Hey Woman…. You Are Great, Not Just Today But Everyday!

I feel proud to be a woman and I am sure all you ladies must be feeling the same!

Few things come naturally to women as compared to men. Like the power to emphathise, the giving nature and a relatively high emotional quotient. Not that men do not have it… but women surpass them naturally. There is no creature as versatile as a woman. She is a daughter, girlfriend, wife, friend everything at the same time. She can be the best mother not just to her child but at times to her husband as well. She can be irresistibly sexy as a girlfriend and extremely nagging wife, both at the same time. She can be hopelessly headstrong but the same woman can be super mature to handle difficult situations at ease. She can be your backbone and break your bone at the same time! A woman is just amazing!!

God has made women after lot of thinking perhaps! Otherwise how could he pack so many blessings in just one body? The seducing beauty, a beautiful mind and a heart full of love are few of those blessings. However, the biggest blessing of being a woman is able to give birth. This is so unique that no man would ever be able to do it. No man would be able to take that pounding in order to create and nurture a new life inside the body for whole 9 months! No man will ever be able to take that pain when nipples are squezed and chewed in order to fill the tummy of a small life.

Hey Woman…. You Are Great, Not Just Today But Everyday! Be aware of this fact and never get into gender fights. No gender is superior or inferior. Just also know that how much ever special you are, you cannot be superior to a man. Nor can he be superior to you. You both complete each other. You both need each other to make life more beautiful.

Lastly, I would say, do not wait for a single day to celebrate womanhood. Celebrate everyday. Be good, do good. pamper urself. Love yourself. Every single day!!

Remember, You Are Great, Not Just Today But Everyday!

10 thoughts on “Hey Woman…. You Are Great, Not Just Today But Everyday!

  1. Happy Women’s Day Aditi dear. But man has similar versatility… I have been a father figure to many… A brother to many… I know I a husband to only one…😂. Yeah, can’t bear a child… That’s a major dissimilarity between a man and woman… In that regards they are the best. I agree that they are more tolerant and have a giving and sacrificing nature.

    Nice article for the occasion.

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