Life Is Uncertain – Make The Best of It

The entire nation is shocked with the death of Sridevi – The Legend of Bollywood. It was extremely untimely and sudden. And I can’t help but think what if it happens to me someday? Or to my close ones? Life is so uncertain, isn’t it?

All of us have to die someday – that is the universal truth, but are we prepared for it? I don’t think I ever will be! But, at the same time, I do not want to have too much of my bucket list left to be ticked off before I die. Each one of us will have our own dreams, goals etc, and we must pursue the same. But do not forget or overlook the small things of life which in fact enrich it to a great extent. Make the best of life until you have time. I have come to know that relationships, spreading love, helping others, knowing self and surrendering to the Divine Power is what sums up the life for me (and for most of us). Hence,

  1. Express Love – Never delay to show love to your partner and family. It could be one thing that may keep them going, or keep you going for that matter. Never hesitate to say I Love You when you really mean it.
  2. Slow Down – All of us run behind our jobs, career and materialistic pleasures. It’s like a rat race. Slow down and check if this is what you really want. More often than not, it’s not what you are striving for. Pause for a while and re-evaluate your priorities.
  3. Apologize – I am sure we all have some guilt in our mind and we all have an apology to make. Go ahead and do it. Apology never harms. It will only do good, if not to the relationship, at least to your conscience.
  4. LIVE – This is very important. Earning money and dying rich is not necessarily called as having lived. Try to do small things that bring happiness to you. Like, pursue a hobby, dance in the rain with your child, cry while watching movies, dress up. Mostly we spend most of our life living the way we are expected to. For once, try to live the way you want to.
  5. Offer Help – No act is more noble than helping others. Try to help anybody who is in need and help them without expecting anything in return. God is keeping an account of that, you need not worry.
  6. Trust In God – There is nobody superior to God. We must surrender to him, like really! None of us have a say in front of his judgement and HE is the only one who can show us the right path and give us enough courage to play the game called Life!

This reminds me of a beautiful quote – I am sure you all will love it too!


Cheers, guys! Life is a lot more than we think of it. Make the best of it! Kya pata…. Kal Ho Na Ho!

11 thoughts on “Life Is Uncertain – Make The Best of It

  1. A worthwhile read Aditi. We definitely have the same wave length… And I am happy for that. I understand what you write and probably it happens with you when you read my pieces… God bless you dear friend.

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