Is Someone Watching You?


Have you ever felt that someone is watching you, you look around and find no one? Well, it happens quite often with me. Lot of times I feel some kind of presence around me, but i do not see any one. Lot of times that presence seems to be very familiar to the person I know, but there is no physicality to that presence.

You may say I am weird, which I could be really! But this is very true. I don’t want to objectify this presence by calling it ghosts, souls or any other names, but I just know that there is always someone around. I can feel them. They never harm me, they just hang around for a while and go. Feels like they have just come to check on me, see that I am doing fine, linger around for a while and then they leave.

I can share a few examples.

One evening I was alone at home and I was distressed over something. I was getting this feeling that someone very close to me is in danger. I couldn’t understand who and for what reason. Was someone getting a heart-attack? Was someone going to meet with an accident? There was no way I could figure out and the feeling on distress went to become so strong that it was getting very difficult for me to retain composure. At the same time, I could feel a presence of someone around me. The presence felt like that of a gigantic human being. This presence was very soothing, and didn’t add to my distress. But at the same time, it didn’t reduce my distress either. I folded my hands, closed my eyes and prayed to God to protect that someone from whatever unfortunate situation set upon him. I felt my eyes so heavy that I couldn’t open them for a while. And what do I see with closed eyes? I saw some gigantic human striding through unknown highway, pushing aside heavy traffic. His one step was bigger that the distance the running cars were covering. Soon after, I saw that He was holding a body in his hands and returning from the same highway. I couldn’t see whose body that was. I just knew that the body had life in it. Which meant that whoever was in danger was saved. Or so I liked to believe.

Another night, my husband and I had a serious argument over something, when we were just going to fall asleep. The natural reaction was that I picked up my pillow and went to another room to sleep. Obviously I didn’t want to sleep with him that night. I barged in to another room, banged the door shut behind me, threw myself in bed and shut my eyes tight. That was the only way I could express anger after falling short of words. I was expecting that my husband would come and try and patch up and I was telling myself that how much ever he tries to mend ways, I am not going to give in. All these thoughts were running through my mind while my eyes were tightly shut. And in no time, I felt a hand brushing my cheek and then running through my hair and I was ecstatic. It was obvious that my husband had come to pamper me a bit and end the fight. I opened my eyes with a smile on my face and what do i see? No one! Yes, no one!!! It took me a few seconds to comprehend what had just happened and when I did, I grabbed my pillow and rand out of the room. Went straight to my bedroom where I saw that my husband was happily snoring. I slipped in to the same sheet as his, grabbed him in a bear hug and shut my eyes tightly once again. This time, out of love for him! 😉

I am sure that by now, many of you are thinking that these stories are made up, and handful of you may have also thought that I need help from a psychologist 😛 but trust me, every bit of this is true. Have you ever felt like this before? How have you reacted in such cases?


23 thoughts on “Is Someone Watching You?

      • Will keep this in mind. Have you anytime interacted with them? I would like to listen to your experience. I feel that this feeling is actually a representation on something… like something that universe is trying to convey to us.

      • Spirits and earthbound (ghosts) are all around us. Many can see, feel or hear their presence. Others do not. That’s ok too. 😊. I’ve noticed the veil between the spirit world is thinning – that’s why people who haven’t before do now. I feel spirits. there’s been plenty of times where I’ve seen family members/friends who’ve passed over come to me in my dreams to relay messages to others. I relayed a message to a fellow blogger who I’ve never met but her deceased mom came to me. I reached out to her privately of course. If you become scared then this spirit is not there with good intentions. It needs to leave. Be well. Hugs – Bernice

      • Thats a great insight. Thank u Bernice. I think some people just have that vulnerability in them that they can feel spirits around. Not sure if you have heard about Pranic Healing but a portion of this methods deals with this part. I am starting with the basic course soon. Will keep you posted 😃. You can reach to me at

      • Yes. I have. I am an energy healer. Different modalities. Have a great time with your course. Looking forward to reading your experience. Have a great night (it’s late in this part of the world) 😉

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