Thank You 2017!


Happy New Year to all of you! Those who remember me must be wondering where have I been for so many months, and those who have already forgotten me, well, no offence 🙂 The rule of “Out of Sight Out of Mind” does work!

I had been away for second half of 2017 and it was for good! Thankfully, it was not because of depression or anything, but because some really great developments that happened in my personal life. I am totally overwhelmed with these developments and I can’t thank God enough. While all this time when I was away and busy in unfolding these developments, I learnt 4 key things which I want to share with you all.

  1. Everything has it’s time: Most of us could be waiting for something, like a career opportunity, marriage, that dream trip, love, children etc. And we could have worked so hard to achieve it, yet we may not get the desired results. It is OK! Dont be surprised, it is really OK, what matter is that we tried. And our earnest efforts do bear fruits some day! Everything has its own time to happen, it will not happen when you want it to but it will certainly happen at the right time.
  2. Bow down: It is very important that we bow down in front of a supreme power. This supreme power could be anything and anybody that you look up to as superior than yourself. Be it God, parents, Guide or just any other power. It is very important to surrender in front of this power. It is only then that you see clear what lies ahead. In other words, it means that by bowing down or surrendering yourself you clean yourself from a part of ego or self esteem. Slowly you travel towards modesty and humbleness. Only polite talks do not make one modest, actions do!
  3. Don’t Lose hope: Well, you must have heard this from many, read this in many books but it is very very true. It is very easy to give up and it is very difficult to hang on, but friends, perhaps what God tests before giving us what we want is our will-power to achieve that thing. Just keep going, be focused and keep faith that you will get what you deserve!
  4. Stay away from negativity: Little do we realize that we are surrounded by a great amount of negativity. That complaining woman who cribs about everything in her life, that frustrated man who keeps saying that good happens only to others, that upset person who says efforts are never paid for – all of them are spreading negativity. Stay away from these. Stay away from people who are rigidly negative. Plant a hope in your heart and nurture it. If you stay with negativity, this hope dies out very soon. Negative influence makes you do negative actions. Thus, you may end up doing bad for yourself, and even worse, you may never realize that you are paving your path to the grave.

You all may be wondering what happened to me all of a sudden? Why did I turn so spiritual? Well, time teaches you a lot! And these 6 months taught me things which life couldn’t teach me in last 33 years.

I know I may not have made complete sense. But at the same time I know, there will be some of you who will relate to at least one learning, sooner or later!

Wishing you a good, positive and healthy life!!

12 thoughts on “Thank You 2017!

  1. Well! Well! Well! What do you know… miracles happen. Aditi is back on WordPress, I hope its for longer this time 🙂
    Very nice post, agree with all the pointers you have there, haven’t I been a living testimony of that in various facets of my life – wow!
    I guess its never too late for the year-end tag post (remember?), which you could rename, considering we’re already in 2018

    • Hey Savio….!!! So good to see ur comment!! Yes.. u are a live example.. and we all are… at different times in our lives! What matters is that we keep the faith… in ourselves and the universe. The universe has better plans for us than we can think about.

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