No Matter How Old I Get I Always Want My Mom!


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Mother is the first person you get close to when you are born. And it stays pretty much the same later in the life too 🙂

I remember that as a kid I was so attached to my mother that my dad used to tease that my mom should have had a kangaroo pouch and carry me close to her all the time. Well, I was really like that kid who would run around mom the whole day! I always ensured that i grabbed a little more pampering and attention from mom as compared to my sister.

We never had that relationship which is often described in novels and films, like, mother-daughter  friends or something like buddies. But my mother never failed to establish a relationship that made me feel loved, cared and pampered. For me, she is the best mother and I will tell you why!

1) She is “Love” personified. 

All mothers love their children selflessly and so does my mother! She has raised us with so much love and affection. I do not recall any ugly scene from childhood where she is beating or punishing me! I mean, I can’t imagine how much patience she must have had while raising us, endless perhaps. When I look at the moms of this generation I see them getting frustrated and angry at the drop of a hat and they do not think twice before exhibiting their anger and frustration on their children. I am sure that my mom was not devoid of any frustrations but it is commendable that she never bothered us with that. All that i recollect from my childhood is love, love and more love. Even today her heart is full of love and it is so pure that she easily forgives worldly mistakes of her daughters.

2) Fresh and Smiling face!

She is always fresh and smiling. There may be tonnes of tension and worry on her mind, but it will never show on her face. I have seen her facing difficult situations with a smile. 

3) Very Active:

I have always seen her racing through her schedule and I wonder where did she get all that stamina from! I just cook a little in the morning and then head to work and I am dead tired by the end of the day. I just can’t imagine from where my mom used to get the stamina to cook for a family of six, get us ready for the school, wash clothes, work at office, grocery shopping while returning from work, cooking dinner, and at the end of it all listen to my senseless and non-stop blabber 🙂

4) Pillar of Strength:

Yes, she is my pillar of strength. I am a grown up women now, but I still need her around. Lot of times there is nothing that she can help me with but just a chat with her that time eases my tension for sure. I am sure I have blown up atleast 100s of my tension over a chat with her.

5) Always there for me:

No matter what, my mom is ALWAYS there for me. Her plans, her hobbies, her everything comes after me. I remember my days of depression when I would call her up and cry for nothing in particular ending it with a statement “I am not feeling well” and there she wouldn’t mind coming over to my place just to make me feel better. I remember my sick days when she has nursed me and accompanied me to hospitals and toughest of medical examination. Whenever I tell her that I am going to drop by to see her she cancels all her plans without a shade of reluctance. This is indeed an epitome of selflessness.

6) Un-matchable upbringing:

She has provided us excellent upbringing. She has carved us out to be a good human being first and then assume the responsibility of various relations. She taught us politeness, patience and respect by setting an example herself. She has taught us to DEAL with the life as it comes, but with a brave heart and a smile on face. She has sowed the seeds of  love in us and this love has bloomed in our life. She has taught us to spread happiness.

I can’t imagine how I would have been had my mother been not around. My mom is a human form of God!

I am what I am today because of my mom. I hope to have at least an iota of her qualities. If I am able to follow her footsteps, I am sure to head to heaven!

Today I am not be able to cling to her like I used to as a child, but the love is still the same. Even today I cry when I miss my mom, the only difference is now i cry secretly versus the wailing I did as a baby 🙂 Even today I long to cuddle up with her while sleeping and even today I crave to eat food from her hands. Just like childhood days. The only difference is the ever running time which brushes a bit of maturity to you! My ways of demonstrating love to her may have changed over the years, the matured ways may not be as cute and loving as before, but the magnitude of love that myheart holds for her has only multiplied all these years. 

My mom is my inspiration!

Love you mom ❤ ❤

Here's fantastic quote I read which suits you to the core:

"Youth Fades,

Love Droops,

The leaves of friendship fall,

But a mother's secret hope outlives them all"

May God bless you with a healthy and long life!

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