Let’s Quote a Quote #1

This is my most favourite quote. This is apparently a tweaked version of the original one but I like this nonetheless!

So often we crib about how unfair the life has been. We constantly complain about how we have to suffer and prolong the feeling of “self pitty” mode. We focus so much on the difficulties life hurls at us that we seldom do realise that we can make life beautiful in spite of these difficulties.

Life may give us something short. Its natural to have that “Why Me??” Kind of a feeling but we often get blind in sympathy for self. Instead, we must accept what life has thrown to us. If we look around we will see many who are in a worse condition than us. There will be some who are doing far better. Why not catch hold of them and make your life better? Why not forget about your hardships and focus on good deeds these better people have done. We shall definitely learn a thing or two! We shall surely enrich our life.

Another perspective is, while life has given you something short, there is definitely something that it has given you in abundance. Why not celebrate that instead of crying over shortfalls. In this case, it’s us who has lemons as well as vodka, what we must learn is to party, to enjoy life more than cribing.

Crying over misfortune is easy but gathering yourself and facing life with a smile is very courageous! Never take life too seriously, you will never come out alive!

Make a lemonade, have a Vodka and party hard! Life is not bad!!

Do share your version of this quote, i had be happy to know!

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