ok? I didn’t vanish. I had to change my number. I called you so many times from my new number but not once did you answer. I think you still have the habit of ignoring unknown numbers!”

“Yes…even today!” I chuckled. This calls for a coffee Savio! I think we should meet in a cafe and not in this teacher’s room!”

“Mam, we are here for an official meeting, so let’s just stick to the agenda” Savio tried to be serious, but failed 🙂

“Oh please Savio, I am not going to listen if you are going to complain about Abir’s language skills. And now that you are his teacher, please take some efforts on him. I am sure Abir is in the best hands now.” pat came my reply. So informal, and so assertive. This was the first time I may have spoken to any of Abir’s teacher like that. But who was considering Savio as a “teacher”? For me, he was still a dear friend, co-blogger and a nice guy 🙂 (He often complaints that he is tagged as a “Nice Guy” but can’t help, he is indeed one!)

I was lucky to strike chords once again with a close friend of mine, but all may not get that opportunity. Don’t let your career aspirations and other tensions in life ruin your friendship. Friendship exists beyond electronic medium of Whatsapp and blogging sites, just be sure to maintain that personal touch to it.

PS: This write up is my response to You & Me Tag that I was nominated for Savio.  Be sure to go over and check out his blog, The Extraaa Mile. Thank you Savio for this opportunity.  Always be the NICE GUY that you are! 🙂

Now to continue the legacy of this super tag I nominate Jothish Sumit Official and Elaine

All that you have to do is write a post on how i may influence your life or play any minisucle or important role in your life. This world is a small place and it is round. We shall bump into each other someday. How about imagining the same beforehand? I am sure you will have great ideas for this tag.
Looking forward to reading your post, and please do not forget to pass on the legacy like u did. ☺

Who says Cartoon are only for kids?


Yeah… that’s how my face becomes when some one tells me cartoons are for kids!

Why i ask! I mean cartoons are so funny.. they make you laugh heartily (a rare occassion otherwise!). Whats wrong in liking cartoons even after you grow up?  Arent they a stress busters?

These days cartoons provide some gyan too… like my smart Minion 😍.. he comes up with such intelligent stuff…

I like cartoons and i watch them on tv, fb, youtube and any other possible medium. And i dont shy from accepting that i have fun watching them 😂😅

Does any one share my liking? Or am I the only cartoon (lover)?

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