Office Romance – Uhhhh!!!

Office Romance

Not being a romantic self, I am not very fond of romance and office romance in particular is a complete turn away! A healthy flirting is good, you may say! And may be it is, but I believe it to be otherwise.

Office is a place where we spend more time than home, so naturally you are attached to your colleagues. That is fine! But the moment someone is crossing the line, things start getting difficult, whether I am the subject myself or only the audience.

If I see someone crossing that line with me, I exhibit the true traits of my zodiac Cancer and withdraw in my shell. So, office romance, for me, ends before it starts.

Now, what happens when I see others involved in this kind of romance? Well, you guessed it. I don’t like it. I mean, I don’t mind their relationship, but I do mind the the public display of affection. Come on yaar, there are better places than office to display affection! It is still ok to have such couples around, as long as they are serious about the relationship. But unfortunately, these days, the casual relationships are so common! Like, you dig into each other all through the day and then return to your spouse in the night. Wow! Who are you cheating on? Your spouse? Your colleague? Yourself?

Unfortunately, I have always seen the wrong side of office romance. Like extra marital affairs, one sided love (read lust) and desperation to be with someone (bandwagon effect). None of these three things do any good to any one.

An affair between the boss and a team member is a killer. The team member, whether being deserving or not, grows well in the career, and the audience like me always climb one step at a time (at times, none!). I have seen many extra marital office affairs breaking marriages, disturbing personal peace and career. And one sided “so called” love is the most destroying. It can put pressure to no end. Its good that most of the companies are incorporating sexual harassment policies but the process of seeking solace with these policies is so exhausting and embarrassing that most of the times, the victim just silently bears the abuse. Hooking to someone just to kill time, touch here and there for a little pleasure and kissing in the elevators – all of this is seen to be so OKAY these days!

In my eyes, there is a lot to loose for a few moments of pleasure, if someone is engaging in office romance. More often than not it exhibits the evil side of your personality.

Have you ever seen a beautiful side of office romance? Do share some stories.

In response to Savio’s post Do you wanna partner

16 thoughts on “Office Romance – Uhhhh!!!

  1. I’m with you on this one. It’s pretty unprofessional to be involved with someone at work. I remember two of my ex colleagues used to work at the same place before they started their love story, but as soon they started, one if them resigned from the job and moved to another firm. I still have immense respect for them.

    • Most of the organisations have a policy that husband and wife cannot work at the same place and thats for good i would say. Even genuine relationships are ok but honestly those are quite rare now… more often than not relationships today unfortunately arise out of lust or just getting used to be around someone for so long. It not only spoils the personal space but creates and unhealthy environment at work place too

  2. Aditi, this was a great article followed by Savio ( I read his version also. But I found you very outright to consider sin as sin. This is no way great to have fun (flirting lustfully) with someone else when you are a married person. Secondly, I agree with you and *Pradita* on the ground of professionalism. I would give you an example… Sometime back my boss was asking if my wife can join our office. I went back home and told all these and she was very happy…but I told her it will be very uncomfortable for you when you see me being asked questions on many occasions and I might feel the same when my boss reprimand you. I don’t like you working under me as well… She understood and agreed with what I said that day. She worked at two places but never my office.

    On a lighter note, I request, in Candles Online office if you guys find its boss showing favoritism to anyone of your colleagues then let me know… 😉

    Regards, CP

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