Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

I have been very attached to my home ever since I was a child. While I love to go out on tours and outings, I love more to come back home. There have been many situations in the past where I had traveled to some exotic locations (e.g Switzerland) or traveled with best of the people (friends and family) yet I missed home every single day!

Why miss home when you are travelling with family, you may ask. And my answer is “I dont know!” Yeah, I really dont know. I just love to get back to the comfort of a small place that I call home.

My mom says I am one of those rare girls who don’t want to stay at mom’s place even as a short vacation post marriage. Well, that’s true. First of all, my mom stays in the same city, so it is very convenient to return home and more than that, I just love to get back home. Mom’s place had been my “home” for 25 years. And 8 years of marriage changed something. Now I call a different place as my home. And I am more attached to that place. And why not? Home is where the heart is!

Those 4 walls have seen me succeed, seen me fail, seen me ecstatic, seen me worried, seen me laugh till my stomach hurts, seen me cry till my eyes swell. My home has seen my tiffs with my husband and and a happy patch-up post that. My home is the place where i learned to cook, to take care of family and my home is the place where I matured as an individual.

Not sure how many of you will agree, but it is a great feeling to return to your home, even if it is empty. Of course, family being present makes it even better, but just the empty home on its own is also so comforting compared to any other place. Each time I come back home from a long trip, or a hospital, I feel so welcome and loved.

I think the vibes present in your home do the trick. All the love that is exchanged between family members, all the respect that is given to the elders, every day that engraves some memories, every birth or an every death that happens there, every argument, and every little ounce of maturity shown to understand your family members – every single thing contributes to those vibes. All these things create an aura around your home and once you enter your home, that aura protects you, comforts you!

Do your bit every day to add to this aura. Be good, do good so that you can come back to good vibes. Make your home a sweet home!

10 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Yes Aditi! Nothing like home. You only know the importance of the term ‘home’ only when you live outside of it (different state/country) etc.
    Along with being in familiar conditions, your bed, home cooked food, friendly neighbors and most importantly the family (mum, dad & siblings) everyone’s there… and the only place where the WiFi connects automatically – Bliss!

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